TS4- Robinson Legacy 3.12: Bowling Birthday

Legacy Collaboration
Generation 3 Chapter 12
Score 50

Remember at the end of the last chapter Kellie’s birthday party was over and I wanted to have her maybe get a little romantic relationship up with her childhood friend Marcus Pancakes?  Yea, that never happened.  I didn’t realize that her needs were terrible when I’d decided to do that so I guess it will have to wait.  It was funny though, he seemed to have gotten stuck playing the video game.  I ended up having to reset him so he’d stop and leave.

Nico woke up filthy so auntie Liza had to give him a bath.

The girls invited Duke to the club and started a meeting.  All of the other kids are way younger than them so I didn’t even bother making friends with them.

Liza’s on her way out to see Jon.  I wonder if she feels someone watching her?

Soren was out too and someone had reminded me that you can “call forth ghost” on the tombstones so I had Liza bring Elise out so (hopefully) her and Soren can reunite!

 He was sliding on the slide, she made a bee-line for him, they stood like this a few minutes looking at each other… then nothing.  She talked to the plants most of the night while he played video games on the computer.  So disappointing!

I just wasn’t feeling like trying to get them to complete a second aspiration so I thought I’d work on their empathy instead.  I think the compassionate trait is pretty cool.

Stinky boys keep using their diapers while sleeping!

Tania called Kellie asking if she could come over.  They chatted for awhile and then Tania decided to play on the motion gaming rig.

I really need to get Kellie’s handiness up at some point but this is the only time so far I’ve been able to have her repair something. Her needs always seem to be horrible.  Also, new maid decided it would be more efficient to mop the water while she repaired.

A little fun with the new stuff.  The boys are attracted to this thing like magnets.

Kellie even came out to play for a few minutes.

Ava played dolls with Nico for awhile after she got home from school.

The boy’s motor skill is so high they just race everywhere.  Which I think is funny on Ace because of his little cape.

Moose was watching Ace play with the robot toy.

Playing with mommy!  Boy, there’s a lot of Ace pictures.  It’s because Nico was always on that new jungle gym thing.

Their motor skill was super high but I thought the interaction of helping on the slide was too cute to miss seeing myself.

Cassie haunted that night and with a burst of energy, she spent the entire haunting playing her beloved violin.  I thought it was really sweet.

The previous screenshots were taken the previous day.  So when I started the game up today knowing it is the girls birthday and that I had to do a party… I just couldn’t.  Instead, I decided to take just the family to Mid-Way Lanes bowling and diner!  I’ve been wanting to take them there and I figured this was as good an excuse as any!

For those of you who are thinking you can’t take toddlers to restaurants… sure you can!  When your family arrives at the restaurant click on the little daycare icon and bring them there.  Then add them to your group.  I put some toys into the arcade area to keep the boys occupied while the rest of the family bowled.

There aren’t a ton of bowling pictures.  I find it kind of boring to watch because it goes so slowly.

Mom does a funny little kick after rolling her ball…

Then dad decides to copy her.

Are you freaking kidding me right now?!

See the boys behind everyone?  Also, where the heck did all of these people come from?!

I sent the boys back into the arcade to play and had to cheat away the 2 day sad from witnessing death moodlet from everyone! Now, answer me this… only the boys even witnessed the death, everyone else was bowling.  Half the time when I have a death in the house of a family member most of them don’t even get the moodlet.  So why on earth did they all get it this time?  Then, every person they knew texted them with condolences!

When Grim made his way to play games I decided they’d had enough bowling and it was time to move on to lunch.

I’ve had toddlers at restaurants before with no problem but this time everyone kept wanting to take them out of their high chairs or put them back in.  Constantly.  They all kept “checking toddler” which basically means that the older sim asks the toddler if they need anything and the toddler will 95% of the time say they need to use the potty when they really don’t.

I noticed this lady has the last name Bright.  Turns out she’s the one that Jon’s twin brother Javier married.

If the whole toddler thing wasn’t annoying enough everyone kept standing up with their food.  There aren’t any cute pics of them all eating and talking like I usually try to take.

Finally, everyone was finished eating and they had a cake brought out.  Since they’re twins you’ll have to wait until both have blown out the candles for the aged-up pics.

Something got bugged when Ella went to blow out her candles.  She stood there like this for a full minute and then everyone reset and she spun and aged up.

Here they are post-makeover.  Ava inherited a strong jawline and larger nose than Ella did.  I had a really hard time finding hair that looked “teenagy” on Ella though.  Almost everything I tried made her look like an adult.

When they left the diner they brought Duke home with them and I aged him to teen with MC Command Center then gave him a little makeover.  I plan to add the beard gradually as he ages up.  Ella aged up in that red dress and it’s one of my favorites so I left her in it but I ended up changing it because it really doesn’t fit her personality at all.

I had them each take a bunch of selfies for the heir vote page.  So, in case you didn’t get a good enough look Ava’s on the left and Ella’s on the right.

Miscellaneous other stuff…

Apparently, Karla Blackburn gets around.  She got pregnant by Jameson (had twins) and then a few days later married Clifford. Why did Clifford get married?  Well, here’s the thing… I realized when the girls held that club meeting that they are related in some form or another to every single kid!  This is getting out of hand.  Clifford has 7 kids, Jameson has 8, Finn has 3 and pretty much nobody else is having kids!  The whole save has become nothing but relatives.  This is why I had to take the pregnancy module out when I was doing my Drifter challenge.  I need marriageable sims for the non-heirs!

It married Kellie’s friend Isis to Moose’s sister Anna.  I’m starting to think maybe I should make the matches from now on?  There’s a huge age gap between them.  I marked Brielle for both pregnancy and marriage and it only made her pregnant.  Which means on the next round when she gets married it won’t be the baby’s father.  Most of you are probably like who are all of these people?  And maybe that’s the point.  It’s getting too confusing having such a huge extended family!  Anyway, on to other news…

Now she has to top gourmet cooking too!

I still need to go give them makeovers.


Kellie saved a kitten!

The nanny is stalking Ella… she was still a child and this was like 2am!

This was the only one I saved.  These drove me nuts!

Chapter 3.13

Chapter notes:

The birthdays are not over!  The next time I play it will be Ace and Nico’s child birthdays.  I am going to miss them as toddlers so much!  Having them did make the whole moving on to the next generation thing a bit tricky though.  I really didn’t think that out very well but I wouldn’t give them up now!  We’ll figure something out.  I really have no clue how many days are in this chapter.  According to Kellie’s age it’s five days but it sure doesn’t feel like it’s been that long so I’m confused.  Anyway, on to stats…

Baylee-  Still a level 9 Mixologist because I need to get her charisma up to get a promotion.  Level 7 charisma and baking and level 6 parenting.

Liza- Level 5 Culinary.  Level 2 gourmet cooking.

Moose- Level 8 Professional Athlete.  Level 8 fitness and level 6 charisma.  I don’t know why but I keep forgetting to take him to a gym for his darned aspiration!  It’s like I forget about it as soon as I start up the game!

Kellie- Level 4 Criminal.  Level 7 mischief and level 1 handiness.  I guess a trip to the park is in order to move forward on her aspiration.

Ava- B student.  No skills yet.  No intention to do anything with that darned Joke Star aspiration either.

Ella- B student.  No skills either.  At least I haven’t done the Bestselling Author aspiration yet.

Ace & Nico- I didn’t get all of their skills over 3.  I was just having fun with them and not really trying very hard with their skills.

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    • Ugh! I mean seriously, I have the worst luck! It does give me something to write about but still. It made no sense that the ones bowling and not even noticing the death and reaping got 2 day sad moodlets!

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