TS4- Murkland 1.16: Outta My Mind!

Post-Apocalyptic Starter Challenge Chapter 16

A/N: This chapter has a really odd mix of point of views… just go with it.  It confuses even me but eh what can I say, I’m a bit loopy from watching myself talk to plants.

Ugh.  What am I doing here in Nukecrest you ask?  Well, silly Lacie… the real Rainy… thought that me visiting here would mark the lots as played.  What was she thinking???  *cough*  Anyways, so then she realized the error of her ways… after I visited ALL the lots in this neighborhood!  Long story short she figured it out and repaired the chaos that the silly mod she insists on playing with has wrought on her fellow Murklanders.  Wait?  Who are these fellow Murklanders?  *looks around suspiciously* It could be any of these sims here!!!

When I returned home from my pointless quest I began the unending gardening cycle.

Another endless cycle… selling junk from my table.  I did meet one of the new Nukecrest residents though named Fred Bitt.

I needed to get a break and have some fun and also needed to restock fertilizer so I did some night fishing before crawling into my tent for the night.

In the morning, I was already pretty stinky so I figured digging through my trash for breakfast wasn’t going to make much of a difference.  I’m pretty sure I saw Lisa Bee toss something in here while I was selling junk yesterday.

Oh yea, so stinky!  That bush just makes me into a stink machine.  Time for some deodorizing cream.

Did I see a sparkle?  I ran over thinking I did… but no.  It must have been the sweltering hot sun moving through the few trees on my lot.

“Thank you for buying my junk!”  I’m pretty sure Lisa Bee is stalking me… and Pookey?

Another day, another jar of deodorizing cream!

“Umm hello, Lisa Bee.  Sooo surprised to see you here!”  Not really.  Also, Pookey was one of them that swam to the Mayor’s house after Aeon was abducted! Is he spying on me too now??? What would Brennachan think?!

C’mon baby!  Yesss!  It’s perfect.  My first absolutely perfect trash plant.  I dub thee my garbage pail kid!

Oh, look who showed up to congratulate me!  Really?  Why were they here on my lot?  What the heck is going on?

I guess since I have “company” I might as well be hospitable and splurge with some murkburgers.

Lisa Bee found my jokes very entertaining… or did she?  I feel I can’t trust her anymore!

“Rainee, are you sure you’re okay?” asks Lisa Bee. “Yea, yea!  This happens like every time I light the fire… I just have to shake it off!” I cried back a bit hysterically.

I decided since I had an audience I’d regale them with a ghost story.  The first Rainy used to haunt my camp you know… one day she just stopped coming around as if she’d oh I don’t know… been released to the Netherworld.  Yea, something like that.  None of them seemed to find my story of a sim that looked strangely similar to me haunting with a fish stuck in her chest!  Everyone’s a critic.

Jymm, that’s the exact same joke I told.  Like an hour ago.  Lisa Bee why are you laughing harder when Jymm tells it?  You know what?  Y’all need to go home.  Why were you here again?

It was FINALLY a hot springs day.  I decided to invite Camden along since I haven’t seen him in quite awhile.  He found my impersonation of the mayor hilarious.

We had a great time.  He hung on my every word when I described Aeon’s abduction and the fact that Lisa Bee and perhaps Pookey are now spying on me!

We went back to my lot and fished for a while.  I considered flirting with him.  He is quite handsome and we have a really good relationship.  I have as good of a relationship with Camden as I do with my bestie Aeon.  He’d be a bestie too… if I could have two! But, I chickened out.

(Lacie aka me won’t let her aka Rainee flirt until she figures out who “created” him! … gosh it’s weird talking about myself like this!)

That was scary!  I think it was an earthquake!  It has only happened once or twice since I’ve lived here!

After calming my racing heart from being awoken by the earthquake I notice a strange sim viewing my rainbow fireflies.  What is he doing here???

When I went to ask him he started yelling at me.  Why is he yelling?  This is my camp not his!  What has he to be mad about when he’s the one trespassing?!  I wanted to ask him to leave but found myself unable to do so!

Confused but too tired to question it further I went back to sleep.  What’s he gonna do?  Steal something?  Good luck bub.  Not much to steal other than some insects.

