TS4- Curses! 1.1: A New Dawn

Gen 1 Chapter 1 aka Hallie Saves the Day…

Calissa decided she needed to call for help.  She searched on her phone and found a construction company.  They said they’d be right over.  Now she just had to hope her credit cards were still good!  Luckily she had all of that information stored on her phone since carrying a purse is so last century!

She laid down on the rickety cot to wait with her back turned to the horrible hovel that had become her prison.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

The construction men all looked at her strangely and she was ashamed of her ugly pasty skin and lack of hair.  That must be why they look at her like this.

When she told them that she wanted the entire place overhauled they became more animated.  The foreman told her he would call a woman named Hallie that owns a store in Newcrest.  She does clothing and would be able to also assist with the interior design.  The men took measurements and made notes on the state of the building and then left to gather supplies.

It didn’t take long for a boisterous woman to come knocking on Calissa’s door.

She was very excited and had all kinds of ideas for Calissa’s wardrobe and the interior design.  Calissa began to feel just a tad bit excited.  Hallie was like a ray of sunshine.

Yet another strange thing.  Normally, Calissa subsists on a steady diet of plasma and yet she found the thought revolting.  Luckily Hallie had left her some sandwiches.  She sat and ate slowly while waiting for everyone to return.

Hallie brought a folding mirror with the clothing, “Well, tell me what you think!  I was thinking bold vibrant cheerful colors.”

In that moment Calissa realized the truth.  Not only was she horribly ugly which she’d suspected but she also was no longer a vampire!  She could see herself in the mirror!  She would lead a mortal life.

“Awe c’mon girl it can’t be all that bad,” Hallie smiled.

“Just wait ’till you see what I’ve got planned for the inside!  Those construction boys should be back any minute.”

“I’m no longer a vampire!” Calissa tried to get through to Hallie how upsetting this was but Hallie seemed confused.

“Not sure what it is you’re going on about girlie.  Ain’t no such thing as vampires,” Hallie laughed.  She took her mirror and said she’d return soon, “I have to call Zorba at the construction company and give them the color swatches.  You sure you don’t want to pick anything yourself?  No, okay then.”  And she was gone.

Once again, Calissa was left waiting.  There was really nothing to do in this rickety shack.  She looked around and tried to picture it as Hallie described but just couldn’t.

“Okay girlie!  We have everything ready now it’s just putting it all together,” Hallie told Calissa cheerily before the guys moved the bench to the front of the lot… so that it would be a surprise.

Calissa sat down on the bench.  The landscape here is beautiful she noticed.  Much more lovely than Forgotten Hollow.

But soon she grew bored.  She’d been sitting there for hours.  Finally, she laid down on the bench.

She must have fallen asleep because when Hallie announced that it was ready she was startled.

Everyone seemed very proud of the work they’d put into the little house.  When they saw a small smile spread across Calissa’s face they all began to smile as well.

It was a lovely little cottage now.  They decided not to break the news to the girl that when they tried to expand the home larger it seemed like some force was preventing it.  Very strange indeed.

The interior was too small for all of them and since it had been mostly Hallie’s design she led Calissa inside to show it off.

Calissa’s smile grew larger.  In her past life, she would never have chosen these colors.  But Hallie was right, they were bold and cheerful.  Apparently, the vampire talk made Hallie assume that Calissa had interest in the supernatural so she brought some odd knickknacks for the shelf above the bed.

Once she was done showing Calissa around Hallie announced that she needed to return to her store.  She had a competition with her brother Hank and she’d never win if it wasn’t open!

Feeling greatly cheered and optimistic Calissa decided that if she was going to eat regular food she’d better learn to cook it.  She wasn’t sure if she could cook like the chefs on the Iron Sim show but watching them was quite entertaining.

She pulled some of the vegetables that the others had brought and began to prepare her first meal.  A salad!

It was pretty tasty and she felt proud.  These vegetables reminded her of something else.

As soon as she was done eating she went straight to the computer to make her order with overnight shipping.

Then, exhausted, she headed to bed.

In the morning she rushed to the mailbox and was delighted that her order had arrived already.

She didn’t even bother changing her clothes.  She got right to work planting the garlic in lines in front of the door.  She wanted nothing to do with vampires from here on out!

Her little garlic patch took most of the day to plant and water.  She took a nice long shower, had a bite to eat and then fell into another exhausted sleep.  Tomorrow is a new day.  Who knows what it will bring?

Chapter 1.2

Chapter notes:

I am having so much fun with this story!  Maybe it’s because it’s solely my creation.  The only real challenge I’m using is the Tiny Living one thanks to Allysim Build’s Yamamoto Tiny Living Challenge story.  I read it while waiting for hurricane Irma to hit and absolutely loved it.  It’s really funny, you should check it out.  And speaking of friend’s stories I could never have done this chapter half as well without Soulgal’s sim Hallie!  You can read more about Hallie and the competition between her and her brother Hank in Retail Wars.  Yet another very funny story.  In the next chapter poor Calissa will learn some more of the curses she will face.  It did say all she values after-all.  Immortality, her looks, and her mansion were not the only things.

Thanks to the following creators for the construction guys…

Joe Burgundy by LazyGoku

Papadopulos by bluerime

Soos by Youtubelover29

Bob Builder by Missmilosa

14 thoughts on “TS4- Curses! 1.1: A New Dawn

    • Yea, I actually decorated the place and then realized that would be really weird having her arrive at this unknown cottage and having it all nice… so I had to save it to my library and destroy it all! LOL


  1. Love that line “carrying a purse is so last century!” Yeah for Hallie from Retail Wars! So happy she could help Calissa. Thank you so much for using Hallie in your story. Calissa’s house really needed an overhaul and it looks so nice now.

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