TS4- Robinson Legacy 4.1: Misunderstandings

Legacy Collaboration
Generation 4 Chapter 1
Score 53

A/N: This chapter was so hard for me to write.  I was crying before I even started up the game.  I know they are just sims but they feel like family to me.  Buckle up and enjoy the ride…

It’s birthday time!  The kids dance together for the last time while waiting for their guests to arrive.

Their mom baked a special cake for each of them so no one would feel left out.

Ever the rebel, Ace had to go on the other side of the table to blow out his candles.  While Nico and Ella didn’t have a problem, Ava’s convinced her cake has trick candles because they won’t all blow out!  Then with a practical tornado of sparkles all four age up at once!

The boys did a selfie right away just like they did when they aged to children.

The girls also got their young adult makeovers.  Quite the good looking bunch!

While the family is busy entertaining guests, Ace and Nico sneak into Kellie’s room and take some of the money she has laying around on her dresser just begging to be stolen.

Then everyone gathers for the wedding.

They socialized for a bit while waiting for everyone to arrive and for the sun to go down for a night time ceremony.

When Duke arrived Ella gave her best friend a big hug.

Seeing them together and assuming that Ella does plan to go forward with marrying Duke the boys decide not to wait any longer.

They each give their sisters hugs…

And while everyone is distracted they leave.

They make their way to where they’d hidden a change of clothes the day before.

And are gone without anybody noticing their absence.

If only they’d stayed a few moments longer.

They’d have seen Duke and Heaven switch places.

And their sister explaining the deception and their plans to use Duke as a surrogate father.

Her parents pull her to the side and tell her they’d love her no matter who she loves.

She gives them big hugs and is so relieved.  Baylee reminds her daughter that there’s still a wedding!  They dry their eyes and call everyone to the arch.

The immediate family gathers first.  Ava looks around wondering where Ace and Nico have gotten off to but then is distracted by the ceremony.

After they were wed there was a spectacular show of fireworks.

Everyone gathered around to watch.

Mom declared that she wouldn’t have a caterer cooking her daughter’s wedding cake and shooed her away!

Leave it to these two to add bubbles to the fountain water.

Everyone was dancing but they were busy flirting.

Time for cake!

Heaven shows off some silly dance moves for her new wife.

They take a quick selfie.

Does this mean that Ava has finally chosen from the triplets?

Maybe not.

So sweet.  Everyone’s so happy.

Until finally with all of the celebrations dying down the parents notice the absence of their sons.

They look all over the venue but don’t find them.

They ask the other family members if they have seen them and everyone agrees that they can’t remember seeing them since when they’d first arrived.

They all assume that they must have gone home early.  When they arrive and don’t find them in the house they spread out to search the area.

The sisters search the beach.  Ava tells Ella that she feels like they’re gone.  They’d been acting odd the last few weeks. Hopefully, they’d return home soon.  With heavy hearts, the family gathers back together at the house.  No one found any sign of the boys or that they were even there during the wedding.

Ace & Nico’s story will continue in the spinoff story On Their Own

Bloopers & Outtakes from the last two chapters

12 thoughts on “TS4- Robinson Legacy 4.1: Misunderstandings

    • Ohmygosh I know! It’s been killing me being all secretive about what sims I’m using for the YOTO challenge. There’s a bloopers and outtakes today and then one more extra chapter with the family but it’s mostly about Ava.

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