TS4- On Their Own Ch 3: Solution?

Chapter 3

Ace was out exploring and Nico got bored and started looking for him.  He saw what looked like an opening in some brambles and curious, he decided to explore further.  When he saw that it looked like it was an entrance to somewhere else he found Ace and brought him there to show him.

The boys exited the brambles into a large area.  At first, they thought it was deserted, then Ace spotted someone in the distance.

They made their way over and introduced themselves to the woman.

Like usual, when it came time for explanations on where their parents are, why they aren’t in school or anything like that, Ace knew he wasn’t the one to talk and wandered away leaving his brother to do the dirty work.

When he heard the hermit offer for them to stay the night in her little house since she had to go visit a ranger friend for a day Ace made his way over to check it out and grill some fruit for their dinner.

After eating, the boys took turns using the restroom.  Indoor plumbing!  They both savored a long hot shower for the first time since leaving home.  The gym showers use cold water.

Not sure what else to do with the rest of their night they decided to do some fishing.  They’d leave some fish for the kind hermit as thanks for the night’s lodging.

First night in a bed.  It felt like heaven.  They slept like logs.

In the morning they made sandwiches and Ace complained that soon they’d have to leave and go back to the life of camping. Unhappy because his brother is upset, Nico wasn’t sure how to respond.

Nico stayed inside to wash the dishes and clean up any mess they’d made.  Ace made his way outside and strummed his guitar.

Nico was happy to see his brother seemed to be feeling better.  He was also impressed with how well he was playing the guitar already.

Leaving his twin to his practice Nico sat in the shade to update his journal with everything that had happened since they’d come to Granite Falls.

But soon his worries couldn’t be held back by distraction.

Not wanting Ace to see him upset he made his way from the house so he could get it out of his system alone.

After awhile he decided he’d better look like he was actually doing something when Ace came to find him so he just stood pretending to fish while he tried to figure out their next move.

When Ace got bored he found his brother and they made their way back to the main forest area.  They never did see the strange hermit lady again.  They went into the little museum and Ace was so delighted by the exhibits Nico couldn’t help but smile.

Inspired by all of the displays, Ace made his way out to find some bugs of his own.

He stopped for a bit to watch a woodpecker.  So much life in the forest!

When he overheard some sims talking about herbs and the things you can make with them he started collecting any plants he could find.

Nico, on the other hand, found that the ranger station sells books!

He sat down nearby and was soon lost in a mystery novel about a girl lost in the wilderness on a moonless night.

Seeing that both of the teen boys were otherwise distracted, Mariko snuck into their camp to leave the information she’d collected. She had wondered when they’d arrived alone to camp on a school day but felt her concerns were verified when her friend Janae the hermit showed up the day before telling her about the same boys.

Sometimes Nico couldn’t understand his twin.  What is so exciting about a lump of clay?  Shrugging he told Ace they should head back to camp.

When they arrived he saw a booklet on the table.  It had a picture of a sad child on the front.  He looked around but there was no sign of whoever had left it.

He sat down to look through it and Ace wandered over asking him what it was.

“It appears to be information on a program through the school system that allows homeless youth to attend school anonomously,” Nico replied distractedly as he read.

Ace sat down and patiently waited for his brother to finish perusing the booklet.  He knew better than trying to talk to him while he’s reading.

Finally, Nico had finished and excitedly told Ace that this might just be the perfect solution to at least their problem of needing to hide from adults during the day.

The twins sat up late into the night making plans.  They still had the whole “no home” problem to deal with.  But for now they were happy to have found a solution to one problem.


Ace got a call from the principal but Nico didn’t. I think it was because Nico had such a hard time using a vacation day the previous day.

Chapter 4 coming soon!

Chapter notes:

At this point, I’m just making this up as I go.  Originally, I was going to use the hermit as the one to tell them about the school’s program but then after thinking about it it didn’t make sense.  How would someone disconnected from the world know about such a thing?  So when she stayed away the whole time they were staying in her house, which was weird, I decided to say she was visiting the ranger.  The weird thing is that the first time I took the boys back to their camp area there was a different ranger than the first day and I was all mad.  Then, I forgot to save the game before exiting, and that time the correct ranger was there!  Weird.

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