TS4- Robinson Legacy 3.8: Moving On

Legacy Collaboration
Generation 3 Chapter 8
Score 49

This might be a bit confusing.  The first 6 pics were taken Wed am before Nova’s Dating Game.  The rest are taken starting Fri am after that was over.

Adan haunted the hot tub and broke it.  I love seeing that fish move around in him.  So entertaining!  After breaking the hot tub though, he made up for it by cleaning the whole house so he can be forgiven.

What?  New maid?  Also, why do my townies keep getting elf ears?  I checked and our old maid is still alive.  Maybe she retired? Don’t worry.  This one spends just as much time staring at the talking toilets as the last one.

This was really so long ago I can’t remember why I took the pic?  Maybe because they were cute?  No clue.

Oh yea, so everyone was sad from Cassie passing away right?  Including the twins.  They each had a two-day sad moodlet.  But unlike the others in the house, I couldn’t find anything to help them deal with their loss and be happy again!  If anyone knows please share in the comments.  This is very frustrating.  The moodlet said mourning at the grave would help but it didn’t and added to their sadness!

Kellie was also super sad starting her first day at work at the fast food place.

Kellie and Moose get home from work at the exact same time so I have them get their fun up together.

Then, this happened!

Skipping to Friday.  If you haven’t already you can read about Thursday in the extra chapter: Nova’s Dating Game!

And so it begins.  New goal: Keep Kellie away from all my freaking kids!  Darnit!  Also, do all parties need to start in this bathroom?

So, I’d gotten through several tasks in the wedding thingy and still no guests.  I was starting to look around to see if they were all running to the house when I see these three playing on the slide!

Next task: have betrothed kiss, check!  Also, I found it entertaining that he was in his swimsuit so I left him in it.

Next task: eat food.  There was a fresh serving of lemon bars in the fridge so the guests all had some.  Ella has a chat with cousin Jameson.

Then Liza struts in… in a towel!  What is going on with this family?

Alright, it’s time to start gathering for the wedding.  It took a bit longer because Baylee had to bake the cake!  Wait, where’s the groom?

Oh no.  No sliding!  Get back to the arch mister!

Is he getting cold feet or what?  Every time I have them all “go here together” as soon as he gets there he runs away!

Wow, Trey.  Way to teach your daughter about stranger danger.  I guess he figured she’s safe since she’s a party guest.

Yesss!  Finally, it is time!

The deed is done!  The crowd goes wild!  Okay, so the crowd got bored and wandered off…

Sharing the cake.

Then they both run off…

To try for a baby in the rocket.  And no, it does not show the hearts on lift off for try for baby either.  So strange.

Nova goes into the bathroom, takes the pregnancy test, walks out, sits at the chess table… then discovers that yes, she is pregnant!

Marvin claps his delight on his future fatherhood and they ride off into the sunset… after I bulldozed the lot they did the dating thing at and put a house there.  So I don’t forget… the house is Look at the Horizon by poagae.

Whew!  We almost forgot about ZeeMoo!

After the chaos of the party, I had to make sure everyone was doing okay and see if they needed anything.  Luckily, there seemed to be food laying around that the girls grabbed themselves.  Such resourceful little toddlers!

I got a good laugh about this.  Moose needed to “study opponents” for a work task right?  So, I notice it can be done on the tv in addition to the computer.  I look to see what he’s studying.  Figure skating?!?  Is there something I need to know about Moose?

So, for some reason, the trash pile that I fenced in to create a trash plant was missing when I looked to see if it was a plant yet.  The only thing I can think of is when the maid “cleaned” while they were away it wooshed it away!  Luckily, there’s always something in the house that needs to be repaired.  Let’s try this again.

Almost got a death flower plant!

They’re so sweet.

So, I’m looking around as I always do at night to see what the ghosts are getting up to.  It’s like my new favorite hobby.  Anway, so I see Soren walk across air from the office in the corner of the house to the top of the spa’s roof…

He continued walking across the air over the pool to the corner of the lot where he stood looking confused.  Then, he walked to the upper balcony of the house, into Liza’s bedroom, and downstairs.  So weird!

Uh, I don’t know.  I don’t think I want you near my kids even if you are helping with blocks Kellie.

So I had her call over one of the boys that were originally in the club when she took it over so she could be both mean and mischievous to him.  He now despises her and she got her mischief skill to level 3.  All in a days work!

A little bit of family time.  I know there aren’t a lot of pictures of the kids with their parents this generation…

They do spend most of their spare time with the girls… I really have no excuse other than being so busy with so many sims!

