TS4- Robinson Legacy Extra: Nova’s Dating Game

You asked for it!  And here it is!  I’d gotten about 6 pics into a chapter when the notification popped up that our Nova had reached Triple Agent status with the agency!  So I finished out what was left of that night and started the “dating game” in the early morning.  I put that in quotes because it was more just goofing around than anything real serious.

Our three suitors were created by fellow collaborators SoulGal7 of Stories From the Soul.  Gigglecake of Gigglecake’s SimLit.  And Swchepps of Simply Awesome Stories.  I had so much fun with their alien sim creations!  And with that, let’s get started!

It all started with this announcement!

In the morning I added these three into the game!

I used MC Command Center to force Oberon into his disguise since his backstory centers around him using that disguise.  So, we started with a flirty introduction for each of them and then a few flirts for them each as well because you won’t get romantic whims (usually) without some sort of percentage in the romance bar even if you can’t see it by a pink bar it’s there.

I figured since they are aliens as well they wouldn’t mind a bit of power usage to discover their traits quickly…

Then they headed to a new lot that I placed on the 20×20 empty lot on the island.  It’s The Underground Diamond by nartheeaprincess.  I wanted something small so it would be easier to keep them together.  I did change the lot type to generic so they wouldn’t be bothered by townies.

Ugh, this is going to be a long day!

So I have them all go downstairs to the actual bar area.  I had her use a friendly interaction with each of them to get the conversation going.

I didn’t have them cloudgaze too long because as everyone knows this is an overpowered way to boost friendships quickly.

When they’d first arrived I had hired a mixologist.  When they returned from cloudgazing the darned guy was sitting at the bar chatting with the boys!  When clicking on him it didn’t even give options for drinks!  I was so annoyed.

I decided to have them dance to try to get away from the mixologist but Oberon didn’t follow them.  He stood talking to the guy dancing in place over there!

So I had to use MCCC to make him leave.  How aggravating!

Shortly after that, the DJ showed up.  But she kept stopping playing to talk to Oberon!  What is up with this guy and the NPCs?

The DJ started playing again and put off a flirty vibe!

Even with the flirty vibe, things were going nowhere.  Nova just kept getting disgusting whims and I was getting more and more annoyed!  So I had her tried to have her pull each of them away for a few quick flirts.  Perhaps then she’ll get some whims right?

But, after walking Trixie back to where Oberon was and bringing Marvin over to do the same… Trixie followed.  She didn’t get jealous but it made things awkward.

Then she once again attempted to keep things separate with a few flirts with Oberon but as you can see Marvin butted in on things this time!  Ugh.

So everyone sat down in this area talking.  This is when I noticed why their relationships were going nowhere.  She kept burping and farting and grossing them out.  All except Trixie who found it hilarious… must be her childish trait?

As you can see with the guy’s relationships… even though she kept getting friendly whims for Marvin their relationship was barely going anywhere because of the grossness.


Even with this popping up… nothing happened.  She was the only one to get flirty!

I’d been having her use friendly socials on all of them and I thought Oberon would appreciate astronomical knowlege.  I didn’t realize it meant stargaze.  Also, I have no idea who that lady is lurking back there.  After they stopped, Nova went to talk to her and I had to make her leave.  Sheesh!

Completely frustrated, I bought four flirty lamps and placed them around these benches.  She got an autonomous hug from Trixie.

Not sure what he was complaining about but Oberon wasn’t happy with her.

She flirted autonomously with Oberon a few times and I thought finally!  We’re getting somewhere.  Then this popped up…

Confused much Nova?  Anyway, it’s a whim so I’ll take it!

So, as you know, you can’t just make out.  You have to increase their romance bar enough to have the first kiss then you can have them make out.

First kiss… everything is going great.  The other two are still upstairs and Nova and Marvin head to the couch for some making out. Right?  Wrong!