So here I was assuming that once I had all of my little trash loves evolved into garbage pail kids I could move on to other endeavors.  Oh no, I could not! I did not realize that I, Rainee, gardener extraordinaire had not yet perfected my gardening skills!  So, I tried to find ways to quickly do so.  First, I tried running around harvesting everything I saw.  But this took a lot of time and then I had tons of plants with nothing to do with them but stick them in my storage chest.

Then, I thought I’ll just go ahead and visit all of my neighbors and tend their gardens… be neighborly and all that.  Sunshine seemed really confused by this.

Jeep Girl watched me and tried to figure out why I’d walked onto their lot, not spoken to any of them, and began to garden.  I’d wonder too.

The three gathered watching me trying to figure out what I was doing.  By that point, I was feeling a bit loopy from spending the whole darned day gardening with very little result!

Plan three!  The only thing that grows in Murkland soil is trash, right?  Sooo I’ll just plant tons of it!!!

Soon I had the whole lot covered in trash plants!  This only lasted like one day before I realized it wasn’t a viable plan either.

Another earthquake!?  What is going on???  Could this be part of the conspiracy?  Can the mayor orchestrate such a thing?  It has happened almost nightly since the first one!

I decided to calm my nerves with an early morning solo soak in the hot springs.

Perfection!  All of my little trash loves have evolved into garbage pail kids!  I remember when they were just trash babies! *sniff* Good times.

Yes, they do taste perfect!

With no other option, I began to spend all of my time talking to my garbage pail kids.

I started to feel my mind warping from endless days doing nothing but talking to plants.  I tried to relax my troubled mind but it was of no use.

Days and days of talking to my kids.  They are my kids, aren’t they?  Am I a plant?  Bath?  Who needs baths?!  Who are you again? Who am I?  Beetles.  Yum.

After months of talking to plants and losing the few marbles I had left I finally perfected my gardening skills and completed my quest! I used my last deodorizing cream and visited the Mercantile Company store for the first time ever.  I can’t always protest the mayor after all.  I splurged most of my money I’d made from selling junk on new clothing and accessories.  I think I may have over indulged in the beatles but I have a plan!  A wonderous plan!  I will find a better way to make the deodorizing cream.  Mwahahaha!  Victory will be mine!

Extra fun…

There were seriously like 4 earthquakes when I think there’d only been two through this whole challenge!

That creepy dude was a vampire.  He showed up two other nights.

I maxed fishing without even trying meanwhile gardening took FOREVER!

And with that… the challenge is complete!

And finally, I had to find a way to transform my Rainee into the one that’s in the gallery and then add in the CC I use for my simself Rainy!  Sheesh.  Her first outfit is the one in the gallery but the second is the one you saw in the pic.  I also gave her different clothes in a few more outfits… sorry.  Guess I should have waited to upload her.  There’s no way I’m making a list of all her CC so I don’t plan to upload this version.


Is it an update when the chapter isn’t published yet?  No clue.  Just go with it… that’s like the term of the day.  Don’t question my method of madness.  Therein lies madness.  Oh, wait.  I had a point, didn’t I?  Sorry.  So apparently, our dear Camden is the creation of ladyloial.  The household was fav’d by Maxis.  Which explains why I couldn’t find him.  For some odd reason, none of the Maxis fav’s show up when I look through the gallery!  Crazy I know.  Almost as crazy as Rainee.  Wait.  If Rainee is crazy what does that make me?  Who is Rainee and who am I?  This is making me way too philosophical.  I think I’ll just leave it at that…

Chapter 1.5.1 aka the gym and library side-step challenges begin!

7 thoughts on “TS4- Murkland 1.16: Outta My Mind!

  1. WOOOOO congrats on finishing the starter challenge!!!!! 😀 😀
    LOL omg I adore how many trashplants are on your lot to level up your gardening XDDD also, I loved your caption under the picture where your hand is on fire hahaah ;D

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks!!! Yea, those trashplants lasted like a day before I got ticked off and deleted them all. I did that in Drifter once but in that challenge you can use potions. It was way too hard without them. I swear her arm catches on fire almost every time! Thank goodness there’s almost always food already cooked at the gym!

      Liked by 1 person

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