TS4- Curses! 1.2: First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Gen 1 Chapter 2 aka beguiling…

A few days after her little cottage had been remodeled Calissa woke up feeling quite strange.  After looking in the refrigerator she decided this feeling was not hunger.  But what could it be?

In a shower of sparkles, Calissa spun into young adulthood!

“But this makes no sense,” she thought.  “My birthday is not for over a year yet.”  

Just then she felt a strange pull.  Like everything in her willed her to go outside.  The same pull that forced her out of Forgotten Hollow and to this place.  She quickly dressed and headed out the door when she could no longer resist it.

She found herself at the edge of the lot.  Just as the first day and every day since she could not cross the invisible border.  She felt like she was waiting for something but she didn’t know what.

She stood for hours watching and waiting.  Finally, she sat down on the hard bench.  She tried returning to her home but the pull towards the street was just too strong.

As she sat there several sims had passed by her little bench but none paid her any mind.  Until a red-haired man caught sight of her and smiled.

He walked right up to her and appeared to be beguiled by her.  Calissa’s heart raced.  Her stomach fluttered.  This was how she had always imagined love would feel.  But this made no sense.  She didn’t even know this man’s name!

They sat and talked for hours.  Both completely entranced by the other.

Randolph, that was his name, pulled her up from the bench and kissed her hands reverently.

He kissed her right there in front of the street!

And became even more amorous by the minute.

He dropped to one knee and begged Calissa to marry him.  He said he’d been carrying around his mother’s ring in his wallet since her death.  He’d promised her on her deathbed that he would marry for love.  And he knew the moment he saw her that he loved Calissa.

When she said yes he scooped her up and carried her back to the cottage.

And there alone with no one to witness it, Calissa and Randolph vowed to love and cherish each other as long as they lived.

They kissed and then he pulled her inside.

They celebrated their new love.

Later Randolph smiled at Calissa and asked if she thought she might be pregnant?

“Randolph no, I cannot curse a child to this life!” Calissa tried to explain.  Would she pass on the curses?  Would her children suffer the same fate?  She couldn’t risk it.

But Randolph would hear none of it.  He was deeply in love and told her so.  He said any children would be blessed with her as their mother.

And so, a few minutes later when Calissa got the positive result, Randolph was thrilled.  She was still secretly concerned about passing on the curses but there was no stopping it now.  She would soon become a mother.  Her life suddenly felt like it was going very quickly!


After Calissa aged to young adult I had a thought.  This was a brand new save and I’d deleted all of the premades except the vampires!  And the only sims I’d added since then were vampires and the building crew.  How on earth would she meet a random townie?  So I cheated (against my own rules,lol) and took her around to different parks and stuff in hopes that the game would generate some marriageable sims.  When she arrived at Hare Square Park in Windenburg this guy literally ran up and started fighting with her!  Then after she beat him (yay Calissa!) he laid on the ground and started cloudgazing!  So weird.

This is why the first kiss shot was zoomed in so close!

Boyfriend selfie!  You know I have to take it for the wall… problem is it wouldn’t have fit into the story.

Chapter 1.3

Chapter notes:

Whew okay, let’s see.  Yes, it’s now on short lifespan!  Thanks a lot Megs and Ally for making me want to do a challenge on short so badly!  Poor Calissa, her family will suffer because of it.  So we’ve got her valuing her immortality cursing her to a short life. We’ve got her valuing having a choice of who to love and when to being forced to marry the first marriageable man she sees immediately after aging to young adult.  I did decide that despite the fact she valued true love that I would have this arrangement be love at first sight for both sims involved.  Perhaps love is beyond cursing?  I couldn’t believe my luck when the first young adult man was Randolph!  He’s quite handsome for a random townie!  Originally I had planned to curse her to wear goofy clothing but eh I just didn’t like it so decided against that one.  So now you know all of the curses unless I come up with something new…

Beauty = Turned ugly

Immortality = Short life

Her mansion = Tiny house

Freedom to go to different places = Tethered to the lot

Choice to marry = Falls in love with the first person seen after aging to young adult


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