TS4- On Their Own Ch 1: Runaways

Chapter 1

A/N: This story is a spinoff of my Robinson Legacy story.  You can still read this though without being familiar with that story.  But you might want to read these two chapters first to understand why it is that Ace and Nico felt it necessary to run away in the first place. I think we’ll find in time that there were more reasons than have revealed themselves so far as well.  I’ve set the chapters to open in a new window so when you’re done just close them and come back here to read on!

Chapter 3.17: Plotting

Chapter 4.1: Misunderstandings

Ace and Nico Morrison woke up early after spending their first night away from their family in a tent.  They’d paid a store clerk extra to deliver the camping supplies here but it looked like everything had just been thrown haphazardly.

Even though they had money they decided they should still try to find ways to support themselves.  They didn’t want to live in the city center park for long!  Especially since they were feeling guilty for taking the money from Kellie’s room before they left.  They were sure she’d stolen it first and that’s how they convinced themselves it was a good idea but now it didn’t feel right.

Ace had plenty of experience searching through frog logs as a child.  He was even better at digging up stuff but he couldn’t find any dig sites in the park.

It wasn’t long before he’d found all the logs and the boxes of stuff people had left laying around.  The boys were beginning to become uncomfortable with the whole situation.

Especially when they got back to their stuff and some guy was going into their tent!  All Nico could do was complain about his back. He’s not used to so much outdoor activity.

Ace lit the fire but was distracted by a chipmunk.  He watched the little guy run around for awhile.  They had all kinds of wild critters running around the island at home.  He used to see them when he was gathering collectibles.

Feeling a little rested, the boys start on round two of fishing.

Then they headed back to the tent to sleep.

In the morning some crazy guy tried to light their fire pit and caught his arm on fire.  He put it out and then lit the fire and stood there like nothing had happened!  The city is weird.  And not as safe as they’d thought.  While they slept someone stole their grill!

Ace gags because he realizes how terrible the two of them stink.  This was not something they had planned for.  They were so used to living in a house with six bathrooms they hadn’t even considered the thought that there were no showers nearby!

A lady stopped by after the fire arm guy left (hopefully to seek medical attention) and while enjoying the fire asks the boys if they are living there.  Nico lies and waves her worry away saying they are just staying there for a few days to write a report for school.

Another lady sits down and after gagging from their stench gives them directions to the local gym where they can use the showers and do their laundry while they’re there.  Ace is not pleased with all of this unsolicited advice.

Despite his misgivings, the boys do head to the gym and make use of the showers and washing machines.

After returning to the park Ace sets out on his own to explore while Nico chooses to stay in one spot to fish.  He throws some crumbs to the birds and watches them for awhile.

He discovers there are free posters all over the park.  He hopes he can make them some money by selling them.  While grabbing one a vendor walking by gives him the side eye.  This isn’t the first one.  It’s starting to make him feel paranoid.

He decides to clean up a little trash.  Parks are meant to be beautiful and to be enjoyed not trashed on.

He was just about to leave when a girl with a guitar set up and started playing.  He stood and watched for awhile.  He’s sure he wants to learn the guitar even more now!

Meanwhile, Nico has been enjoying the peace and quiet and catching some fish that they might be able to sell.

Ace found Nico when he started getting hungry and they made their way over to the food stalls to grab something to eat.  Oddly the tables all only have one chair!  Nico stood listening as Ace told him everything he’d seen.  This is something they have done for as long as they can remember.  Whenever they are apart they will describe what they had been doing the whole time.  Or Nico might just describe a book he’s been reading instead since that’s what he was likely doing while away from his twin.  This time Ace is telling Nico about how oddly people keep looking at him all day.

Nico looks up from his brother and sees some guy looking at him.  Is that what Ace was talking about?

A street performer arrives and the two stop to watch for awhile.  They decide it’s really boring and try to think of what they can do next.

They head over to the arts quarter with some stuff that they brought with them when they left home and some of the stuff that Ace has found so far and Ace offers to be the one to tend the table.  He knows his brother is itching to get inside.

Even though he knows his twin is fine, Ace keeps looking toward the building where he is.  It’s not like they thought it would be, being here, alone.

