TS4- Robinson Legacy 3.9: Total Party Fail

Legacy Collaboration
Generation 3 Chapter 9
Score 49

For those of you wondering how our Elise is doing… obviously, she doesn’t haunt as often anymore.  Oddly, she almost always haunts with Gabriel.  I keep watching and waiting for her to haunt with Soren so they can have a reunion but he always seems to haunt with Jon.  Oh well.  Someday.

I assume she’s embarrassed because of falling several times on the slide.  You’d think she’d be better at it.  She slides pretty much every time she’s out.  Ella was awake having a bagel so she joined her in the playroom.  Everyone loves to eat on these bear chairs.  Can’t say I blame them, they are cool chairs.

I’ve caught Kellie several times now beating the stuffing out of poor Drago!  I guess it’s good she’s taking her aggression out on inanimate objects… right?

She wasn’t even angry or anything.

Sadly, you cannot put candles on the carrot cake.  It would have been cute too.  Gotta make another cake mom.

Eek! I had to give her a makeover.  That’s her in the motion gaming rig…

What follows is the worst party in Robinson history.  It started out with one of them calling to start a social event.  When I realized I wouldn’t have room to invite everyone I wanted and the family I stupidly took the family off of the list… not realizing that none of the party tasks would get checked off because despite them being there they didn’t count as guests.  So they couldn’t do anything until the girls aged up!

Nobody even paid attention when Ava aged up!  I had them all gather around the cake and they promptly started walking away! When they did all notice I hit pause quickly to get a better pic… and it didn’t pause!  It kept going until Baylee put her down.  What the heck?

Oh, here’s her putting Ava down.  That’s just creepy.  Moose’s sister Anna agrees.  Look at her face!

They noticed Ella aging up at the last moment before she put her down and I managed to get a halfway decent pic.

Now, don’t freak out thinking these girls are hating each other!  No, they’re both super tense because of this…

Are you kidding me?!?

Moose must have been tense as well because that’s the only time they autonomously use the sauna… other than woohoo.  Put on clothes dad!  Sheesh.  Ava is there trying to get some other party goers to listen to the darned radio with her.

I guess this is the first time I’ve had Moose’s family around.  I had to have the girls introduce themselves to them all.

The party was over and I was trying to decide what everyone should be doing when I realized I still hadn’t had Baylee mix those last five drinks needed to complete her aspiration.

I wasn’t sure what to pick so I waited.

That’s when I noticed that Nova never left when everyone else did.  Is this another part of the bad manners trait?  Because she was still there when the family went to bed and I had to use a cheat to send her home instead of waking someone to ask her to leave!

I was so frustrated after the party from hell that I quit the game and went to bed early.  So when I started up I knew something had to be done.  Either I cheat and go to their house to remove the darned trait from her or she doesn’t come to any more parties!  So when someone told me on Twitter what the cheat was I knew what to do.  I figured I’d take a pic of their house while I was there.

Yes, your eyes aren’t deceiving you.  That is Liza not Baylee mixing drinks.  There’s a legacy point that you can get for completing both food aspirations in one generation.  Because of her Successful Lineage aspiration, I didn’t really think that Liza could manage the Master Chef one but I thought it was worth a try.  I’m kind of bored with her at the moment anyway.

Baylee has maxed cooking, gourmet cooking, and mixology.  All that’s left is baking.  I thought it might be fun to use the cupcake factory.  Oddly, cupcakes use the cooking skill.  Must be because baking isn’t part of the base game and the cupcake factory is?

She is so excited.  I think those are salmon croquettes?  Sounds gross.

We got a new mail lady too.  She looked familiar.  Turns out she’s the girl that Moose’s brother Ray married.

This poor sap came home from school with Kellie.  Not the best choice kid.


Despite her attitude, she is doing well.

Jon’s sister Breane came home with Ella too.  I guess they met at the birthday party.  I think she’s probably going to age to teen soon though.

I figured it was about time to stop with the baking already.  Plus, it was making me hungry!

I couldn’t figure out why this kid Landon didn’t dislike Kellie yet so when the option came up I just had her fight him.  I guess it’s a bug like the friend one.  It didn’t show him disliking her until I started the game up again later.

