TS4- Curses! 1.4: Expanding Horizons

Gen 1 Chapter 4 aka we moved but we didn’t…

This is actually after the first few pics but I thought it would be easier to just start with it.  I was bored.  Trying to think of some way for them to make money other than painting and writing books.  My usual go-to money makers weren’t an option.  So I thought I’d bend the rule a bit and include whatever area surrounds the lot as long as it doesn’t cross the street.  But looking around the lot they were on there wasn’t anything except an easel.  If I wanted to paint I could just buy one of those!  So I started looking and found this lot which is the huge 64×64 lot.  As you can see it has 2 dig sites, a fishing spot, and several plants surrounding it.  So they moved.  But they didn’t…

There isn’t really a whole lot to do when not being able to leave home.  Calissa has been tending the garlic plants more than I originally planned because it gives her something to occupy herself with for part of the day and she can make a little money selling it.

While mommy evolves all of the darned garlic daddy teaches Vashti some words.

Then they take on their favorite past time.  Watching tv together.

Suddenly Randolph notices there are dig sites nearby!  Were they there before?  How odd.  (ha!)

The parents notice that little Vashti is getting quite stinky but they have no tub!

Viola!  A tub and it fits perfectly in this little niche.

Vashti wanted to dance so they bought her a radio and daddy showed off his smooth moves.

Mommy must have noticed the moves as well.

Vashti woke up hungry in the middle of the night and had a nice bowl of fruit salad.  Yummy yummy.

It was Vashti’s birthday already and Calissa decided to play one last time before taking her in to the cake…


Somehow we missed the actual blowing of the candles…

But here she is!  She is still sad over a potty accident she had before aging up.

To accommodate her new larger bed the house had to be rearranged a bit and it was decided that a table should be ordered for the outside so they can have meals together.

Just as when she was a toddler Vashti watched a lot of television.

Missing having a toddler around they decided to have another baby.  The problem was would another child fit.  So they bought a second bed when they bought Vashti’s and arranged the room to test it out and see.  Yes!  It will work.

Thrilled, they told Vashti to stay outside.  No problem there.  She watched tv most of the day.

So they found themselves expecting another baby!

Vashti moved away from the tv for a bit to talk to the Bearcula toy.

Umm, Calissa?  That’s for the toddlers!  You’re like right out in the open… naked.

Back to the tv… they watch and make jokes.  Randolph was off collecting and doing a bit of fishing.

Everyone was up bright and early in the morning.  Poor pregnant Calissa also had to deal with a dizzy illness.

Vashti had fun with paints while they all waited to see if the curses would allow her to leave the lot to go to school.  Yes, she could!

Calissa watered the garlic plants and then had to sit down from being so dizzy.  Then she had spots on her skin.  Poor girl was not having a good day.

Meanwhile, Randolph did some more fishing.  He caught a kitchen upgrade part.  Odd things people throw in ponds!  Then he headed back to the cottage because it was almost time for Calissa to give birth.

It’s another girl!  Her name is Mayumi which is Japanese meaning true beautiful wisdom.


I saw this out of the corner of my eye and was like what the?  It’s one of Calissa’s former vampire friends!  The game dressed her in some goofy outfit and she’s walking down the street burning!

Top model Vlad fishing with some child… who must have aged to teen like the next day because he wasn’t a child in manage worlds when Vashti aged up and I looked to see if there were any kids.  I wonder what it says about what Vlad valued most that he was cursed to become a runway model and fish with children?  The world may never know.  The best part?  He’s immortal so we get to see what else he was cursed with for this whole legacy!

Chapter 1.5

Chapter notes:

It’s been suggested that I think about writing this little thing out into an actual challenge.  I’m considering it.  Not sure how that would work as far as the whole curses thing would go… if each person would make up their own reason all of these restrictions are there? Anyway, if I do one of the rules will be to look where you’re placing the house.  Because I didn’t realize how much better this lot would be!  I know, it’s gigantic but I really like the surrounding area.  Plus, foot traffic comes from two sides on the street so there should be even more walkbys!  Since Vashti had such pronounced cheekbones as a toddler I really expected them to be even more so as a child.  It’s a shame that you can’t really tell until they age to teen but I learned that from Raerei’s Huffman Legacy.  I tried to think of some devious reason for Calissa’s illness but couldn’t come up with anything… I thought maybe it had something to do with Vashti being able to leave the lot to go to school but then she’d be sick every time a child aged up to go to school.  Meh.  

I went back to the website that I’d gotten Vashti’s name from and I guess I’d lucked out with hers because there really wasn’t much else I liked there.  So I ended up sitting for like an hour compiling a list of girl and boy names meaning either beautiful or handsome.

If you would like top model Vlad in your game you can get him from Tazreentasnim’s gallery page.  I’ve been wanting to find a story to put him in since I first saw her makeover.  It’s the whole reason Vlad was Calissa’s uncle!

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    • It’s such a cool name. I’ve been using names I’d never normally use in this. Although I have to keep checking pronunciations! I ended up deleting Vlad… MCCC kept marrying him to people and it was driving me nuts! I’ll probably add him back at some point.

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