TS4- Robinson Legacy 3.10: Fertile Family

Legacy Collaboration
Generation 3 Chapter 10
Score 49

Ava is such a diva!  It’s like she’s saying she’s ready for her close up!  I bet as a teen she’s going to be a handful.

But before that, we have to get her through this aspiration!  Having them read books to children for a set amount of time is enough to drive me crazy because they barely read and then they’re putting the book away!  I put several books in Baylee’s inventory and qued up her reading to Ava over and over… I looked and she’s eating and Ava’s playing on the jungle gym!  What the?

Even though Kellie has an A in school I have a suspicion about something that I want to use her to determine if I’m right before I mention it here.  Also, yes, Baylee is reading to Ava again!  AND she still had to read more the next day!  Note from the future: I thought that if they had a higher school performance bar that when they aged up and got a job it would be higher… hers was like halfway even though both her school and teen job’s performance bars were all the way to the right so I guess I was wrong.

He looks so proud…

I missed seeing it!  So upsetting.

This is one he got later when he didn’t complete a wall challenge.

What the heck?  I was taking a pic of the poor repair lady who came to fix the wall but was stuck there half the night because of the ghosts… when Adan popped out of the sink and sunk into the floor for a second.

So here I was like soooooo excited to see Cassie right?  Because it’s the first time she’s haunted.  And I see her get the thought bubble with the pic of Adan so I follow her to the bathroom and think there will be a big reunion right?  No.  He looked at her and left the bathroom to raid the fridge.  So anticlimactic.

I did have Liza give her a hug though since she was awake.  Why they went into Kellie’s room to hug I don’t know.

Holy cow!  Did she swallow a cow?!?  She seems pretty proud of that gigantic belly too!

Hahaha!  I couldn’t think of anything to do with Liza since the only skills she needs to increase for work are cooking skills and they really don’t need more food right now so I had her trying to get that last darned microscope slide.  No luck but the faces she made were worth it to watch.

Oh, you poor woman!  They replaced the elder maid and mail lady.  Hopefully, she can retire soon.  She might as well move in.  Look at the puddle behind her leaking under the bathroom wall.

Ugh, really?  Okay, so the goofy mood swing walk is funny right?  But not when she only has an hour before she has to leave for her after school job!  Hurry up!  Why must you go to the playroom to eat anyway?!?

Ohmygosh!  At this rate, she’ll leave by the time she’s supposed to be coming home!

Look at this!  She was late for work!

Jon’s sister Juliette came home from school with one of the girls and I completely forgot she was there.  She made a huge mess all over the lot doing this.

Last time?  Moose was cool as a cucumber looking all proud of himself.  This time?  Major panic.

Maybe he knew about this?  Twin boys!  Ace and Nico.  I was trying to think of names that were kinda edgy since they’re pretty cool parents.

This was before the birth.  Go have the babies geeze!

Be warned: This chapter has more baby pics than I think I’ve ever done before.  Because let’s face it, babies in Sims 4 are pretty boring.  So I really have no idea why there are so many but there ya have it.  You’ve been warned.  Baylee went up to bed to pass out leaving daddy to care for the boys before heading up himself.

Poor Jon, now that Liza has a job, she can’t spend every night he’s out with him.  He doesn’t seem to mind though.  Spent most of the night playing games on the computer.

Kellie had the highest energy bar so I had her wake up and take care of the twins which ended up being a mistake because she didn’t get enough sleep before school.

Great-great-grandpa Soren was the only ghost to notice the babies.  Ace is like ohmygosh I’m floating!

Ava follows aunt Liza into the nursery to ask some sort of advice and is stopped in her tracks by the babies.

She loved them!

Adult birthday’s always seem to get forgotten.  I realized when it was almost time for everyone to leave for work that I’d gotten the notification about Moose’s birthday the previous day while he was at work.  I had to stop him from leaving to blow out the candles quick.

Only Ava arrived home in a good mood.

Some video game therapy for all of them will put them into rights.