Nico feels relieved to be inside.  The park is beautiful but so big.  He sits in the back of the art gallery writing his thoughts about what has happened to them so far.  He has so many worries and so many unanswered questions.  Jotting them down doesn’t make them go away but it makes them more manageable.  He wishes there was someone back in Windenburg that they could trust to contact and ask how things are going back home without giving away where they are.  But there isn’t.  It’s just him and Ace now.  Really, it’s always been him and Ace.  Well, and the girls too sometimes.

Back outside Ace has sold a few things.  This nice couple started asking him questions about what school he’s going to.  Not really a very good liar, Ace just tells them the truth.  He hasn’t started school yet because he just moved to the city.  Their questions worry him though.  Is that why people kept looking at him in the park?  Because he wasn’t in school?

After the couple leaves with a few toys Ace hears a sound he hasn’t heard in years.  Violin music.  It brings him back to the night he’d heard a noise that startled him out of his sleep.  He’d been afraid but still crept down the hall anyway because he had to know where that sound had come from…

He stood transfixed listening to the ghost of his grandmother playing beautiful music.  He’d woken his sister Ava and together they’d spent most of the night watching and listening.

He found Nico inside and told him about the man playing a pieced together violin outside.  Nico pulled him up the stairs and showed him the music room where people were playing the violin!

Then he pointed to the man playing a portable keyboard and reminded him of how much he loved the grand piano at home.  Ace told him he was right.  Of course, he was right!  These brothers know each other as well as they know themselves.

Nico told Ace that the bar in the back of the gallery serves food too so they headed down for some fish and chips special.

Their meal was interrupted by the woman that had been talking to Nico at the park.  She tells them she knows they’re living at the park and it’s not for a school paper.  She heard Ace tell someone that he hasn’t started school here yet.  After that, they’ve lost their appetites.

They decide to try to make the best of it and explore the gallery.

A/N: I have no idea why but I found it fascinating to watch and see which art they wanted to look at.

They washed up really good in the bathroom before heading back to their tent in the park.  Tomorrow’s a new day.  A new adventure. One thing’s for sure though.  They need to get their story straight so they don’t have more mix-ups like they did today!


I tried not having them do anything as children that would give them any sort of advantage since they weren’t created as teens like they’re supposed to be for this challenge.  Nico’s darned neat trait got in the way of that as far as manners go!  I really had no idea until I was taking these screenshots!

Despite the B they got in school when they were children without doing any homework or anything they still aged up to teen as C students.  Which was a relief because like I said, I didn’t want to have any advantage since they were played through their youth. Now I just need to remember to keep taking the vacation days!

Chapter 2

Chapter notes:

I want to thank CathyTea for creating this Youth On Their Own (YOTO) challenge!  As you probably know already, the Runaway Teen Challenge is one of my favorites.  At first, you might think that this challenge is the same but really the two are nothing alike other than your teen lives on their own.  When I was feeling frustrated with my Robinson legacy I started looking for another short challenge to work on for awhile.  Completely unaware that she was solving my problems in my legacy as well, CT suggested this one!  I’ve tried to keep it a secret as best as I can what plans I had for the boys.  Until the last few chapters of the legacy, I didn’t have much of a story as to why they were running away other than being unhappy with the fate their uncle told them they had as spare males in a matriarchy.  There was also some anger at their father mixed in there for giving them a hard time about wanting to be inside writing, reading, playing music, drawing… whatever… instead of being outside being active.  Slowly, it evolved into disgust at their parents for forcing their sister to marry a man and have his children when she was in love with a woman as well as anger at their sister for going through with it.  Seeing no alternative to the fates that have already been laid out for all of the legacy children even before their births they decide to run away.  I’m waiting to see if any other reasons evolve as time goes by as well.

This challenge is played on long lifespan.  Because of this, there is a 4 to 1 ratio of how many days there are in this story compared to how many days there are in the Robinson’s legacy.  So, I plan to play approximately 4 days of this for every one day of that one. Which makes it confusing since a Robinson chapter is usually 2-4 days.  I’m hoping after awhile I’ll get some sort of rhythm going and it will be easier to figure out.  I’m assuming there will be about 3 YOTO chapters for every 1 Robinsons chapter.

Eventually, the boys will make their way to a youth shelter.  Allysim Builds is working on one for them now so by the time this chapter posts, it should be complete!  I’ve also put out a call for troubled teens and any other sims you’d like to see in this story.

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