I thought to myself: oh no self, you shouldn’t have made them fight!  Now everyone will stop what they’re doing… or not?  I guess having a fight in your living room is perfectly natural?  Also, where’s all that dust coming from?

Once again, I had a child build their project carefully and it turned out all junky saying she did it quickly.  So annoying but her teachers seemed pleased.

I really think this empathy thing that Baylee got is one of the best character traits.  Ella was tense from school and she made the moodlet go away.

A little woohoo in space?  Once again, no hearts taking off.  So weird.

Or maybe not just woohoo after all eh?  It was a tough decision.  But it was either get Baylee pregnant again or go play another family when Toddler Stuff comes out.  I uh, kinda need a toddler.

Moose was really excited.

Too bad Liza can’t have a baby with Jon.  Oh well, they’re still sweet.  And she has Kellie.  Poor Liza.

When the girls woke up early before school I decided to have them work on their aspirations a bit.  Artistic Prodigy is so easy.

Nerd Brain, on the other hand, is not.  You always need another sim for the first stage.  To play chess and read them books.  Really, their aspirations should have been the opposite since Ava is creative and Ella is a geek but whatever.  This is what they rolled.

Baylee had a sudden craving for grilled cheese.

I couldn’t think of anything better!

I was sending Liza into space in hopes she would find the U.F.O. plant.  They’re missing one plant from their collection and it’s the only one I can think of that it could be.  So I guess no more trips to space?  At least until I make one of them rebuild it.

Everyone else was tucked into bed and I thought it was kinda sweet these two just sitting together talking late at night.  Baylee just started her second trimester.  So next chapter… nooboo!

Miscellaneous stuff…

Nova had twin girls… if you’re wondering, they’re both green like Marvin.  Their cousin Christen had a girl as well.  And Moose’s brother Ray’s wife aka our mail lady had a boy.

Cousin Jewel also had a boy and Jon’s twin brother Javier has another child on the way.  You’d think caring for three children already he wouldn’t want more but whatever.

And!  With so many births I thought I’d check to see how many kids Didrik’s son Clifford has now.  Seven!  Didrik only had six.  Only Trey’s wife Kenya has kids out of all his daughters though.  I guess Clifford is trying to make up for it?

Chapter 3.10

Chapter notes:

This chapter’s a little longer than usual because once I’d hit my normal 30 screenshots it just didn’t feel like enough.  So I added an extra day in.  Even then, it’s only 3 days.  I’m super excited about Toddler Stuff coming out tomorrow.  We have had a ton of babies born in the extended family in the last few days so should have no problem hosting a playdate.  But anyway, stats..

Baylee- Still level 8 Mixologist.  She had all of these days off of work.  Level 7 baking, 6 charisma, 4 parenting.

Liza- Level 2 Culinary.  Level 5 cooking 4 mixology.

Moose- Level 6 Professional Athlete.  Level 6 fitness and 5 charisma.

Kellie- A student.  Top of Fast Food job.  Level 4 mischief.  Needs to be disliked by one more sim for her aspiration.  Despite all of her meanness with the other sims her conflict resolution has only a tiny bit of red in it.  I have no idea how I’m going to get that trait!

Ava- C student.  Level 4 mental skill.  Still needs to be read to for her aspiration.

Ella- C student.  Level 4 creativity skill.  On the second level of her aspiration.

21 thoughts on “TS4- Robinson Legacy 3.9: Total Party Fail

  1. Aaah I love that tense moodlet from the girls! I have never seen it, awesome!
    Love all the baked stuff, I rarely use it because you know, calories….but would sure make me hungry lol!
    And yay for another nooboo! The more the merrier!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That is cool with the empathy thing. Is that a skill gained from the Parenthood Pack? Also, even though you said the b-days were bad, they looked really great in the screenies. Who knew? lol Ha! Ha! And Marvin and Nova had twin girls! lol Love it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, it’s from Parenthood. Ugh, I’m so tired of the birthdays! Tomorrow I have to age up all four kids and do a wedding! I tried to include Nova’s girls in as many chapters as I could.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Welcome nooboo. I’m a personal note I do not know how you keep up this relentless publishing schedule. I can barely do one a week. Between reading all the ones I read and just trying to even play the game to get the shots then editing it … I just don’t know how you do it you’re a better woman than I

    Liked by 1 person

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