TS4- On Their Own Ch 2: Evasion

Chapter 2

When the boys got back to their little camping area from the museum the night before they hid some of their stuff and packed the rest away in duffle bags.  Thank goodness for portable camping supplies.  Still unsure what to do about the whole school thing they called again saying they were still on vacation.

After packing up their tent they grabbed some burritos and discussed where to go next.

While picking up yet more trash (some sims can be real slobs!) Ace used the convenient wifi connection to try to look at the bus schedule.  There wasn’t anything running out of the city for a few hours but he saw an ad that GeekCon was today.

They tried to have fun and participate in the activities but both of the boys were uneasy.  Their family rarely went to any of the city festivals and never GeekCon since it’s held during the day when everyone’s at work or school but they were still uncomfortable being so out in the open.

Nico took the opportunity to use the free computers for awhile.  Which gave him an idea of where to go next.  He searched the web for what towns had a library other than Windenburg and they were off on the next bus to Willow Creek.

Nobody seemed to pay any attention here.  Perhaps they thought he was doing some sort of research for school?  What he was really doing was starting to write the book that he’d been making notes for most of his life in his journal.

On their way to the library, Ace found an old used guitar at a pawn shop and started teaching himself to play.  He cringed a lot at the sounds that came out of it!

That evening, both feeling satisfied with all they’d accomplished that day, they grilled some hot dogs and tried to decide where to put up the tent.

They saw a long stretch of land sticking out into the river that was barely visible from the sidewalk.  It was a perfect spot.

They were lulled to sleep to the sounds of the boats going up and down the river.

They woke early and grabbed more hot dogs for breakfast before they spoiled.  Ace complained that he was stinky again.

A few doors down from the library they found a small gym with showers like the big one in the city they’d gone to before.  They felt much better after cleaning off.

Maybe it’d be better if Ace practiced somewhere else until he gets a bit better.  It made it really hard for Nico to concentrate on memorizing chess moves.

After an hour or more of cringing at the noise, he finally distracted his brother by starting a conversation.

Ace sat joking with Nico while he played his solo game of chess.

Then some gardener showed up asking why they weren’t in school.

Nico tried to give her the new excuse he’d come up with but she wasn’t having it.

The boys escaped the nosy woman and made their way to the back of the park to grab some food someone had made and left uneaten.

Then they took advantage of the park’s bathroom to clean up a bit before heading on their way.

As they were getting ready to leave Ace grabbed Nico in a quick hug whispering that they’d figure this out somehow.

Since nobody seemed to pay them much attention there they headed back to the library.  But someone did notice them this time. They just didn’t say anything… yet.

In the morning Ace grilled up some fruit he found nearby and they talked about where they should go next while they ate.  They’d decided their best plan of action was to move around a lot.  If they don’t stay in the same place long, surely sims won’t notice them.

They decided that the “research” in the library was a good idea so going to a museum for school “research” would be a good one as well.  As part of the cover, Ace offered to be the one to be seen working on something.  But after he finished his first painting some woman shoved in front of him and started her own painting!  He had to stand there waiting for her to finish to get another turn.

Nico ran way over to the other side of the area so he had a surface to write in his journal on.  The view was very inspiring as well.

Things seemed to be going smoothly.  They’d even already picked out an out of the way spot to put up their tent for a few days… when a man came up to Ace while he was painting.  He told him he’d seen them at the library in Willow Creek the last two days.

Ace tried giving the excuse that Nico had made up… but unlike Nico, he’s not much of a storyteller.

The man said he has children of his own and he can spot a lie like that a mile away.  He asked if they needed help.  At this point, Nico was getting aggravated.  He loves being around people but isn’t comfortable with confrontations.  He told the man to mind his own business and after turning in the painting he’d made to the museum curator for a few dollars cash he headed to find his brother.

He found Nico writing and told him about the man.  After thinking about it a few minutes Nico told him he had an idea.

Some ladies had just grilled up some potatoes and offered them some.  They said they were on their way out of town and the kind old woman bagged some up for the road.  They needed it!  It’s a long way to Granite Falls!

They’d brought their duffles with their camping supplies and rented an empty camping spot for three days.  Ace congradulated Nico on his brilliant idea!  Surely, in a place where everyone is on vacation, nobody would question them being there.

The camping spot even had a horseshoe pit.  The bugs are a little annoying though.  Ace tells Nico they need to look into finding some insect repellent.

While the boys had their fun they didn’t notice they were being watched.  The ranger stood there for a few moments watching them thoughtfully and then walked away before she was seen.

They unloaded their supplies and decided to relax that evening and explore in the morning.  For the first time since leaving the wedding, they started to relax.

Some extra odds and ends…

Despite both of them having taken their final vacation day… they still tried to go to school!  I had to reset them to cancel it quickly before they did.

Remember the pic at the beginning of the chapter of Ace after he threw away trash?  Well, this is what I didn’t show you!  I had a last exception error that popped up like 20 times in a row so I had to figure out what was causing it.  Which means starting and exiting the game over and over to see if it pops up or not.  Each time I played like 3 hours of this day and every time Raj took the trash out of the garbage can and then played in it.  Every.  Time.  So strange!  (It ended up being that no mosaic mod I had in there.  Which I’ve been meaning to take out anyway cuz I really don’t want to see my sims naked, lol.  I got it for one screenshot and just kept forgetting to take it out!)

When they arrived at GeekCon Bob and Eliza Pancakes were sneaking onto the Rocket for some woohoo.  I figured I’d help them out and after they got back I started a pregnancy for them with MCCC.  I’m sure they’ll appreciate that.  Maybe it’ll help them get along better!

And so begins the long line of townies dressed really strangely.  First was this lady dressed way too fancy to be walking the sidewalks of Willow Creek.

Then, while the boys were sleeping I was looking around and saw Vlad dressed like this!

Summer?  What the?  At this point, I deduced there must be an ongoing costume party in the area that I don’t know about!  I only took screenshots of the really odd ones but it was like a parade of them I swear!

Ummm no.  I’m pretty sure that’s a guitar.



After their vacation days are depleted they have to call in sick one day.  Ace did… but wasn’t believed.  But Nico didn’t have the option.

I remembered that writing skill allows them to write excuse notes and assumed maybe he couldn’t call in because he had to do that. So he wrote in his journal trying to get his skill up.  But it turns out it’s notes for other sims!

Despite calling in sick even Ace got the call from the principal.  Little Ace?  I think they need to come up with a different notification for teens because that’s goofy.  Then, after the principal’s call, Nico was able to call in sick!  I’m glad I don’t have to do that again!

After all that, it still flashed all day!

Both of them went into rebellious phases.  Which I thought was quite fitting.

Chapter 3

Chapter notes:

Any involvement of premade sims or townies is completely happenstance.  I just watched them talk and took a bunch of screenshots. The one of Ace getting angry at Mortimer was from “going into a phase” as you’ve seen above.  All of these other sims just convieniantly seem to be extra nosy!


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