TS4- Murkland 1.5.1: Guerrilla Tactics

Murkland Sidestep Challenge Chapter 1

Maybe it was all of those months spent alone talking to my plants.  Maybe it was just inevitable.  Whatever prompted my revolutionary inclinations I decided it was time to act on them.  My first step was to travel to Granite Falls.  I needed all of the ingredients to create deodorizing cream.  For some reason I really don’t understand, I felt the overwhelming desire to buy just four parsley from the ranger station before beginning my quest.  How odd.

Then, I made my way to the lair of the Hermit.  She hoards the parsley in her clearing.  I would need more than four to follow through with my plans.

It takes a full day for that parsley to be ready so I entertained myself best that I could while waiting.  I collected unidentified plants that I then identified and caught five.  Just five fish.

I’ve been carrying this portable shower around as long as I can remember.  I have no water on my land because I refuse to pay my bills but I was able to hook up to the hermit’s water and take a brisk shower.  I only saw her briefly when I first arrived.  I guess she’s upset with me or something?

Well, blackberries are tasty but not as good as trash fruit or beetles.  I suppose it’s an acquired taste.

I was hungry for beetles to clear my palate from eating all of those blackberries but I had none with me.  For a while, I tried strumming my new guitar that I’d bought when I got my new digs but finally gave it up.  I’m a terrible musician.

I headed to the national forest and searched for beetles.  While there I caught sight of Grim fishing as he usually does.  I tiptoed past him.  Best not to draw his attention.

With my meal, I returned to the hermit’s clearing to roast them up.

Nom!  Who needs blackberries?

I made some various herbal remedies.  I wanted to see if I could make three excellent ones.  I wasted some of my precious parsley in this endeavor!  Sadly, the deodorizing creams I made were not excellent!  Then, I decided to take my leave from the clearing.  I had a quick chat with the hermit and returned to the regular camping area to catch some more insects.  Then my time was up and I was whisked away back to Murkland.  But not home…

Part two of my plan to undermine the government.  There is a basement at the gym.  What it was used for in the past I really don’t know.  But when I’d heard about it I began to form a plan.  Obviously, I could not grow anything but trash plants in Murkland soil right?  Also obviously I could not grow plants needed for various herbal remedies where I might be seen and reported to the mayor. So I needed to go underground.  Literally.  With my prizes in hand, I hurried down into the basement and planted them all.

At least I tried to plant them all.  Don’t mind me, girls, just having a quick snooze.  I just spent 24 hours in Granite Falls with no sleep but a quick nap.  Would you mind terribly planting the rest of this so I can continue with my evil plan?  Thanks!

After the snooze on the basement floor I had to run… okay maybe not run… trudge?  I had to trudge my way to a potty bush and then collapse into one of the conveniently placed tents.  Thank goodness they are there.  I’ll have to be around quite often to keep an eye on the plants.

I woke to find someone had started grilling some murkdogs and not finished them.  Their loss is my gain.  I finished grilling them and feeling refreshed I had a nice chat with Willow.

Another part of my evil plan.  Play music badly to throw the man off of my trail.  They will be too busy trying to escape the noise to question why on earth I’m spending so much time at the gym.  The man?  What do you mean what man?  You know, the government! Our oppressors!  Peace and love and all that jazz.  If you’re waiting for me to burn my bras you’re going to wait a long time!  Uh, what?  Oh yea!  Music.  My poorly played music will distract them.  Oddly enough some of my fellow oppressed decided to throw pennies at me.  Perhaps they felt if they paid me I’d stop?  Cha-ching $12 gained!

True.  If I’m going to be at the gym I might as well exercise.  Not my favorite thing in the world but I do look pretty bad ass boxing.

Eat your heart out Murklanders!  Rainee is gonna be one hawt commodity soon.  All buff and muscled… erm, that actually sounds kinda gross.  Defined?  *sigh* Just go with it.  I’ll be hawt.

Dusty is feeling hawt as well.  And no wonder, she’s been boxing all day as well.  Nobody had grilled any food so it was back to my favorite… beetles.  The clone drone turned his nose at my beetle meal so I surreptitiously moved them closer and closer to him until he left.

With my first harvest in hand, I took over the grill to begin brewing lots and lots of deodorizing cream.  Table?  What table?  You see nothing.  You are getting sleepy…

Eek!  The mayor.  I watched as he passed by.  He never once looked this way so I think at this point he has no idea of my evil plot.

