TS4- Robinson Legacy 3.16: Growing Up

Legacy Collaboration
Generation 3 Chapter 16
Score 50

I was thinking that Liza and Baylee are getting a little junk in the trunk if ya know what I mean so I thought I’d have them take some slimify serum…

I laughed so hard!  I’m not sure if she even lost weight!

Everyone had just woken up and started taking care of needs when the flea market was announced so I thought why not?  Ace and Nico tried doing a street sale and when their stuff sold quickly they became very excited.

I think this experiment with the bubble blower was a total fail.

Seems like it brought them closer together though.

Ava and Ace enjoyed listening to a street musician.

When they got home Kellie’s childhood friend Marcus was there.  It’s time to get these two together!

The girls decided to have some fun outside instead of working on their usual tasks.

When Nico went into Kellie’s bedroom to return a book he’d borrowed he was in for a shock!

He ran and got Ace to show him.

The boys decided that they wouldn’t talk about it but that they’d be a little more careful around their cousin Kellie from now on.

Kellie was completely oblivious of the whole thing…

Which led to a little “exploring” before Marcus went home.

After seeing the street performer with the guitar the two budding musicians decided to try some different instruments.

Long after his sister had left to go paint Ace sat trying out the keys on the piano.

Since his twin was otherwise occupied without him, Nico sat talking to Ella about books he’d read and she told him about the book she’s writing.

While the rest of the household was doing their thing, Moose did his own thing.  Which resulted in this…

Then this popped up.  Sure let’s go!

I was super excited to see Kenzie when they arrived!  She has only haunted once.  That night I got the pic of her and Gabriel hugging.  Not to sound morbid but I’m hoping once we have another death or two things will even out with the haunting schedule.

Everyone starts dancing and now Soren’s there!

And then Elise!  What is this a family reunion?

Now Cassie?  This is getting ridiculous!

Ava was where she likes to be… in the center of all of the boy’s attention!

I guess all of the excitement was too much for Ella.  She decided to go for a swim with Heaven instead.  Shortly after this they were going to find bushes to nap in so I ended the party and sent them home to bed.

Ack!  No!  What have I done???  She looks horrible!  Her head looks HUGE!  It’s an all fat diet for you from now on missy!  Also, I feel kinda stupid because both Liza and Baylee have tons of free time now and I could have just had them exercise.

Every one of the kids came home from school with full red hygiene!  What on earth were they doing at school?  Rolling in mud?

Liza doesn’t seem pleased with Ava’s painting but Ace likes it.

He heads into the playroom to color his own picture of his favorite sister and chat with his twin.  Nico tells him all about the book he’s reading and the book that Ella’s writing.  Ace tells him he could write a book of his own if he wanted.

When Baylee makes a comment about Nico’s writing Ace is quick to anger.  Don’t mess with these twins!

Extra odds & ends…

She didn’t have to get to 10 for her job but I thought why not?

Tevin invited Ava out but everyone was busy at the time.

Shows the difference between the two sets of twins.  The boys were good friends practically since toddlerhood!

Ace the natural leader!  Made me laugh.

Chapter 3.17

Chapter notes:

This chapter was two days.  I just closed the heir poll.  Ella won 17-5.  I’ve had plans for the boys pretty much since they aged to children but I’ve still been trying to decide where things will go with the girls.  I might take a day or two off while I think about it.  Until then, your stats…

Baylee- Level 8 baking.  I’m going to have to go back to having her skill it by actually baking instead of reading the book because this is taking forever!

Liza- Level 7 Chef.

Moose- Level 8 Professional Athlete.  His progress bar is barely moving!  Now that he has some satisfaction points, I got him the entrepreneurial trait.  Hopefully, that’ll help.

Kellie- Criminal Boss level 7.  Mischief level 9 and handiness level 4.

Ava- Painting level 7.  Still 6 days until Moose ages to elder so there isn’t as much of a rush as there was the last generation.

Ella- Writing level 5.

Ace & Nico- Still C students.  Just spending their time following their interests and doing things together when they can.

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