TS4- Curses! 1.3: The Ties That Bind

Gen 1 Chapter 3 aka speeding through pregnancy, childbirth, and babyhood…

The morning after discovering that she was pregnant Calissa woke to find she already had a big belly!

When Randolph awoke he told her this is the way of things.  They will lead a short but hopefully happy life and that includes very fast pregnancies.

To soothe his wife he took her outside to show her shapes in the clouds.  As she lay with her hands on her stomach Calissa could feel the baby grow!

After only a few hours of gazing at clouds, her belly was already huge!  Randolph admired it and talked to his future son or daughter.

Then Calissa felt a pain.  Randolph told her this is labor and they needed to head to the hospital fast!

But when they reached the edge of the lot they realized that they could not leave.  At first, Randolph started analyzing why they couldn’t leave.  Calissa told him to stop thinking and do something!

So he made a call and asked for an emergency basinet to be delivered for a home birth.

Calissa wonders what on earth she’s gotten herself into!  Randolph is feeling very proud and manly.

It’s a girl!  Welcome to your short life Vashti Maledire!

While mommy runs to the bathroom daddy rocks the sweet baby to sleep.

Now a family of three, they all seem quite happy.

Randolph looks on with such love.  It looks like the baby has her mom’s eyes.

They sneak outside for some alone time.  It’s a bit cooped up inside the house now.

In the morning while mom makes breakfast dad plays with his little girl.

But in the blink of an eye, she’s soon a toddler.

Adjustments needed to be made to the home to accommodate their growing family.  Deeming a potty chair in the kitchen unsanitary they decided to put one out front.

And a little living room and play area were set up under awnings outside.  When they called the construction guys asking about putting on an addition the bad news that for some odd reason they were not able to add to the house was finally told to them. Calissa knows the reason.  That darned curse.  Curses!

When they tried to decide what to do with all of the garlic plants Randolph suggested a patch out back.  But Calissa had a reason for wanting so many plants so she decided to move them along the walkway.

Daddy read his little cherub to sleep.

It seems that they now have two places to sit and eat in the house!

It looks like Vashti is thinking “what about me?”

The slide they’d ordered arrived and Vashti couldn’t wait to try it out.  With help, of course.

Awe so sweet!

I think Randolph agrees!

Such an adorable little family.

This time it’s mommy’s turn to read the story.

The parents take a moment to enjoy some alone time.


I thought she looked so cute I snapped a pic but it didn’t really fit in the story.

Here’s where I’d hoped to put her toddler bed but no dice.  No matter how I moved it they couldn’t get past the one end.  I am happy with how the outdoor living room came out so it doesn’t bother me.

What?  Did you think Vlad escaped the curse?

When she was born my mind went blank.  Why is it I never think of baby’s names until the thing pops up asking for one?  So I started searching.  And spent like 20 minutes trying to find something I liked.  Finally I gave up.  I found a site that had 50 names that mean beautiful, used the random number generator on my phone and here is the result!

I pinned it but unless he gets the whim too I’m not doing it.

Chapter 1.4 coming soon!

Chapter notes:

I can hear the confusion already.  Yes, I cheated her pregnancy.  It makes absolutely no sense to me that they are babies for one day, toddlers for four days and yet the mother is pregnant for three?  So I sped it up.  Which was no easy task because I had to cover part of the screen with my hand since MC Command Center shows if it’s a boy or girl and I wanted to be surprised.  I did the whole in labor can’t leave the lot thing just to remind everyone and them.  They’re stuck there!  I spent almost all of the money they had left doing the outdoor living room.  At first, they only had like $400 left but I sold the tv that was in the house.  I really have no idea how they’re going to make money.  I mean, obviously, they can’t get jobs.  I really don’t feel like doing painting or writing books.  I feel like I do that in every darned story!  I guess I’d better figure something out soon.

18 thoughts on “TS4- Curses! 1.3: The Ties That Bind

  1. Vashti is such a beautiful name! Also, I find it somehow beautiful that they are very short-lived. It makes the player appreciate the silly moments with these Simmies all the more. Lol, going deeply philosophical here now. But this story really gives something to think about! Life may not always be like you except it to be, but every cloud has a silver lining.

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