TS4- Robinson Legacy Extra: Open Your Heart

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Chapter notes:

If you’re thinking you recognize the detective from the beginning of the chapter, you’re right.  He’s detective Highwind from my Heart & Soul legacy story.  I thought it would be fun to use him instead of some random sim off of the gallery.  No, Amira won’t be making an appearance.  Her specialty is using ghosts to solve crimes.  I’m sure you probably figured out that the detective told the family that there was very little chance that they’d find the boys.  There are so many runaways every day the likelihood of them being found is slim to none.

I’ve put a lot of thought into whether Ava would leave the house or stay there.  One of the reasons I chose to have her leave was the ever present diaper thought bubble that she’s had more times than I can count since she aged to teen.  Every time she has it I feel sad and think no, that’s not for you.  When she had it after looking at the piano that Ace used to play I made my decision.  The only decision left was hers.  Which of the Blackburn triplets would she marry?  She actually had a higher friendship level with Kurtis but as you can see in the pics he wasn’t even in the running.  He aged up with the unflirty trait and wanted nothing to do with her.  After they went into the house he went upstairs and never came back down.  Obviously, the other two weren’t of the same mind.  She had a fairly high romance bar with both of them from the wedding when I was trying to get her to choose back then.  It was obvious she was never going to choose.  And despite the conversation being awkward the brothers never seemed to mind if she outright flirted in front of each other.  They seemed to just look at each other.  I shrugged and said okay then.  I turned on polygamy on MCCC and had her propose to each of them.  Then sent them to get married.  I did move her out without doing some kind of an announcement to her parents. I just felt like with so much turmoil in the family because of the boys running away she’d move out and wait to tell them until later.  As you can see in the last shot though, I did get a not so great pic of them together before she moved out.

As you can also see, she spent most of that day getting her painting skill up to 8 so that she could paint the portraits of her parents for the wall.  I actually almost forgot about it!  Which is why it’s daytime in the pic of her at the beach and then night time when she goes to the guy’s new house.  I moved the Lotharios out.  I didn’t even recognize the ones living there anymore.  This extra chapter is only 1 day.  The long vs normal lifespan is 4 days to 1 day.  At this point, I’ve played 4 1/2 days with Ace and Nico so I thought I should do an extra chapter with the family post-runaway because it seemed like it would be odd having like 5 chapters of On Their Own and then have a Robinson chapter of them the morning after they ran away.  I might even publish this one between chapters one and two of the other story for that reason.  For the Robinson’s, life will have to move on.  I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to move Duke in now that there’s space in the house.  I feel like with so much sadness they’d wait to have kids for awhile anyway.

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