TS4- Robinson Legacy 3.11: Toddling About

Legacy Collaboration
Generation 3 Chapter 11
Score 49

A/N: I’m going to warn you from the start this chapter is going to be totally random because it was played over a two day period with a lot of stops in between and messing around with outside lots and stuff.  Speaking of stuff… I got Toddler Stuff!

The boys aged up to toddler when I’d finished the last chapter written but I waited until Toddler Stuff came out to give them their makeovers.  I was very disappointed in the lack of boy’s clothing and hair choices in the pack.  Guess I’ll keep depending on CC. The blond on the left is Ace.  You can’t tell it but Nico in the hamster hoodie has red hair like his mom.  The sole read-headed child of his generation!

Now that I’ve given their toddler cousins makeovers and the boys makeovers it’s time to build a play space with the new stuff!

Ugh!  But wait, just because Nova’s twins show up in the relationship panel doesn’t mean they can be invited!  After already going around and meeting the other toddlers Baylee has to go back out to meet them.  This one is Kaylin.

When she arrived back home, Nico was already enjoying the new playset!  So cute!

Oh no!  I really don’t know why but the thought never occurred to me that the toddlers would walk across the darned island to get there like the older sims do for birthday parties!

While we wait for the guests to toddle their way to the play area the family gets some of the party tasks completed.

Marvin shows up in a ninja outfit.  I’m pretty sure it must be his party wear.

They’re arriving!  The caregivers just pass the poor toddlers by on their own way up the hill.

Everyone has some hot dogs while they wait.

They make their way straight to the play area.  The boy behind Kaylin is Moose’s brother Ray’s son Armani.

One of the tasks was to play with a toddler.  No hardship there!

They had to dance as well.  Moose’s mom aged to elder right after the party was over.  There were sippy cups all over the yard from that new wagon cooler!

I thought all of the toddlers were there and I was looking for Nova’s other twin daughter to get a pic of her too when I realized that no, they weren’t all there!  Poor Kira was still on her way.

Sadly, by the time she arrived the play date was almost over!  The crazy part is one by one the toddlers all poofed away instead of walking off of the lot which I was grateful for.  I was a bit worried about their needs if they had to waddle back home.  The boys got some really cute moodlets over the play date but I didn’t screenshot many because people were already posting them all to Twitter like crazy.

The reward was a bit extravagant.

Early bedtime for my boys!  That hair is so freaking adorable!

If you were wondering what the girls were doing this whole time.  Trying to complete their aspirations!

Ava surprised me by being first!

Another adult birthday was forgotten.  I’m getting terrible at it.  Soren gets to participate though so I thought that was pretty cool.

Umm nanny Khaled? Kellie is a girl and a teenager!

Look close.  Trashcan and teapot.  Soren and Jon.  Once done scaring the heck out of Liza they headed upstairs to celebrate properly.  I’m kind of surprised anyone in this house can be scared by ghosts at this point especially Liza since her boyfriend is one but whatever guys.

I thought it was cute that he was using this chair I’d put in the office to eat in the middle of the night when he was hungry but they keep using it and it’s driving me nuts now so it’s gotta go.

I realized I’d yet to see the infamous ball pit.  I get that it looks goofy as heck but the kids are cute in it.  I think Ace needs a rescue! Nico barely escaped!

This will be the only pic of the Diner/Bowling alley that Allysim Builds created for me.  I just took Moose there to get some pics of the interior for her after I added the bowling stuff then headed home.  I can’t wait to take the family!  I just got a bit distracted by the toddler pack.  You can read more about it on her blog here: Mid-Way Lanes.

Speaking of distracted.  I built a new park.  I was trying to find something that they could have playdates and club gatherings and all of that while still being able to have the other family members work on skills if they need to.  You can read the extra chapter about it here if you haven’t already: Utopia Park.  It will pop up in a new window so you can come back here when you’re done!

