TS4- Curses! 1.5: I Believe In Fairies

Gen 1 Chapter 5 aka Mayumi the Fairie Princess…

Remember the mess that Vashti made before school in the last chapter?  She cleaned it all up like a good girl when she got home!

When she first discovered baby Mayumi she was a bit angry but she soon got over it.

I’m sure it helped a lot that her parents still spent plenty of time with her.

Their love had not been divided but expanded… even if the tiny house wasn’t!

And then our precious Mayumi aged to a toddler.  With her mother’s milky skin and black hair and her father’s aqua blue eyes, nobody could resist this little sprite!

So much love and such a sweet family.

Mayumi is so expressive!

She’s even cute when she naps.

When Vashti got home from school and announced that she had met a little girl her age the parents were thrilled.  They offered for her to call and invite this girl over to play.

Quickly Vashti called this girl and invited her over.  Lorraine was a bit shocked at the teeny house but quickly hid her reaction.

While the girls got to know each other better Randolph played some dolls with his little doll.

The parents predicted that Vashti and Lorraine would be good friends in no time.

Then it was bedtime for the little bug.  She could barely keep her peepers open to listen to the story.

Soon after she’d fallen asleep Vashti perched on her bed to read her homework.  Told ya she couldn’t resist her little sis for long!

And then in the morning daddy perched on the bed while Mayumi told him a joke.

Don’t look behind you Calissa!  There’s a fairy princess chasing you down… or at least trying.

The builders Joe and Bob sit and watch Randolph fish for a bit.  Surprisingly the two got hitched.

Slide time.  Yes, Calissa is sick again.  The family just keeps passing it around and around.

Lorraine came home from school with Vashti.  Looks like Mayumi has inherited the rest of the families love of television!

Boogie down!

Daddy has the dancing bug now!  Looks like mom’s testing the boundary again.  She’ll keep trying even though she fails every time. Can I hear you say it?  Curses!  Foiled again!

Daddy’s turn to see the cutie on the slide.

Then he beat Calissa to the privilege of bathing the dear sprite.

I have no idea what has Vashti so engrossed but her eyes are like saucers!

Annnd more tv time!  Where is the fairie princess?

Playing in the cupboard!

Then she comes out and joins mommy in a dance and tells her a funny joke.  I wonder if it’s the same she told her daddy?

Calissa wanted to buy a build ’em blocks table to give them something to do together other than watch television.

Of course, this didn’t last long.  The family wound down the day with a little Super Kids: Cortex Catastrophe.  One more day until we have a triple birthday.  Randolph, Vashti, and Mayumi all on the same day!


I thought you might like an overview of the house since it’s a bit hard to screenshot inside and I have to zoom pretty close for most shots.  This was when Mayumi was a baby…

And this is with the toddler bed.  Her big bed will go in the same spot but I’ll have to move that yellow counter closer to the fridge.

Chapter 1.6

21 thoughts on “TS4- Curses! 1.5: I Believe In Fairies

  1. Lol that is quite an interesting house layout! xD you’re way for ahead now, but maybe you could have made bunk beds? (:
    I absolutely adore how one daughter looks a little more like dad and the other like mum!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Since the house thing is part of the Tiny Living challenge I decided that making bunk beds would be too cheaty. I did try making a loft when I first thought of doing this but it was a mess.


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