TS4- Robinson Legacy Extra: Bloopers & Outtakes

A/N: Since chapters 3.17 and 4.1 were more story based I didn’t want to interrupt the rhythm with all of the goofy stuff.  So I decided to do a separate extra chapter with them!

Chapter 3.17-

I finally decided to close the heir vote before writing chapter 3.17.  Not that I really thought that Ava would suddenly get 13 votes but I figured I’d better do it before I forgot.

Baylee baked up a storm and finally got to level 9.  This made the machine dirty and the cleaning animation was too cool not to screenshot.

With nothing else to do when not working, Liza started using the microscope a lot trying to get that last darned microscope slide for the collection.

And she succeeded!

I finally took the completed collection off of the front and side wall of the collection building and used moo to place them on the back wall.  Now we just need to get that last darned space print!

In case you ever wondered to yourself: what does a rainbow gelatin cake look like?  Now you know!

Elise and Soren haunted together again.  I think I may have changed the ghosts rotation by summoning Cassie out a few days in a row when I took pictures of the wrong girl with Ace watching her play the violin!  So first I found them in the sauna…

Then, I’d literally just sent Kellie to bed after work when they kicked her out!

Poor girl had to go sleep with her mom.

They’ve still got fireworks!

When Ella was about to announce the wedding I couldn’t find Moose!  He was out in the spa napping.  He kept trying to get up during her announcement to go nap in the tent!  His energy wasn’t even very low.  And that’s it from that chapter!

Chapter 4.1-

The boys:  I just finished writing the chapter and I’m so sad.  Let me try to explain.  Rewind back to the day the girls aged to teens and I put the heir poll up.  That was when I realized that I probably shouldn’t have had them have more kids with so many sims already in the house.  I sat figuring out how old the heir would be by the time the boys moved out and then how old the adults would be when the girls aged up, ect.  I was so upset over all of this that I started looking for another challenge to play for awhile.  I thought maybe it was time to take a break from the Robinsons.  So I put out a request on Twitter for short challenges.  One person to reply with an idea was CathyTea with her Youth On Their Own (YOTO) challenge.  So I read the rules.  It sounded interesting.  Kind of a mix of Runaway Teen, Mooch Off Your Neighbor and Wonderchild.  I read her whole Shift story in which she did the challenge.  So here I was already strategizing.  Making notes and ideas and all that right?  Out of nowhere, the thought hit me that I could do this as a spinoff of the Robinson’s legacy using the boys! This seemed like a brilliant plan.  Until the chapter where they leave.  I cried and cried.  I think this was one of the hardest things to do the whole time I’ve played Sims.  In the first chapter of their story On Their Own, I go into further detail of their reasons for running away.

The girls:  Okay, so I’ve explained my reasoning as far as the boys go.  Now let me explain what happened with the girls.  I think another reason I was unhappy after I put the heir poll up was that I seriously could not picture Ella marrying Duke. It just seemed wrong to me.  I’ve mentioned before that Ava was my favorite up until they aged to teen.  Ella was just… different?  I had a hard time picturing her marrying anyone.  She’s just not the nurturing type really.  I was considering her just messing around with Duke and getting pregnant but never getting married for awhile there.  Anyway, since they had no real childhood friends other than Duke I decided to add a household of teens. The Blackburn triplets are actually made by me for SimQueenie and I thought I’d just drop them in there.  Heaven was a townie in Meg’s Robinson save.  The daughter of Miko Ojo and some townie. So here I am planning on rushing through the girls teen years so I can get to the point where the boys are old enough to start the spinoff and so I can stop playing the Robinsons for awhile… and I start really enjoying playing them.  I had a lot of fun with them and all of the other teens.  But you’ll notice in screenshots as far back as when they met, Ella and Heaven were always giving each other sideways glances.  The two of them (and Duke of course) were always together.  But just like they felt… this is a legacy and all of that.  Plus we (the collaborators) made this plan to have the same husbands or whatever.  And so, in the end, when I saw there was no way that Ava would win the heir poll and I became really unhappy with the way things were turning out I took a day off and played some goof off saves and then I spent 7 hours concocting the plan for chapter 3.17, playing it out, and writing the chapter!  Chapter 4.1 took about 4 hours.  A lot of work went into this story line.  Note from the future:  There’s actually some unintentional foreshadowing as to where Ava’s future is going in the last two chapters as well.  I didn’t realize it until I was proofreading them!

Now that that’s over… on to all the other stuff!

I guess it was inevitable.  RIP ZeeMoo.

I had all the kids standing in front of their cakes.  Baylee was supposed to give a toast.  Everyone was standing ready to watch.  She knelt.  I took a screenie just because it was funny and when I was done everyone had scattered.  Even the family which was weird because autonomy was off.  I made a huge mistake not taking a pic of the kids before trying to have her toast them because it was terrible trying to get them back over there AND keep everyone else away from them!  Hence, the lack of birthday pictures.  I spent almost the entire party taking like 4 screenshots.

Before we can have a wedding… we need a proposal.  But I left it out since in the story they agreed to the whole plan with Ava and Duke.  It was kind of a given that it had already been decided.  And really, not everyone has the whole on one knee proposal anyway.

When they arrived at the wedding venue the fireworks were shooting off.  Surprisingly, resetting the fireworks boxes during the wedding made them go off again when they were supposed to.  Good to know.

Baylee decided to stand right in front of them!  I was about to go crazy trying to get her to move.  I kept yelling move but she just didn’t listen!

I have no idea why, but this is the only pic I took of them dancing.  And it was so random I decided not to use it.  Ava’s arm is melding into one of Ava’s daughters.  Oh!  And Nova’s daughters!  Ugh, Nova.  Okay, so I go into her household in manage worlds because she aged to elder right before the big birthday party.  At that time the girls were still children.  While waiting for everyone to arrive at the wedding, they aged to teens!  Ugh.  I did manage to give the one daughter that showed up a makeover using MCCC but it kept putting Ella and Heaven in goofy dresses everytime I changed someone’s clothes.  You’ll see them soon.

I’m assuming that she was supposed to be the entertainer playing the piano.  I think she was the street performer that Ava and Ace watched play.  Right after they got there she went into labor and was in labor the whole time!

Trixie sighting!  As you may have noticed since this is a lounge venue there are all kinds of townies wearing whatever.  I wish I could find a way around that.  It makes taking screenshots difficult.

At some point, I took this to show how weird it was that it didn’t track them getting married…

Then the wedding was over and MCCC threw an error.  I couldn’t click it out to end it!

Luckily I’d made a backup save right before the boys left.  So I did a quickie wedding and sent everyone home.  These are the dresses that the game kept giving them!

See?  The boys are still there.  I think it was moving them out during the wedding that messed it up.

The first time I moved them out this happened…

But the second time it didn’t.

The only thing I did differently was transferred them in with Duke and the guys when I moved Heaven.


You can read more about Ace and Nico’s adventure in the spinoff story On Their Own coming soon!

Gen 4 continues in the extra chapter Open Your Heart

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