TS4- Robinson Legacy 3.14: Chillin’ with the Kiddos

Legacy Collaboration
Generation 3 Chapter 14
Score 50

A/N: I apologize in advance for my absolute obsession with repairmen in yet another chapter!

My boys hanging out cloud gazing because they woke up super early.

Our resident geeks Ace and Ella play some games before school.

OMG I forgot about this!

I totally forgot she was still standing out there when I quit playing after the last chapter.  Ohmygosh it’s never going to end!

None of the baked food is very filling and it’s driving me crazy so I bought Baylee the baking skill books to study.

Since Ace couldn’t talk to Nico while he was writing in his journal he did some collecting.

All of the siblings get along so well despite the age gap.  The boys, especially Ace, are always seeking out their sisters to chat.

Ella gives Duke a big hug when they arrive.

Once they get inside Ava is the center of Tevin and Zaiden’s attention.

Like usual, Ella zeros in on the computers and chats with Duke, Heaven, and Kurtis while playing.

What?  No!  You’re freaking kidding me!  Okay, so I was about to lose my mind when the girls returned home and this guy was lurking by the mailbox again.

Moose was really stressed from work.  He doesn’t seem too pleased to be asked for goofy advice.

After asking his super important question about Voidcritters he joined Nico outside to do his homework while he read.

Okay so let me explain this.  Liza was sliding on the slide… like a long time before this.  Moose was in the sauna.  I told her to go eat and him to go use the bathroom and exercise.  Apparently, he felt the need to run all the way over to wave at where Liza was at before I told her to go eat.  Anyway, it drives me nuts when this happens, especially when they have to pee!

Ace looks at the repair jerk on the way out the door like are you really still there?  I went to manage worlds and deleted him completely.

Agh no!  I deleted him and then this chick who had come before showed up!  Whyyyyy????  I went to manage worlds and deleted her as well.  Then I quit playing for a few hours because I was getting so annoyed.

I was so excited!  I thought that this repair girl was my savior and that things were going to work correctly from now on.  I even wrote down her name to make note of it.  First, she actually entered the house!  Then, she repaired everything!  She did the peepee dance away from the house and I rejoiced.

What the?  Who is this?  Why is he here?  Ohmygosh it’s not over!

Ah, you know how much I love taking these pics by now.  Oh yeah, and they all came home from school miserable.  So it did have a purpose.

So by the time kids that visit after school get there I usually forget that they were coming home from school with them.  I guess I should send them out to socialize with them.

Ella was having some super angry emotional breakdown so only Ava could visit with Kurtis.

Both of the boys came out to play with Kaylin.

Kellie’s most recent promotion came with a really cool new outfit.  Ignore the repair guy standing there.  I’m trying real hard to.

I knew Moose was home because Nico tore out of the house like he was on fire!

After Nico went back inside Baylee went out to propose some closet woohoo.  It’s really creepy that the repair guy is just lurking there.

Ohmygosh no, Elise!  Don’t encourage him!

She did it.  She encouraged him.  When she left at dawn to return to her grave he came inside and played on the motion gaming rig. Then he went back to the mailbox, waved, walked up to the front door and knocked… and stood there!

So many things in the house were broken!  I depend on calling in someone to do repairs at least every other day to keep up with all of the ghost breakages.  Instead of working on her mischief I had Kellie repair everything.  She does need to get some handiness skill for her job at some point anyway.  I’d just hoped to have her get it upgrading or something.  I thought it was hilarious how the maid followed her around mopping behind her.

Ace was the only one to show up after school in a good mood.  Two days in a row Nico got missed bubbles on a test score.  The first day he admitted the mistake and the teacher made him angry.  This day he didn’t and got upset again.  I can’t win!  You do not see the repair guy there.  He’s an illusion.

I figure Nico just needs to have a bit of fun so he and Ace swim and do some splashing.

Moose spent most of the day upstairs telling an amazing story to the mirror.  It’s actually pretty funny to watch.

Heaven came home from school with Ella.  When Ella came in after school I had her play the game with Heaven… it took forever but right before Ella quit she showed up and played for a bit.  I really regret having them live on this island.  I’ve even considered moving them but doubt I will.

Sure why not?

I realized after they got there that they’d left poor Heaven back at the house.  Ella spent the whole time chatting with Duke.

Whatever Ava is trying to tell Tevin about he doesn’t seem impressed at all.

After that awkward conversation, Tevin went to bed so Ava found Kurtis out back on a treadmill and talked to him for a few minutes. It was already kind of late when they got there so I took them home shortly after this.

The girls were only gone for like two hours total.  When they arrived home almost everyone’s energy need was full.  So annoying. The boys just messed around chatting and stuff most of the night.

Here I am, thinking I’m done.  Surely, nothing else exciting will happen this night right?  Wrong!  Kellie branched off to Boss in the Criminal career.

Ohmygosh!  I’ll be honest, I haven’t been paying attention to Kellie’s levels at work.  I didn’t know she was about to reach 6!

Okay, so the Vicarious trait sounds worthless.  If it were reversed maybe?  Whatever.  So Liza took the Master Chef aspiration as her second.  I looked through the levels and really the only hard part will be getting to level 8 in the Chef career.  Why does this one require such a high level when the Mixologist one didn’t?

Other random stuff…

Moose’s parents died.  I haven’t been paying too much attention to them anyway.  I’m a bit overwhelmed with the huge extended family and I’m sure the readers can’t remember who most of them are.

So now all Parenthood chance cards and most of the advice is aimed at the mean, evil, criminal cousin.  Don’t blame me when these kids are all messed up by the end of this generation!

I just thought this was funny.

From Ella’s angry emotional breakdown day.

Apparently, they haven’t harvested the garden in a really long time.

I think, making all of the guys that MC Command Center was forcing to make babies get married might have broken the pregnancy module.  There wasn’t one pregnancy or marriage!  So funny.  I’m thinking I need to add new blood to the save soon.

Chapter 3.15

Chapter notes:

As you can probably tell I’ve become a bit more relaxed with the kids this generation.  The constant skilling and grinding through aspirations were wearing on me.  I wasn’t having fun anymore.  Hopefully, I won’t regret it when the next generation starts!  Speaking of the next generation the heir vote is now 17-5 in favor of Ella.  I’m really only leaving it open because I know some people need to catch up and everyone likes to vote.  Okay well, it’s taken forever to write this chapter so let’s get to the stats now…

Baylee- Literally a smidge away from topping the Mixologist career.  Level 8 baking.  That skill is driving me bonkers!

Liza- Chef level 6.  Gourmet cooking level 9.  Has to do a ton of things for her new aspiration.  Do I hear dinner party?

Moose- Professional Athlete level 8.  I keep forgetting to have him study opponents and he keeps getting rotten chance cards.  At this rate, he’ll end up topping the career after Liza.  And no, I did not remember to take him to the gym.  I’m making a huge note to do it for myself right now!

Kellie- Criminal Boss level 6.  Mischief level 8 and handiness level 4.  Needs 4 more fights for her aspiration.  Looks like I need to add park to the notepad for next time I play as well.

Ava- B student.  Level 5 painting.  I haven’t even looked at her Joke Star aspiration.  I could care less about it.

Ella- B student.  Level 3 writing skill.  Still hasn’t completed her first book but I haven’t been trying very hard either.

Ace & Nico- C students.  I’m not working on any skills or aspirations with them.  They’re just chilling.

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