TS4- Robinson Legacy 3.17: Plotting

Legacy Collaboration
Generation 3 Chapter 17
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The kids all went to the park again and Heaven was there.  She sat down and greeted Ella with the universal geek sign which impressed geeky Ella quite a bit.

For the first time since they were toddlers, the boys actually socialized with kids their age.

Maybe not just their age.  This teen sat talking to them for awhile too.

Ava can’t seem to choose between the three boys!  She kept flitting from one to the other and back again throughout the whole visit to the park.

Heaven told Ella that she wanted to go downstairs to play a video game but when she saw there was nobody around she started flirting.  Ella was all for it.

Unfortunately, even sneaking in the dark behind the building, they couldn’t keep their secret a secret for long.

As soon as they got home Ava confronted her sister.  She asked her what on earth she’s thinking.  As the Robinson legacy heir she’s expected to have children.  Which means marrying a man.

Ella burst into tears and Ava comforted her sister even though she couldn’t see a way around this problem.

Little did they know, Nico heard the whole thing.

He ran upstairs to tell Ace what he’d heard.  They were both pretty upset and worried.

Being pretty upfront about things, Ace asked the girls straight out about what was going on.  He said the solution is easy.  If Ella has to marry someone then she’ll just marry Heaven.  Ava tried to explain to him that it’s not that easy and he rolled his eyes, got angry and stormed off.  Pre-teen hormones at their best.

After he left though Ava told Ella that he’d given her an idea.  She told her to invite Duke and Heaven home from school and she’d explain then.

The boys hid out in the spa to talk about what was going on.  But Moose found them and asked them why they weren’t outside. That they should be playing basketball or something.  That’s what boys do.

Ace got angry and argued that boys don’t just play sports and that’s a stereotype.  Just because he likes sports doesn’t mean all boys have to like sports.  Exasperated, Moose left them to their scheming.

Now Nico was the one that was more upset.  Even though he only shows it to his twin he has strong opinions of his own.  He said if dad wants them to go outside that’s just what they’ll do.  He reminds Ace of the money they made selling off of the table at the flea market with the collectibles that Ace had found.

So the boys scoured the island for anything they could find to sell.

While the boys were gone on their mission Ava shared her plan with the others.

They all agreed and Duke even offered his own input that sweetened the deal and solved another problem as well.

Ella gave Duke a big hug before the girls snuck back into the house.  Ava was feeling quite good about coming up with the plan.

Little did anyone know, the boys were coming up with a plan of their own.  Ace reminded Nico of the things uncle Trey had mentioned to them on several occasions.  About finding some cute girls, marrying and settling down with a family of their own. They decide something has to be done to avoid that fate.

Early the next morning, they skipped school.

They sold all of their finds to a shop.

Then made their way to a camping store to make their purchases.  The clerk was a bit confused about where they wanted everything delivered but reluctantly agreed.

Baylee and Liza discussed the boy’s strange behavior.  But they decided it would probably be best to talk to them after the birthdays were all over the next day.

Ella sat her parents down and with Duke and Heaven there announced that there would be a wedding after the birthdays were over. Both Baylee and Moose were a bit confused since Ella and Duke had never shown any sign of being more than best friends but seeing as how she’s the heir, they agreed.

“I can’t believe she’s going through with it!” Ace whispers angrily to Nico, “But we’ll use it to our advantage.  Nobody will notice we’re gone in the confusion of this sham of a wedding!”

As Duke and Heaven leave the house to walk home they feel elated that their plan is working out well so far.  One more day before it’s over.

Chapter 4.1

Chapter index:

One more chapter and all of the plotting and scheming will be complete.  This chapter was 3 days.  Tomorrow is the birthdays and if there’s time the wedding. (I decided to age the boys up a day early) Gen 4 will be starting with a bang!  And on to the stats…

Baylee- Level 9 baking.

Liza- Level 8 Chef.

Moose- Level 9 Professional Athlete.

Kellie- Level 7 Criminal Boss.  Level 9 mischief and level 5 handiness skills.

Ava- Level 7 painting.

Ella- Level 5 writing.

Ace & Nico- Promoted to B students despite never doing their homework once.  I guess just showing up helps their progress.


    1. Sooo much work went into this chapter and the next. Over 10 hours altogether with the sitting down trying to decide what should happen and writing down all of the screenshots I wanted. Then I had to wait a freaking week to publish them!

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