TS4- Murkland 1.5.2: Misdirection

Murkland side-step challenge chapter 2

A super awkward hug from Axl the Clone Drone.  He seems to be living at the gym as well.  I’m still a bit suspicious of him even though we are friends.  I will keep an eye out and see if I need to be worried.  He’s seen my plants after all and done nothing about it.

I decided to implement the next part of my plan.  Sell deodorizing cream and energizer infusion to the masses.  I used some myself and put on my nice outfit to show off how fresh as a daisy they could be if they purchased my wares.  “Dusty, you look like you could use some deodorizing cream girl! I just happen to have some for sale right here!”

Sadly, I had to stop soon after starting because I was so itchy from the darned poison fireleaf plants!  The soothing skin balm doesn’t work as well as I’d originally thought and then I ran out.  Shame.  I decided to join Jeep Girl across the street for lunch.  Not sure what this food is but I’ll just choke it down and smile.  She did share with me after all!

Finally feeling a bit less itchy, I made my way back to the table where I had waiting customers.  Isn’t it strange that every time I sell Lisa Bee shows up?  I had to force myself not to stare squinty-eyed and suspicious at her.

“Wait, what did you say?  Mayor?!”

Nothing suspicious going on here!  There is a trick magicians used way back before the apocalypse… it’s called misdirection.  You do one thing out in the open and draw attention to that thing and meanwhile, something else is going on that nobody notices.  This is my plan.  This is one of my guerrilla tactics to undermine the government.

To let my trail cool down a bit I decided to venture back to Granite Falls for a day.  All I wanted were insects and there were none when I first arrived so I practiced the guitar some more.  I’ve decided that playing halfway decent would be a much better cover than playing poorly.

Finally!  Some bugs.  I got TONS of stink bugs and was so happy because I thought these were what I needed for the skin balm but alas it is not.  I needed locusts.

Okay, let’s just rewind a bit here.  I forgot to mention my main reason for visiting was to see my friend the hermit.  But when I arrived in her clearing she was not there.  I stayed for awhile and gathered everything.  Waited some more and when she didn’t show up I went to the other areas looking for her.  No luck.  I returned twice more to her clearing and finally, she was there!  So when I did see her I was quite frustrated.

“Let me just get right to it since I have to leave to go back to Murkland soon.  I hear word that you know a super secret recipe that will make plants grow faster.  Is this true?”  It was true and with the recipe now known to me I just barely caught my ride back to the gym.

Once again, after a non-sleeping trip to Granite Falls, I returned to Murkland exhausted.  This time I decided to take many short naps through the day to get me through to the night.

During one of my more lucid moments, I made the special fertilizer.

And made my way down to dump it on one of the elderberry bushes… then I headed back to the tent to finally sleep all night.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this fertilizer.  I will admit I was very disappointed.  The ingredients are rare and valuable and I assumed that the payoff would be great.  It was ready to be evolved in the morning but other than that there has been no effect to justify the cost.

Why must you mock me, woman?  Exercise is not my forte and you screaming at me does not help!

I’ll just go brew something.  It appears that I did indeed find some locusts while on my trip so I made some soothing skin balm even though it’s not very helpful.

I’ve decided to trust Axl.  He even came over to clean the grill after I made some more herbal remedies.  He talks to the plants underground a lot and even joins me caring for them sometimes.  I think he’s unhappy living with the mayor but I don’t feel it’s my right to pry.

Selling again and surprise it’s Lisa Bee.  She is by far my best customer.  I’ve got my eye on you Lisa Bee!

Ice and Stone told Willow that she really needs to buy some deodorizing cream because she stinks!  I think Willow is secretly supporting my rebellion as well.  She spends almost as much time at the gym as Axl and I do and is always cooking meals.

I decided to try my hand at dunking and challenged my bestie Aeon to a contest.  Apparently, my athletic skills are just as poor in basketball as in boxing.

Of course, Aeon is very good at it.  She isn’t the mayor’s wife for no reason!  She is a very talented sim.  She looks elegant even in her workout clothes.

Everyone claps excitedly.  I was less enthusiastic about being bested by my bestie.  Say that ten times fast!

Even Brennachan joined to clap for Aeon.  I’ll show them.

Awe Come on!  Seriously?  I make this awesome dunk and nobody noticed!  I give up.

Basketball is just not fun.  Playing guitar is though.  I’m getting halfway decent.  I might even try my hand at playing for tips soon!

The next morning I wanted someone to talk to for awhile that wasn’t quite so stinky so when I noticed someone I didn’t recognize I ran and introduced myself.  Her name is Thorna.  She tells me that she’s lived in Nukecrest for a very long time and I have no idea why we didn’t meet before this.

Willow made some yummy potatoes and as I was finishing eating I noticed the mayor angrliy stalking down the street.  I’d better lay low for awhile.

I’d changed clothes since I was leaving the gym and noticed Lisa Bee walking into the overgrown library next door.  Before this whole apocolypse thingy I was quite the reader so my interest was piqued and I followed her.

When I asked her what she was doing she said she was on a mission to write books.  She didn’t get into more details but I decided that this was an interesting prospect indeed.  If I were to also write books it would draw some suspicion off of me spending so much time at the gym.  I’m sure Axl wouldn’t mind keeping an eye on the plants while I’m here next door.

The librarian introduced himself and started gushing about Lisa Bee’s writing skills.

She didn’t stay long after that but the librarian showed me how to start my own book and I got started right away on my children’s guides to who’s who in Murkland starting with a riveting tale about how mutant raccoons are our friends.  I was totally engrossed in my writing when the librarian nudged me and reminded me that the library hours were over.  Time to check on my plants at the gym.

Chapter 1.5.3 coming soon!

Chapter notes:

I became so frustrated after first finding no insects then not finding the hermit and then discovering nothing thrilling happened with the fertilizer that I had to quit playing for the day.  I find it strange and annoying that basketball doesn’t increase fun or social.  Guess I’ll stick to the guitar.  I’m already at level 4!

I’ve been trying to think of a way to transition into doing the library side-step challenge as well as the gym one and couldn’t believe my luck when I arrived and saw Lisa Bee walking in with the librarian!  I can’t decide if I’m going to do the Bestselling Author aspiration or not because I’d have to publish the books and donate the royalties to charity.  Which could get confusing since I’m trying to make money for the gym challenge selling things and playing for tips.  If you have any suggestions let me know.

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