TS4- Murkland 1.15: Hustling Zombies

Murkland Starter Chapter 15

It is time to implement my new genius plan to make money!

I can’t ask my friends for loans!  But surely I can ask the infected zombies.  I mean, it’s not like our relationship can get much worse.

Woah!  Stalker zombie I know you’re obsessed with me but there is a thing called personal space!  You’re like trying to meld with my face!  Oh, by the way, can I have some money?

Overreact much?  Sheesh.

Zombie that is Oliva’s friend… gimmie some moola?

This is so not working the way I planned!  Painter zombie… money for me?

Geeze calm down!  You’d think I was mean to y’all or something… oh wait I am.

Last resort.  Teen zombie can I have your lunch money?

Well, that was a failed endeavor.  At least I got to see the inside of their creepy camp.  But I have another trick up my sleeve.

Lots of Murklanders hang out at what’s left of the gym.  Surely they’ll buy something… right?

Wow, what’s up with Ice and Stone?

Whatever he’s feeling insecure about it resulted in a hug for me so I guess that’s not a bad thing?  Maybe he’s jealous of his brother’s relationship with a certain Murklander.

Why is she wearing no pants?  Why aren’t you people buying my junk?!

Yet another failed endeavor.  I’ll just eat this murkburger and appreciate some art before heading to the hot springs.

I called my bestie Aeon to see if she wanted to join me.  Of course, she said yes.  Obviously, since we’re besties!  I wanted to make sure she was okay after that scary abduction!

I didn’t point it out to her but I saw her husband the mayor walk by slowly and look at her!  Is he spying on his wife???

Back home it’s time to work on my garden.

What on earth are you doing here stalker zombie???  Go back to your zombie camp!  …ummm can you buy something first?

Yellow Tooth must have seen how upset I was because she came up and gave me a big hug.  See zombies?  This is what friends are!

Why are you people still here?  Why are you not spending money???  Buy my junk!

Please, someone, buy something.

Rain and Storm!  You’ll buy something, surely.  C’mon Veegan.  Doc!  Doc I let you clean my grill the other day!  I think it may be my enthusiasm that is scaring them away?

See if I buy stuff from your stands!

I give up.  I’m going to sleep.

Potty and deodorizing break…

I love fishing at night and watching all the little fireflies.

Hmm… some of these taste magnificent and some are pristine but still not perfect!

Chapter 16

Chapter notes:

I guess you gotta be friends with someone to get a loan.  She didn’t even know most of them.  I didn’t take many screenshots because if I got the camera too close all of the walls disappeared!  Some sims did actually buy stuff off of the home lot but nobody bought anything at the gym.  She’s stuck just over $10,000.  I’m hoping to complete the starter challenge in the next chapter.  Also, thought I’d share a tip I learned from MilaBear’s YouTube.  There’s these storage containers that we can put all of the herbs and stuff in so they don’t show up when you’re trying to find the fish to fertizlize with!  (Her video’s are the ones I keep referring to Oliva.)

11 thoughts on “TS4- Murkland 1.15: Hustling Zombies

  1. LOL omg you referenced Olivia again, I died of laughter xD thanks for sharing!
    I love the name murkburger 😀 ahw I’m sorry none of the yard sales were a success ): I find that it’s sometimes a hit or miss – either a lot of people show up or no one!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I call hotdogs murkdogs too, lol. It’s weird sometimes they’ll buy a bunch of stuff and other times they show up but just talk to each other! I need to get that CC and get Olivia into my game. I went on YouTube for that exact reason and was distracted by the new video yesterday and forgot!


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