Everyone was at work and the twins were in bed so when their cousin Jewel called inviting Liza to the Romance Festival I thought why not?  A hug for big bro while she was there.  Really, I just wanted to check and see if there were any interesting plants… I guess I forgot I pretty much have them all.  Oh well, I had this to entertain me…

She asked the Love Guru about her current relationship:

I’d say it’s an odd destiny!  Her boyfriend is a ghost that haunts her house!

When Liza came home I had her bring Clifford along because the outfit he was wearing in all of the MC Command Center notifications was driving me nuts.  See little Ava shyly waving at him?  So darned cute!

They were both sad because their parents were at work.  And I’ll be sad soon too because these little adorable bundles will be aging up to children the next time I play!  This popped up right before I saved…

I forgot they were born at night.

A whole lot of extra stuff…

I got the notification that Cyrus died.  So I checked the household.  Poor Javier has his daughter and his twin sisters to care for now! I think maybe Jon got the better deal.

Since they’d aged to teens at the end of the last chapter I decided to give Marcus and Isis makeovers.  (The guy I want to set Kellie up with and his twin sister if you didn’t know!)  One, look at his aspiration! It’s like it was meant to be!  Two, look at her party outfit?!  She had Leia hair!  And then their dad died…

Baylee reached cooking level 10.  All of the waiting for the wedding to actually begin was driving everyone nuts.  It was so funny!

I freaked out when there was no baby option! Then I remembered I’d marked them all for no pregnancy.

For some reason, after the wedding, Baylee and Kellie never went to work!


Some funny Kellie things.  I wonder what an evil workout entails?  I’ll have to try it sometime when she’s not attempting to make some poor sap despise her!

And now to the million pregnancies and marriages…

Remember when I had to restart after the game married Marvin in the extra chapter?  This had happened and then…

I guess she wasn’t very serious with Jameson?  She married Ray instead.

Instead of getting married, Jameson got another girl pregnant.  So did cousin Finn and who could forget Clifford!  I need to check and see how many kids he has now.

Cousin Jewel got pregnant and married but her sister Christen just got pregnant.  When I added the Pancakes family off of the gallery Eliza was pregnant with Isaiah.  Still, he’s gotta be pretty old.  And that’s it!  Whew!  Busy family they have.

Note from the future: Mind blown!  I now know why this happened!!!

This pic is from a future chapter but I thought this guy kidnapped her right?  Because he wasn’t in her household!  He’s her freaking father!  OMG!  So… at toddler playdates any relative can bring them and/or take them away?  Not just their current household?! That’s crazy!  Okay, I’m done now.  Back to the chapter…

Chapter 3.9

Chapter notes:

Alright, so the number of days thing is confusing.  We started Wednesday morning and ended Sunday morning… but Thursday morning through Friday morning was in the extra chapter with just Nova.  See?  Confusing.  So, we’ll say this was three days.  Our Nova is gone but not forgotten.  Hopefully, we will see plenty of her, Marvin and their future babies!  And with that, the stats…

Baylee- Level 8 Mixologist.  I just need to have her mix 5 excellent drinks and her aspiration will be done.  That’s an easy one huh? Charisma 6, baking 5, parenting 4.

Liza- At some point she maxed painting and I never noticed until now.  Level 9 gardening.  I was going to have her get a job soon but now if Baylee and Moose are having more kids (for the toddler pack!) maybe I won’t?  (Wow I totally ruined the surprise with that pic of Isaiah Pancakes kidnapping his toddler daughter didn’t I?  Because really… why would I have a toddler playdate without a toddler? Am I right?)

Moose- Level 6 Professional Athlete.  Just like Adan, I feel like I’m always behind on his skills.  Level 5 charisma and fitness and level 3 parenting.

Kellie- B student and Level 2 Fry Cook.  On the second level of her aspiration.  Level 3 mischief.  I’m kind of annoyed I have to have another sim work on mischief after just finishing it with Nova but oh well.  I wanted her in the Criminal career when she grows up so mischief it is!

Both Ava and Ella have all of their skills over 3 and that’s about it.  I might have been able to get Ella’s communication skill to 5 if I had one more day but I don’t.  Because tomorrow’s the birthday!!!

15 thoughts on “TS4- Robinson Legacy 3.8: Moving On

  1. Oh lots of excitement in this chapter! I laughed at the whole “go sliding” thing! lol It’s like….to wed or to slide?
    Hmmm….oh, sliding! hehehe And….all those hearts in the rocket! Oh yah! Can’t wait to see the kiddies.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The rocket thing I’ve mentioned in a few chapters… maybe they haven’t been published. Anyway, in my banner you can see the hearts when the rocket is going off. But now it never happens! So strange.

      Liked by 1 person

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