TS4- Curses! 1.0: The Contract

Gen 1- The introductory chapter aka Vlad botches everything…

Upon awakening from her rest one fateful evening Calissa Maledire decided this would be a wonderful night.  She surveyed her lovely bedroom complete with a four poster bed that she didn’t actually use for sleeping.  No extravagance is spared for Calissa since she was orphaned a few years ago when both her parents perished in a tragic hang-gliding incident.

Calissa has free run of the house since she’s soon to age to young adult anyway.  Seeing as how vampires cannot see themselves in mirrors she uses the maid to tell her how she looks.

Of course, the maid told her how pretty she looks.

On her way out the door, Calissa tossed a coin in the fountain for good luck.  Maybe tonight would be the night she’d meet her soulmate!

Before leaving she stopped to take in the splendor of her mansion.  It’s good to be vampire royalty.

She met her friends at the Mausoleum Vampire Club and started partying.  They met up every night all over town.  Calissa hates being cooped up in the house.

Time for a little flirting.  These boys seem interested.  She shows off her cocoa skin which is very rare for their race.

Some of her friends have had a bit too much to drink.  I think it’s making the mortals uncomfortable.

Calissa’s uncle Vlad has been keeping an eye on her since her parents perished.  When he sees his neighbor Caleb staring longingly at his niece he starts to worry.

He watches longer than he usually does and notices that the whole night Calissa is the center of all the male attention.  This is not good at all.

He follows her home.

And pops up next to her as she’s about to enter telling her they need to talk.

“What’s up uncle Vlad?” Calissa giggles.  Vlad thinks she may have had a bit too much to drink.

But his words sober her soon enough.  “A marriage contract?” Calissa gasps.

“I’m sorry my dear,” Vlad tries to explain, “I am not familiar with youth and did not realize that you were already of marrying age.”

Just then, a man barges in past the maid.

As the man walks in Calissa whispers to her uncle, “surely this is not the man I am to marry!”

“Yes,” Vlad announces, “This is the very man I was telling you about Calissa.  Your parents signed a marriage contract with his parents at your birth.”

“But he’s horrendous uncle!  Surely you cannot expect someone as beautiful as me to marry a troll such as him!” Calissa argued.

Doyle sat down even though he had not been offered a seat and started yelling at Vlad for not preparing his bride-to-be sooner.

Stubbornly he told Calissa she has no choice but to marry him, “The contract is binding my dear.”

Calissa looked to the ceiling for patience.  Did these two not know her dearest dream was to fall in love?  “I don’t think so,” was all she said.

Both of them were angry by then.

As Calissa got up to leave the room Vlad tried to soothe her.  But she wasn’t hearing it.

When she saw Doyle mesmerizing her dear maid she’d had enough.  Her form began to change to her true dark form.  Vlad tried to intercept her as she made her way out and she yelled at him, “This is all your fault!  I will choose whom I marry!”

Avoiding the sight of her friend being fed on she stormed to her bedroom.

But just as she sat on the bed her uncle appeared in the room.  She glared at him.

“Now Calissa, you have to let me explain…”

“Whatever it is I don’t want to hear it!” she said as she left the room.

And with her uncle begging her to listen to him and to come back she stormed out of the mansion.

Vlad followed her trying to tell her something but she just wouldn’t listen.  All she could see was red all she could hear was her voice screaming in her head that this could not be true!  She would not marry Doyle!  She had the right to choose!

She made her way out of the gates and tried to decide where to go.  Meanwhile, her uncle was still yelling something at her.

In that moment Vlad realized he’d made a horrible misstep by calling Doyle.  He hadn’t seen the boy before this.  He had no idea that he would need to break the news to her niece slowly.  Now she would lose everything.  In desperation, he went back inside to speak to Doyle.

Calissa collapsed on a bench.  She cried and cried.  She had no idea what to do or where to go.  She couldn’t go to her rich friends penniless.  What would they say?

She was walking away from the bench when a voice told her “Not so fast.  Sit back down,” it was Doyle.  He sat next to her and said, “This is your final chance Calissa.  Be my bride.  Honor the contract your parents signed at your birth or face the consequences.”

When Calissa refused he continued, “From this day forward you will be cursed.  All that you value will be taken from you tenfold.  All of your children will face the same curse.  Good luck without me.  You should have just agreed.”

“Wait, what’s going to happen to me?” Calissa begged.

“Please, Doyle, wait!  What’s happening?!”  But her pleas fell on deaf ears.  Doyle had a new mansion to make his home and a new bride to find.  Calissa was no longer his concern.

Calissa felt herself being pulled out of her home of Forgotten Hollow.

She was pulled endlessly to a new land.  As she walked she felt her form changing.  Her lovely clothing fell off of her leaving only rags.

She was drawn to a wooded lot and once she got to the edge she realized that she could not leave.  It was like she was tethered to it somehow.

She decided to follow a dirt path between the trees.

And found a tiny hovel.

Trapped!  She realized then that she was trapped on this lot in this speck of a house.  She looked down at what was previously beautiful mocha skin and blanched at the color.  It was like her skin had lost all pigment.

She looked around and wondered what she would do now.  She tried to remember what Doyle had said about the curse.  All she values?  What does she value most?


I dropped these two into the house and this is what they looked like.  I had to laugh.

Goes to show how often I play vampires.  I forgot they don’t see their reflections!  So I had to find the maid on the gallery to have Calissa use her as a mirror.  I’m glad I did, I think it worked out well.  Although, she might not agree since Doyle decided to leave an argument to snack on her.  What the heck?  That was just weird cuz I had their needs all filled.

Another Caleb as a llama sighting!  I saw this one outside the house when she was sitting on her bed.  I was like what is that? So funny!

Chapter 1.1

Chapter notes:

What happens when a hurricane comes through Florida and I have no electricity for days?  Well, I have to entertain myself somehow!  The results of which are creating a new story.  This story is like a mixture of Tiny Living and a Pretticy legacy with a bunch of other self-imposed rules all of which are the result of a curse.  But more than anything it’s a story.  I have a list of things that Calissa values and they will be the actual challenge. You’ll discover them all soon.

Her name means “most beautiful” in Greek and “to curse” in Italian.  Took me forever to find a first and last name I liked with those meanings!

Calissa and the house are my own creations.  Both are on my gallery page.  That version of the house is updated.  I just changed it to the shack for effect.

Thank you to the following creators…

Vampire Mansion by Simproved

Doyle Serian by Prince1428 (The original version was actually good looking!)

Teen Vampires by amesxoxo (Calissa’s vampire friends)

Abernathy maid by Mirthys_Law

Mausoleum-Vampire Club by Loucvz

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    • Thank you! I’m glad to hear you’re going to try writing. Try not to worry about what others will think and play for yourself first. Readers will come and go but in the end you are the one playing it and later you can look back and remember your sims and relive the stories. There are a lot of resources on the Sims forums regarding starting SimLit.

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