TS4- Xenophilia Challenge Ch 12: I Give Up… For Now

Chapter 12

Up until starting this chapter, Zeke was my favorite.  Then I realized he’s close to aging up and isn’t going to give me barely any points.  For some reason, I thought he had quite awhile until he aged up.  I was having him do his homework but it’s not going to be enough to get his grade to an A.

The younger kids played Don’t Wake The Llama after school because they needed fun.

Yep.  Still pregnant.

A little family dinner.

Time to disappear into the sleep portals.

Galaxy, on the other hand, did have a chance to get an A before her birthday.

Happened to notice our buddy dancing down the street.

She did it!

Just in time too!

Cosmo’s turn!

He’s pretty cute!

Galaxy asks her dad if she has to leave and he tells her yes it’s a rule.

So she gives everyone hugs goodbye.

Seriously?  She hugged her FATHER!

Apparently, the birthday was the last screenshot I’d taken of that day.  This is the next after school.  There were several real days between the last pic and this one due to hurricane Irma.

Someone’s a bit upset.  The odd thing is I looked at all of their moodlets and couldn’t find one that said they won the game!

I married Galaxy to this guy.  Anchesenason created him.

Then I had Lazlo invite her over and made her pregnant… forgetting that she hates children.  Oopsie!

When he asked about her future he was talking about a future cube!  So funny.

The younger kids stayed home to eat while the teens went off to volunteer at a nursing home.  Which didn’t go well…

The whole point was to gain empathy!

Lazlo and Galaxy made their way down and chatted with Sirius and Venus.

I noticed that Venus has a pretty high empathy so I got her the doctor doll.  I have no idea why I haven’t fixed up this room for the kids yet!

It was Saturday and I decided to have Cosmo work on his painting aspiration for awhile and the other three volunteered at a bake sale.  Which didn’t go much better than the darned nursing home!

Zeke gets the last of the empathy needed asking Sirus about his bad mood.  Why was he so angry?

I was getting frustrated so I sent the kids to the park.  They met Sapeha there.

What the?  Apparently, he’s in a phase right now.  This is annoying he didn’t even know her!  Aaand there goes the hard won empathy!

He tries to make amends (because I made him) but it’s no good.

I was looking at the kids when this popped up!

Ohmygosh seriously?!?  Needless to say, I sent him home.

Cosmo finished someone’s hot dogs that were just left on the grill and they ate then headed home as well.

I kept trying to get this pic but every time one of them hung off of it the other got off!

Yay!  Finally!

Wait.  What?  I checked and yes she is the daughter of Lazlo and a Pollinator.  When I was looking I saw that ALL of the other guys had human babies as well.  If you were wondering her name is Cassini after the probe that was retired from a Saturn mission. Named by @CopperRaven42 on Twitter.  Also, there was nothing I could do about it because for some reason I’d not saved the game in two hours!  So I couldn’t just quit without saving, fix the “too many aliens” issue and have him give birth again.

Chapter 13… I don’t know?

Chapter notes:

Okay guys here’s the deal.  When I started the game back up after the hurricane only to find yet more human townies walking by and none of the aliens I’d made or the ones that were in the houses I decided it must be MC Command Center.  So I went on Discord and asked.  Deaderpool said that no, it’s not the mod.  It’s built into the game so that ALL walk-bys will be human!  He said there’s nothing he can do because he’d have to change the coding in like 500 places and then keep them updated constantly.  So I’m sad to say there will be no walk-bys.  It’s really disappointing.  THEN I now realize that there is a limit on the number of aliens we can have in a save of 50.  Which would have been fine I guess had I realized it sooner.  Now all of the babies born to the breeding males are human!  I’m so frustrated.  Also, some of the alien sims I added created by people from the gallery are slowly being humanized by the game!  After the whole fiasco trying to get Zeke that compassionate trait and then this.  I think I’m going to take yet another break from this one.  Sorry, I know a lot of people were looking forward to this challenge but I’m just too frustrated to go on right now.

2 thoughts on “TS4- Xenophilia Challenge Ch 12: I Give Up… For Now

    • It’s all very disappointing. The game mechanics only allow a certain number of aliens. With MCCC you can boost that up to 50 but after that they start being humanized and no more aliens can be born.


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