Then, I was exhausted and slept the rest of the day!  My days and nights are all turned around from that full day of no sleep in Granite Falls!  I was feeling lonely and the gym was empty when I woke so I stopped the new guy Fred for a chat.  I think he’s kinda cute.

Then I met this creepy girl.  I didn’t talk to her long.  She seemed very mysterious.  Said something about luring men to their doom. Very well, carry on!  Maybe she’s like one of those Sirens.  But, there’s not much water in Murkland.  She did say she’s visiting. Wherever she’s from there must be water or a swamp.  Is she the swamp thing?!  Naw.  Surely not.  She’s too pretty to be reffered to as a thing.

That jerk that kept invading my camp, staring at my insects, and warming himself at my campfire showed up.  He shouted forbidden words at me!  I just ignored him and noshed on my beetles.  Which made the clone drone quite uneasy.  I think this dude looks a bit like a werewolf.  Rawr.

I have found an unexpected side effect from one of the plants that I am growing.  It gives me an unending itch that makes me so uncomfortable I am unable to tend the plants!  I decided to use one of my deodorizing creams and try to soothe it.  I felt better but the itch remained.  I suppose I need to learn how to make something like a soothing skin balm?  What an apt name!  I will create this concoction and hoard it to myself for dealing with this evil plant.

Some silly Murklander started making shish kabobs on the grill and just left them!  Once again, their loss is my gain.  Yum.  I don’t want to know where this meat came from.  It can’t be much worse than the meat in murkdogs!

It was a hot springs day and even though I’d used a deodorizing cream already I’d gotten a bit sweating punching the bags at the gym so I invited Brennachan to soak with me.  I tried telling her a joke but she looked at me like I was crazy.  I am?  Oh.  That explains it.  Moving on.

She did laugh at my impersonation of the mayor.  Everyone laughs at that.  Even his wife!

Back at the gym, I worked on that new concoction that I named soothing skin balm.  Me.  I named it.  Then, while I was creating new and exciting things I made a bunch of the new energizer infusion.  Murklanders need a pick me up.  There is no coffee after all. Coffee.  Mmm.  But I must not dwell on things I cannot have.  And so I will gift these people with the only alternative.  Okay, not gift. I will sell it to them.  That’s right.  I’m moving up in the world.  I will sell my remedies instead of junk!  That’s like part of evil plan number ummm 32?  42?  No.  42 is the secret to the universe.  Maybe it’s just like number 5.  *sigh*  Just go with it.

Woman, why must you come yell at me every time I decide to pretend to exercise?!

I had to hide from that crazy woman that walks around yelling at the sims that are exercising.  She scares me.  Soon my lovelies all of our plans will bear fruit.  Not literally.  You’re all herbs.  Not fruit.  Bear fruit is just a phrase.  I have no witty name for you all.  In time perhaps I will think of one.

Misc extras…

If you were like why on earth did she need to buy 4 parsley?  So my starting amount was at $15,000!

I kept having to move the planter boxes around because of this.

I accidentally clicked eat instead of plant!

Poor Rainee.  It’s for a good cause.

She was so freaking energized most of the time she didn’t care she was filthy.

20 hours!  Holy cow! I only had the stuff to make 2 soothing skin balms.

Chapter 1.5.2 coming soon!

Chapter notes:

Yes, I did complete the first 3 parts of the Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration in one 24 hour visit to Granite Falls.  It’s doable… with no sleep.  I just wanted to get started at the gym.  At least get my plants in.  I bought the guitar before I left the lot.  I doubt they sell that one at the Mercantile but it just seemed more “Rainee” than a regular one.  I’d emptied most of my stuff into the chest on the lot and after seeing I needed to cook beetles kicked myself.  I had to go back out of the hermits clearing and search for some!  Someone did plant the plants in the basement for me.  They also watered them a few times.  No clue who is doing it because every time I look down there there’s nobody there!  Her days and nights are so screwed up.  I’m going to have to have her nap a couple times during the day or something so she’ll be tired at night.  I don’t know.  It’s frustrating because it’s hard to get that darned “sleep in a tent” step done.  I got one night after like 4 sleeping in the tent.  I’m also going to be doing the library side step challenge.  I just need to find a place to segue into that one.

5 thoughts on “TS4- Murkland 1.5.1: Guerrilla Tactics

  1. Wow she is doing great and I wish I would of thought to spend money down to 15k when I started mine. Hmmm Might just wanna start over again. LOL I can’t believe you are going to do both side challenges this is going to be fun to read. 🙂

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