This is the only pic from that day that isn’t included in the extra chapter.  I think this is one of the Pancake family members but I don’t think he’s related to her!  He picked her up and ran off with her.  Like ran!  I was freaked out.

Note from the future: As you might remember from a chapter or two ago I did discover that he is indeed her father but does not live with them.  Which is really strange to me.  So I guess this means any relative can show up as the toddler’s caregiver!

I looked later and this is her household!  What the heck???

While they were testing everything out Ella completed her aspiration.

I wanted them to leave and they couldn’t!

It took hours for them to be able to leave!  I have no idea what the vampire “breaking in” to a park thing was about.  Someone on Twitter said they had it happen when their sim went to a bar and couldn’t leave.  Luckily I have that little underground bunker so the kids went to sleep while they waited but everyone slept way later than usual the next day!

Apparently, I’d called the repair man before leaving the lot?  He was standing at the door when they got home and said everything was fixed.  It wasn’t.  Okay then.  Pee pee dance yourself home.  They all exit by that new playroom door now which is annoying. Also, I wonder if our elder repair lady passed away?

This freaked me out!  It was stuck like that.  Resetting it did nothing.  Everyone was sleeping and there were no ghosts because they didn’t get home until after 2am.  I had to sell it and stick the one they got from the play date down.  So weird!

Everyone was sleeping and I realized it was Kellie’s birthday and that she was just a smidge off from getting the insensitive trait.  I figured it might have some good mischief interactions.  Plus, she needs 3 declared enemies at some point so it might help with that. So anyway, she was trolling the forums for awhile to get her in range to get it before she went back to bed.  Told ya, everyone slept late!  They also all took vacation days.

Note from the future: If you’re wondering about the insensitive trait… as far as I can tell all of the interactions are mean, not mischievous.

I just can’t stop fangirling over that hair!  Love it.  Everyone had a cream puff for breakfast and got their needs up before the party.

The guests started to arrive.  The cake was baked.  We’re ready!

I guess cream puffs aren’t very filling.  The boys had to eat again before they could start.  The girl next to Kellie is Jon’s sister Breanne.  Her and her twin Juliette look nothing alike.

The boy taking a selfie is Trey’s son Frankie and the girl I think you’ve seen as a teen is his older daughter Tania.  I’m not sure if I got a pic of Tierra or not.

That’s Tierra talking to Nova with the short red hair.  Oh yea, and Kellie blew out her candles!

I got really close to re-rolling her final trait.  It was almost creepy that she rolled the mean trait. I guess it will help with her aspiration.

What’s up with them?  I guess it’s because there’s a puddle in the kitchen.  No clue where the puddle came from but really stop freaking out!  Oh, and here you can see Juliette.  She did not age up well.  I gave Kellie that hair even though the hair that covers the face drives me nuts because it looked so pretty on her.

Then it popped up that it was Baylee’s adult birthday.  It still annoys me that she’s now younger than her younger sister!  At least I didn’t forget.  *cough*  I did.  I totally did.

This chapter was getting long.  The party finished and they only earned a silver because I wasn’t paying enough attention.  I realized I never got these two together so I stopped playing to write the chapter here instead of waiting until they are in bed like I usually do.

Only a few extras for you today…

When giving the twins their teen makeovers I realized that Javier married.

Remember the little girl Vlad “adopted” well she’s all grown up now.  She has twin girls.  Cousin Jameson is the father.

The bills after building that play area!

Chapter 3.12

Chapter notes:

This chapter is only two and a half days.  It’s insane that it took me two days to play it all out but I was messing around building and stuff too.  Plus doing a bunch of makeovers.  I think I’ll just skip the stats.  Not much exciting happened.  Nobody really worked or went to school.  The girls were the only ones to get much skilling done.

Yet another note from the future: If you’re getting confused by all of the random sims that I keep mentioning rest assured once the girls aged to teen and I started playing mostly the kids I kinda forgot about most of those extra barely related sims.  I’m trying to make it easier to remember who is who.

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