TS4- Robinson Legacy 3.13: Birthday and Repair Nightmare

Legacy Collaboration
Generation 3 Chapter 13
Score 50

Yes, I know.  We just had a birthday in the last chapter!  Here we go again.  Liza bakes a cake for the boys while Ella cleans up the mess on the counter.

Awe her sim caught on fire.  Look at her lip sticking out!  I’ve never actually watched their reactions to playing the games before.

While I was waiting for everyone to get their needs up I had Liza start mentoring Ava in painting.

First, Ella came in and started working on her homework while the boys ate their breakfast.  Then, Kellie sat on the other bed and ate her own breakfast.  The whole time the boys chatted to each other and the girls didn’t say a word.  It was pretty funny.

Everyone’s needs were finally up and it’s time for this party to begin!

He got it from dancing!  So funny!

I just thought it was cute how everyone was standing around the boys talking to them.

For the second day in a row, everyone had to take a vacation day.  They barely work as it is so at this rate it’s going to be forever until they top their careers!

Does this bring up any memories?  How about that awful playdate when she was the last toddler to arrive?

Moose, Ella, and Duke played a riveting game of Don’t Wake the Llama while we waited for the rest of the guests to arrive.

Guys, I’m telling you, these parties are about to drive me to throw my computer out the window!  First, I’m trying to get everyone to gather around the cake and as soon as they all get there they scatter and then everyone thinks they need to ask the toddlers if they need anything!  OMFG

Finally, I was just like screw it just blow out the candles I don’t care who’s in the darned picture!  Once again, nobody freaking reacted just like happened when Ava aged to a child.  So frustrating.

Whatever… let’s see my boys!

Ohmygosh the cuteness!  That was like the only curly hair I could find for Nico.  That was the hair Ace aged up with and I thought it looked good on him.  I agonized over their outfits.  Also, I rolled all of their traits at once this time to get a better handle on their personalities.

In case you were wondering what Nova and Marvin’s girls look like.  Kaylin on the left is active so I gave her a more edgy look.  Kira is neat… not really helpful as far as creating a look so I just made her kind of girly.

Uncle Trey sits the boys down and gives him some advice one male spare to another.  “Find a pretty girl and start your own family because you’ll be moving out as soon as you’re old enough boys,” he advised.

You can see how serious Ace takes his advice.

Meanwhile, neat Nico (ha! that rhymed) cleans up the entire party mess by himself.

Duke invites Ella and Ava to his house to meet his roommates.

Turns out he lives in a sort of boarding house for teens.

First, the girls meet Heaven Ojo.  Shortly after introducing them to her, Duke decided to go for a jog and never returned to the house.  It was a bit strange.

Upstairs the girls meet two of the Blackburn triplets that live there with Duke and Heaven.  Ella is talking to Kurtis and Zaiden is the one playing on the computer.  Tevin went to bed right after they introduced themselves.  He’ll be in the chapter later, though.

Ella, geek that she is, zeroed in on the computers and started gaming.  She did talk a little while playing at least.

When the girls returned home I realized it was Sunday and the garden was about dead.  So I sent poor Liza out to at least water it all before bed.

While I was taking the pic of Liza I noticed the background.  This is seriously the first time I have noticed the little village across the water!  (This is now my desktop background.)

For some reason, Trey was still there.  I found him in one of the tiny bathrooms watching his dad clean a toilet.  This was literally the only angle I could get the camera in this bathroom with.  Sadly, once done cleaning the toilet he broke it.  And then almost every other piece of plumbing in the four bathrooms upstairs.

Warning!  Starting here starts an absolute obsession with repairmen that literally lasts like 3 chapters.  I apologize in advance for this.

And so begins the repairman nightmare.  When everyone woke up in the morning I had one of them call a repair service and then everyone went on doing their own thing.  After awhile I noticed that nothing had been fixed.  I thought they must not have called but when I went to have them call it said someone was already there.  Finally, I found him out here.  I had locked this side door from the playroom because all of the darned employees kept using it and sure enough he comes to it.  So I unlock it.  He stands there about an hour and then…

Walks through the house, out the front door, to the front steps, waves, then knocks on the front door and just stands there!!!

If I wasn’t annoyed already.  Kellie keeps getting all of the calls and everyone keeps asking HER advice!  Do not ask the evil mean criminal for advice, please!  No good will come of this.  Note from the future: I did not mean that as a spoiler… but maybe it was true when I wrote it and I didn’t realize it at the time?

Okay so if I wasn’t already going bonkers from the repair guy I noticed the breakfast dishes were still on the table.  Where on earth is the maid?  In the freaking mad science lab mopping the puddle from a broken shower that’s where!  Someone save me from these sims!

