Posting Schedule

This is the list of all of the chapters I already have written and scheduled to publish.




9am- Curses! 4.7: Growing Pains


9am- Curses! 4.8: Parenting Experts


9am- Curses! 4.9: Families within the Family


9am- Curses! 4.10: Little Happy Moments


9am- Curses! 4.11: Overcoming Sadness

11am- Curses! Extra: Enver’s Gift


9am- Curses! 4.12: Everything’s Changing


9am- AfterTime Intro: When Worlds Collide

10am- Super Super Mart

11am- Military Barracks

12pm- The Officer’s Townhomes

1pm- Lane Youth Home

2pm- The University

I should warn you that I do change the dates that stuff goes out quite often.  As I get new chapters written this will be updated.  All times are eastern standard time.

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