Oh wow.  I’ve never seen such a dramatic reaction to meeting a new sibling.  Or in this case siblings.  The oppisite of her twin sister.

She was sad and never once went back into the nursery.

So here I am, I have the girls working on their aspirations and everyone but Baylee is at work.  Then, I get the notification that Baylee works in an hour!  She makes a quick phone call…

Eek!  This freaked me out, I won’t lie.

Oh, thank goodness!  Salvation.

This is our salvation???  Okay then.  It actually wasn’t very long before all of the adults started trickling back home from work again but since we had him we made good use of him.

Baylee, of course, was the last to arrive home.  Her fun meter was super low so I thought a quick woohoo before bed would fix that right up!  But, where is Moose?  I kept telling him “go here” to the bedroom so he would be up there when she got done in the shower and he never showed up.  I looked and he’s standing by the graveyard giving Elise the side eye.  Okay then.  Go to bed Moose!

I have no idea why he looks so proud of himself.  One of the babies was crying and I had to send Moose to take care of him instead.

Then, just as Moose was about to leave he walks in and stands all proud in front of Nico’s bassinet.  Like what did you do dude? Nothing!

Apparently, he’s spraying the monster under the girl’s beds.  At first, though, I was like why is he going in their room??

Free services rock!

It was Saturday morning and for once Kellie wasn’t busy with something so I had Liza mentor her 3 times to knock that part of her aspiration out.

And now, we wait.

Awe mommy daddy love.

Ava’s like don’t cry brothers!  She went in there to play with them a lot.  Although, in this case, she kind of blocked the basinett.

Kellie invited some other kid to torture for awhile.

And now we wait some more.

Once he escaped left she spent the rest of the day doing this.

Nanny Khaled was back but nothing exciting happened.  The girls worked on their aspirations most of the day.  I was wondering what was up with Ava…

Oh, that explains it.  Ella was in a mean stage.

Also, I thought this was cute.

Only a couple extras for you today…

Cousin Jameson has gotten yet another girl pregnant as well as Jon’s twin Javier who already has two kids in addition to his younger sisters!  (I later realized that he’d married the girl he got pregnant in the last chapter… see it says married!)

Chapter 3.11

Chapter notes:

I did age the boys up before I stopped playing just so I could see what they looked like but I want to wait to give them their makeovers and everything until I get Toddler Stuff.  I’m so excited about it!  Hopefully, it doesn’t disappoint.  You’ll see in the next chapter!  Until then, let’s get to the stats…

Baylee- Level 9 Mixologist!  Level 7 charisma and baking and level 5 parenting.

Liza- Level 4 Culinary.  Level 5 cooking and level 4 parenting and mixology.

Moose- Level 7 Professional Athlete.  Level 7 fitness, 6 charisma, and 4 parenting.  I realized I haven’t even started his aspiration!

Kellie- A student and top of the fast food career.  Level 5 mischief.  Ages up in two days and despite being a jerk to so many sims she barely has any red in conflict resolution!  Makes no sense.  She’ll get the insensitive and responsible traits.

Ava- A student.  On the last part of her aspiration.  Level 7 mental skill.  Already has a full responsibility meter.

Ella- B student. On the last part of her aspiration as well.  Level 7 creativity skill.  Surprisingly, she has barely any responsibility. Maybe she was making messes without me noticing?  Doubtful though.

Ace and Nico… we’ll see in the next chapter!

6 thoughts on “TS4- Robinson Legacy 3.10: Fertile Family

  1. Me: Girl, you’re huge!

    Baylee: So what? I’m enormously pregnant. You should be thankful you’re getting to witness one of the wonders of the female body; growing another human being! Be amazed by my uterus’ amazingness!

    Me: I bet it’s twins… *scrolls* Yep, twins.

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  2. I can’t agree more with you about the reading to the kids. But now I’m noticing it’s reading in general. Kimber had to read 3 books for her aspiration. I would make her read then turn back to her a few minutes later and she would be doing something else!

    Liked by 1 person

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