Have you ever wished you could merge your heir and spare?  Oh look, the repair man has decided to yet again walk to the steps and wave before walking back to the door to knock.

I had to get them away from that house!  So I decided to take them all to the park to work on Kellie’s aspiration and let the kids socialize and hang out for awhile.

Ace is way too into his video game to notice his cousin getting into a fight a few feet behind him.  Sounds like me.  Totally like me.

Kellie declares gardener dude her enemy.  How dare he not plant the stuff I put in the garden boxes!  Now I have to have one of my sims plant them!  Oh, I mean… Kellie’s enemy… well, she just didn’t like his face.  That nosy lady in the background should be next!

Now that Kellie has her enemy it’s time to check in on everyone else.  Who is this that Ella is complaining to?  IT’S THE REPAIR MAN!!!!  I’d whine to him too if I were you, Ella.  Maybe I should have Kellie put the smack down on this guy.

Remember the Blackburn triplet that went to bed after they’d arrived at the house?  That’s him looking all embarrassed for whatever reason, Tevin.

Ohmygosh REPAIRMAN!  Why is he stalking my family instead of fixing their stuff???

I finally got Ella’s needs up and brought her upstairs to chat with the other teens.  Then I realized most of them were hungry.  I’d hired the food vendor when they got there so I cued them all to go order something.  And he left!  I just can’t win today.

The family returns home to eat and take care of whatever other needs needed taken care of.  According to Moose, someone needed a shower badly.  Then, I notice at the door there’s a new repair lady!  Now, I will admit, my hopes got up.  Here is someone who surely will take care of my problems.  I check and yes everything upstairs is still broken.

Wait, what?  What the heck is HE doing here???  *sigh*  Ohmygosh!  I’m going to lose it, I really am.  So, this dude who I now loathe is standing by the mailbox grinning.  He heads down to the mad science lab and repairs that broken shower.  I think halleluiah and begin regretting all I had thought of him before.  Then, this happens…

What?  But?  What?  Everything is NOT fixed up and in ship shape!  Do you NOT see all of this broken plumbing???  He fixed like one thing up here and then left!  Meanwhile, new repair lady… still standing at the door!  I stopped Kellie from spying on the neighbors and had her repair everything non-electrical.  She was exhausted by the time she made it to bed!

Boy, could I use some good news!  Thank you, Liza!

No!  They’re angry!  I almost got everything repaired!  The repair lady is STILL there.

Oh, thank goodness.  Angry violin playing.  I’ll take it.  Gabriel played games on the computer all night.  It was nice and peaceful. Also, it’s starting to bother me that Kenzie has only haunted once since she passed away.  It’s kind of odd.

5am the next day when I quit playing. Not sure why the time didn’t show up?

I’m not sure but I’m thinking the fact that both of them have the last name Lothario is a big clue that they are somehow related.  I didn’t bother looking though.  Moose’s sister married some woman.  Both of his sisters turned out to be lesbians apparently. Interesting.

Chapter 3.14

Chapter notes:

This chapter was only two fun filled days.  *cough*  Okay, not really fun filled.  Maybe for you, while you read about my struggles. Enjoy.  At this point, the heir vote is 16-4 in favor of Ella.  If you’re wondering about the new teens, it seemed a shame that the girls never had any friends and I still need a mate for my spare so I added in the Blackburn triplets that I’d made for SimQueenie and Heaven Ojo from Megs Robinson save.  In the meantime, stats!

Baylee- Still Mixologist level 9 BUT she has finally gotten that last point needed in her charisma skill so it should be soon… once she has the next THREE days off!  Darn you kids and your birthdays!

Liza- Level 6 Chef!  Gourmet cooking level 6.

Moose- Still level 8 Professional Athlete BUT he has also gotten the point he needs in fitness skill for his next promotion.  Fitness 9 and charisma 6.  Still awhile to go I expect.  Also, I still have not taken him to a gym for his aspiration.  I think I might have a mental block about it or something.  I never remember while playing.  Only while doing these chapter notes!

Kellie- Level 4 Criminal.  Mischief 8 and handiness 3.  Needs to get into 4 more fights for her aspiration.

Ava- B student.  Level 2 in painting and not really any other skills yet.

Ella- B student.  No skills or anything yet.

Ace & Nico- Both C students nothing exciting yet since they just aged up too.


  1. Aaaah I remember I once had a repairman thing, drove me nuts! I built a restaurant, maybe it was even Hogan’s burger tent and made a basement for my sim to sleep in. Then something broke, and the repairman came over and just kept knocking on my door. All night. All day. All night. All day. Forever. Until I got so nuts that I quit that saved game. i didn’t dare calling a repairman for weeks.

    Liked by 2 people

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