What the hell?  Now, I have MC Command Center set to not use romantic interests of my played households.  How this happened I have no idea!  I would have flagged them all for no marriage and no pregnancy if I had thought it could happen.  Luckily, I have the alarm set to save 5 minutes before midnight when it does it’s thing so I thought I didn’t lose anything.  I exited to the main menu without saving.  Now, if you’re thinking but Rainy that’s against legacy rules… I feel this is an extenuating circumstance because it was caused by a mod.

Now, as you recall, Trixie and Oberon were upstairs.  Nova and Marvin were making their way to the couch to make out after having their first kiss.  Right?  That’s what had happened when I saved.  But when I started again it wasn’t.  They hadn’t had their first kiss. Which made no sense because they’re standing in the area they were when I saved!  I tell her to kiss him and Trixie wanders over making things awkward, yet again, and he pushes her away and they both get embarrassed.  Great! (That was sarcasm)

Trixie seems to find the whole thing hilarious.  I had to have Nova form a group with her and move her back over to the next room with Oberon.  She still had those whims for Marvin.

Bold pickup line?  Failed.

Then, she belches.  So disgusting!

Ohmygosh if she doesn’t like him why does she keep getting whims for him???

Nothing was going right.  I ex’d out the whims for Marvin… and she kept getting new ones.  She had one to embrace him and I thought well if she tries and he pushes her away maybe she’ll get the picture?  Then I saw the option for Smooth Recovery.  I thought I’d give it a try out of desperation to get somewhere with all of this… it was getting quite late.  It worked!

Successful embrace!

A bit soon for that?

First kiss 2.0.

I had to add a woohoo bush to the lot.


After this, it was all about Marvin.

They made out and then time was up.  I gave her 24 hours from 5am the previous day to 5am the next day to do this little game.

Now that we’re done with counting on whims it’s time to get to the real business!  Boyfriend selfie!


I have never once seen this reaction after the sim putting on the ring.  He chuckled to himself.  I even looked and yes, it still said “propose” so it’s part of the proposal.  It’s crazy how I can play this game so long and not see some of this stuff until now.  I bet he’s thinking how funny it is that they’re engaged and they’ve only known each other for a day!  I removed the little bit of romantic relationship from the other two and sent Nova home for now.

I was so afraid I’d forget to give her the youth potion before she moves out that I had her take it right then.  I think she had 6 days to elder?  I’ll do a quick wedding party in the next chapter and send the two lovebirds on their way to make alien babies.

Chapter 3.8

Chapter notes:

As these things do, this went so different than I thought it would.  At first, I thought surely it will be Trixie.  She’s the only one that had a high friendship bar with her.  I figured, in the end, it would come to that because she wasn’t getting any romantic whims.  Then she started throwing out autonomous flirts and stuff to Oberon.  So I thought oh wait it looks like he’ll win.  But then, out of nowhere, she started getting all of those romantic whims for Marvin!  Whew.  Craziness.  If you were wondering I froze need decay for all of them to make things easier.  And now back to regular(ish) life with the Robinson family.

8 thoughts on “TS4- Robinson Legacy Extra: Nova’s Dating Game

  1. Lol This was hilarious! I mean, it sounded frustrating, but somehow, that made it even more hilarious!

    It was fun seeing the Sim I made in action. I had no idea someone with the Childish trait would find the gross things Sims do hilarious (I chose that trait because I was thinking a young adult who acts like a rebellious teen would have that trait) LOL Nova and Trixie are probably better off being friends. Besties. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “So everyone sat down in this area talking. This is when I noticed why their relationships were going nowhere. She kept burping and farting and grossing them out. All except Trixie who found it hilarious… must be her childish trait?”

    OMG! This is hilarious! I laughed so hard….that is soooo funny!

    Oh and yeah to Marvin! He came through in the end…he’s a slow starter, I guess! hehehe I thought for sure one of the other ones would win…like Oberon…lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glad I could entertain you. It was actually quite frustrating at the time. I really had no idea who would win. At first, I thought Trixie then Oberon… but no! Out of nowhere a million whims for Marvin. Wedding’s in tomorrow’s chapter.

      Liked by 1 person

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