Belated Blogiversary & Reader Poll

While I work fiendishly on writing Sims stories and I love every minute of it I also love and appreciate my readers.   My original Blogger blog hit it’s 3rd-year blogiversary in July! (I forgot) Over three years of writing about my Sims and all their antics.  That site is also getting very close to hitting 100,000 views which is pretty cool considering I moved most of my stories here to WordPress.  I get so much joy from these stories and it makes me so happy when other people read them and enjoy them as well.  I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can improve things here on the blog to make it more enjoyable for everyone.  Which brings us to the poll.  I have two questions for y’all…

  1. Would you like it if I posted more of a variety of stories instead of concentrating on one or two at a time?  This would give you the added bonus of being able to pick and choose which stories you’re interested in and not be so overwhelmed with for example 7 legacy chapters in one week because they’d be stretched out between chapters for other stories you might not be interested in reading.
  2.  Should I shorten the length of my chapters?  I used to make my chapters 20-25 screenshots on average but at some point I started doing 25-30.  Plus all of the little moodlets and stuff I add in which is usually 5-10.  I had someone comment on an old chapter recently and it took me forever to figure out what they were talking about and it just seemed so long to me!

So now it’s up to you!  Feel free to comment as well if you can think of some other way I can improve or if you want to request a comeback of a “on the back burner” story!

16 thoughts on “Belated Blogiversary & Reader Poll

  1. Oh gosh, I don’t know how to answer your poll. Probably I’m the wrong person to answer because I just do what works for me and don’t expect to have a say in anyone else’s blog! What would make you happiest?

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  2. Congratulations! I would love shorter chapters! I really, really, really love having a chapter from you a day (at the same time, I always hope you do what works best for you first). Having shorter chapters would be great because then I could savor them more! I try to keep up with everything in my WP Reader each day, which means I sometimes have to power through. With the short chapters, even if I have a full reader, I can still enjoy them fully rather than feeling like I’ve got to speed-read!

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    • Thank you! And at this point the question really is whether I should change the chapter size because I’ve already started to add more variety back, lol. The active stories are on the far left tab I think it says current projects? I’d suggest one of those if you’re looking for something new to start! And thank you for reading!

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