Wanted: Troubled Teens



Now that I’ve made it to the Robinson Legacy’s 4th generation, I’m starting a side project that I’m really excited about!  I’ll be doing CathyTea’s YOTO (Youth On Their Own) Challenge.  In this challenge, once the teen gets their act together and starts attending school and getting good grades they move into a youth center. What I need are teens that will be in and out of the youth center while my teen is staying there.  Or even adults that were there before that are visiting or volunteer elders.  Anything like that.  Even if you want to just make a wise person that is seen doing yoga and inspires them.

I’m looking for a diverse group.  Different cultures, ethnicities, sexual orientations… whatever.  The biggest thing is I need them to have a background story.  Why are they in the youth center…  Did they run away?  If so why?  Did they have some sort of family tragedy?  Are they staying there while they go to school because they’re from another country?  Are they trying to get away from gangs?  The sky’s the limit!

If your sim is an adult or elder please give them a background as well as how you would like them to be involved.

For any sim submitted please have all of their outfit categories done in the way you would like them to be seen.  I don’t plan to do makeovers on other people’s sims so no worries that I will change them on you!  Also, if you feel the need, you can upload more than one sim to be used for the project.  Be advised though that if in some miracle a lot of people respond I may only be able to do cameos for some of the sims.  I will accept limited amounts of custom content if you give me the links to download them.  Also, if you would like me to include links to your blog, YouTube, Twitter, or whatever else you might use to share your sims let me know that too.

Edit to add: This gameplay is on long and I’ll be working on other projects too so there’s no huge rush.

Please upload to the gallery with the hashtag #RainyYOTO     Thanks!!!

40 thoughts on “Wanted: Troubled Teens

  1. I uploaded twins. I wanted to write more backstory, but the description has a word limit it seems. LOL

    I think I might make more. Probably some regular Sims to throw in the mix. I dunno why I thought of the whole creepy twins thing. LOL

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  2. Hello 🙂
    I have four teens already on the gallery that you might want to consider.
    Averee {Bookworm Clumsy} https://goo.gl/CsUQek
    Brice {Snob Perfectionist} https://goo.gl/nuZuK2
    Titus {Creative Active} https://goo.gl/Maemkv
    Turner {Music Lover Bro} https://goo.gl/2jh3ff
    Most households are shared at EQCreations Households of EuphorialQueen https://goo.gl/hWnZAq on the main forum.
    Or Adventures in CAS #EQCreations https://goo.gl/Y148Gg

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  4. Hi! I uploaded a Sim to the gallery for you! Her name is Alma Schiefweg and I’ve included her backstory in the description. You have to have cc on due to my default eyes and skin, but her hair and outfits are completely cc-free! I hope I could help 🙂

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