TS4- Murkland 1.14: Conspiracy???

Murkland Starter Chapter 14

As most mornings in Murkland begin I was stinky and roasting some tasty beetles for breakfast.

Ohmygosh!  I’m waaay too stinky to do anything!  I decided to use one of my precious deodorizing creams to remedy the problem.

Feeling fresh as a daisy.  Eh.  Maybe not that fresh but not feeling like I had a layer of grime on me, I decided to tend my garden.

What the?  What is Doctor George doing?  Is he cleaning my grill?  Okay then.  “Carry on Doctor George!  It looks great!”  Weirdo.

My bud LisaBee stopped by to visit me while I was attempting to con people into buying my junk.  She even bought something. Probably feels sorry for me.

Then a whole crowd of people showed up and were talking to me and each other and using the campfire and reading in my tent. Some were even using my nasty potty bush making it nastier.  But, none of them bought anything!  Freeloaders.

That wasn’t much fun so I decided to stop attempting to sell my junk and I challenged LisaBee to a game of Don’t Wake the Llama. Spoiler: She won!  She must have cheated.  I’ll need to keep a closer eye on her from now on.

In the morning I woke up feeling stiff from sleeping on the ground all night and a bit stinky.  Since it was finally a day I was allowed to visit the hot springs I called up my friend Megs and asked her to meet me there.

We had a great chat while we soaked off our stink.  I should protest them not letting us use the hot springs every day!

Do you think the mayor noticed?

I got a bit creeped out when one of the clone drones stood watching me… I was naked after all.  I mean how could he not look.  But still, it was creepy the way he looked at me.  So I grabbed my party clothes since my others were wet from when I washed them at the hot springs and I started a yard sale right there in front of the mayor’s house!

LisaBee stopped by again and I did my impression of the mayor for her.  Of course, she found it hilarious.

Then, I finally got to meet Rain and Storm.  He lives on my street and I’ve seen him walk by but I’ve never met him.  I heard rumors that he’s been hot and heavy with a certain Murklander named Oliva. (From Milabear’s YouTube series!)

Whaaaat?  Did.  Uh.  Did my bestie the mayor’s wife Aeon just get ABDUCTED???

Wait a minute here.  What are they doing?  As soon as the spaceship was gone Pookey, LisaBee and Scarp from the Cliffdwellers swam up to the main building and went inside!

A little while later Scarp ran outside.

She stood at my table appearing to look at my junk but I noticed her constantly glancing up to the house.  Then she left.  Not buying anything!

I was feeling tired and I would have liked to go home but I needed to be sure my bestie Aeon was okay first!  Finally, after hours gone she was returned.

*gasp*  As I was watching Aeon returning I noticed a movement.  It’s LisaBee!  She looks awfully sneaky to me.  I’m convinced that there is a conspiracy against my bestie!  How could my bud LisaBee do this?  And where did Pookey go?

I swam as fast as I could and gave a very dazed Aeon a hug.

I told her my conspiracy theory but unfortunately, I don’t think she really understood a thing I said.  I told her to go to bed and I left feeling very uncomfortable with the whole situation.

I hate to use more of this precious commodity but I am filthy from that swim in the Salamander’s lake last night.  I slept most of the day away from exhaustion caused by such a terrible shock.

Obsessively I try a trash fruit from all of my plants.  Half are superb, half are magnificent, but one… one is pristine!  Soon all of my trash loves will be perfect!  And then I will rule all of Murkland!  Okay, maybe not.  But still.  It would be cool.  Mayor Rainee.  I would have Aeon rule by my side.  We would force the infected to stay in their area of Murkland.  And encourage the mutant raccoons to come out to play more often.

I’ll admit, I was really worried for Aeon.  So I decided that under the guise of selling junk on their lawn again I’d keep a watch out for her.  Make sure she’s safe.  But that creepy clone drone came out and told me I needed to leave!  How rude.

Since the day was a bust I returned to my lot and noticed a new Murklander walking by.  It’s Tiger!  I invited her to play some cards with me.  Surely I can beat her at cards.  Maybe Don’t Wake the Llama just isn’t my game.  Spoiler: I won!

“You’ll be fine.  Just shake it off.”

No idea why Tiger left in such a hurry last night.  But I did see her toss something in the trash on her way out…

Bingo!  Breakfast.  I’ve decided that I need to step up my game.  I need cash and I need it quickly.  My junk isn’t selling fast enough. I need a plan.  As I munch and crunch the rummaged oatmeal I begin to devise a plan.

Bonus extras…

I thought this was funny: complain about bills, lack of power and lack of water.

Chapter 1.15

Chapter notes:

It’s funny how much enjoyment I get out of spending time with my friend’s simselves in game!  I just get such a kick out of it.  If I wasn’t so stubborn about only making money off of that darned table and would just sell everything in my inventory I’d probably be up to $15,000 already!  I came up with a devious plan to make more money… and then realized I already had all the screenshots I’d need for a chapter.  Darn.  Looks like there will be another chapter really soon.  So many weird things happened in these few days. I thought this chapter was going to be sooo boring!

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  1. LOL skinny dipping and selling things at the Mayors house XD I found that hilarious!
    “Hot and heavy with a certain murklander” omg i died LOL XD thanks for sharing Olivia’s story ♡
    Hmmm I wonder if the mayor is in cahoots with aliens and why they abducted poor Aeon!
    Also congrats on getting a pristine plant!! Almost there 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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