TS4- Robinson Legacy 3.7: Reaper’s Revenge?

Legacy Collaboration
Generation 3 Chapter 7
Score 49

I knew it was a longshot but when Zander Pancakes invited Cassie to the flea market I thought I’d send her to see if the darned booth is working or not.  Of course, it isn’t.  I did find out that there’s a thread on the bug forums about it but who knows when it will be fixed.  Anyway, Moriah’s son Jameson was tending the empty table so Cassie said hi before buying a lamp and heading back home to the family.

After arriving home she used the microscope for awhile and found a new slide they didn’t have yet.

Liza called over their other cousin Finn so that Kellie could make friends with him to complete her Social Butterfly aspiration.

Everyone was busy working on something or another while Nova worked.  Then this popped up…

She got promoted but there’s still one level left.  But the crazy thing is when I looked to see how often she’d be working at this level it said she had less than an hour before returning to work!

She did get a pretty badass new uniform though!

I decided since she’s so close to topping her career for real as a triple agent I should spend all of her aspiration points before I forget! I saved one of the youth potions for her to take before she moves out.

I also bought the last of Cassie’s while I was at it.  That looks so awesome!  I decided I’m going to cool off trying to get youth potions for awhile and buy them traits with their points if it will help them because I only need 30 more to get the last point anyway.

Back to the family.  Now that Finn is a friend Kellie moves on to bigger and better things.  He doesn’t seem to take it badly though and I was thrilled that someone actually used the dart board!

Moving on to Whiz Kid.  She still has a day and a half before aging to teen and she’s already got an A in school and mental level 9.

While Ella watches her cousin and grandma play chess Ava has a little playtime with mommy.

Not that mommy is always playing by a longshot!  Those girls are napping… mommy is skilling.

I was sooooo excited!  It might not be Elise and Soren but look!  It’s Kenzie and Gabriel.  They hugged and talked for awhile before moving on to haunting whatever.  Then…

What?  Three ghosts out at once?!  Kenzie gets a hug from her mom as well.  Not only was it great seeing them like this it was also nice to have them not obsessively breaking things!

Baylee had just gotten home from work.  Liza had been outside tending the garden most of the evening.  Now they were both exhausted heading to bed and I just thought it was so funny how they were walking together like this.

Grandma to the rescue!  Since everyone else went to bed late Cassie took care of the twins in the morning.

After school, Kellie finished with the doing homework while focused task and moved on to making emotion potions.

I was prepared for that one so I got a good shot of the splashscreen!

Second warning.

Liza’s grafted tree finally bore fruit and she planted the pomegranate.  I’m having a hard time figuring out what plants she’s missing for the collection.  I think one is a trash plant but the other I don’t know?  Is it possible that the U.F.O. plant is a requirement?

And then a little while later Jon shows up.  Oddly, he was the only one this night.  Three one night then one the next.

Meanwhile, Nova got the last space print needed from searching for the truth.  They still need a few from stargazing though.

In the morning Kellie finally gets to meet Jon.  I was pretty excited.

Then, it’s birthday time already!  It doesn’t feel like Kellie’s been with us long enough to be aging to teen already!

Ummm… family meeting?

Tierra and Isis finally arrive to play games with Kellie.  It takes so darned long for everyone to get there!

Uh, what on earth?  It’s like when they watch a puppet show.  Christen looks like she’s wondering if they’re kneeling for her!  Look at that face!

Finally!  The time has come!  This was just insane.  As usual really.

I’ll admit, I had a lot of fun with her makeover.  Kind of a mix of evil and sweet.  Her mom gives a toast and swears she’s not old enough to have a teen daughter yet!

Obviously, I’ve already completed the Mansion Baron aspiration before with Adan.  So all I had to do was purchase 6 columns to complete it and move on to a real aspiration.  I put a lot of thought into this one.  I thought since she’s evil she should go into the Criminal career, right?  But she wouldn’t have time to work on most of the aspirations so I decided to just do Public Enemy and get it out of the way while I’m at it.  Now, you’re probably wondering but what’s up with the traits and job?  There’s a trick to completing Successful Lineage that I learned when I was playtesting Drifter for Vihisha.  If they top a teen career they only have to get to level 6 of their adult career for the aspiration to complete.  So I got her the Entrepreneurial trait to help her get promoted faster and the Morning Sim and Night Owl to help her skill faster.

Ella looks so adorable in those sunglasses.  I think Baylee started a new toddler partywear trend!

Even though his kids are at the house a lot, it was nice seeing Trey again.

Anyone who says their table is too big has never seen a Robinson’s party!

Kellie chats with Marcus Pancakes while she cooks a few things to get her cooking skill up to 2 for her job.  So here I am thinking it’s kind of weird because he was a child already when he joined the club like the day after Kellie “appeared” from the well…

And then I was doing something else for awhile and thought oh he must have left.  Nope!  What’s up with these kids aging to teen at their house?  Also, he’s pretty cute.  She can have a boyfriend and not go any further right?  I mean, she is evil!

Really, I should have seen it coming.  I’d gotten the warning twice.  I knew her days were numbered and yet when it happened I was just not ready to let go!  I know, I know.  But Rainy, you’ve killed off the rest of her generation.  But Rainy, most of her life you liked Kenzie better.  But Rainy nothing!  Cassie the grandmother I adored.  She was so sweet with all of the grandkids, even the ones that didn’t live in the house.  So, I wanted more time.  She was so close maxing with her autonomous violin playing too.  I decided to plead for more time.  I never do it but I decided today is the day…

I took this shot to show “look I’m doing it” Grim had stood outside on the other side of the wall this whole time and I couldn’t click on him.  Now he was inside and had just stopped before her.  I clicked on him, took this screenshot, and unpaused the game.  And he reaped her!!!!!  I didn’t even get a chance to plead!  Liza just waved her arm in the air and poof there’s the urn!

Of course, Kellie let him have it!  She was so mean he ended up disappearing.

Kellie: “Did you see that Mom? I made him disappear!  I’m going to take a selfie with his smoke!”  Liza: “Yes honey.  Now go off to bed while I stare at your grandma’s urn.”

If you hadn’t figured it out yet, the graves are in order by generation.  Soren and Elise in the back.  Adan, Gabriel, Kenzie, and Cassie in the middle.  Then Jon by himself for the third generation.  I’m convinced that Grim got revenge on me for bothering him so much lately by refusing to even let me plea for more time for Cassie.  It’s the Reaper’s revenge!

Extra: Nova’s Dating Game!

Chapter notes:

Whew!  What a crazy chapter.  I had Baylee use some points for Frugal and Free Services after the second warning that it was almost Cassie’s time.  I think I had Cassie get those when she was a teen so they’d last the family longer.  This chapter is three days. Just under actually.  They haven’t gone to bed yet so it’s technically not Wednesday morning… but close enough.  I quit right after I put Cassie’s grave into the graveyard.  I guess it’s time for stats…

Nova- Should be promoted to Triple Agent in the next chapter!  Then we’ll do a little mini dating game thing with her suitors.  At the moment there have been 3 created for her to choose from.

Baylee- Level 8 Mixologist.  I just realized she could have completed her aspiration already.  Guess they’ll need to have another party!  Level 9 cooking, 6 charisma, 5 baking.  Do I hear bagels for every meal?

Liza- I’m actually considering putting her into the culinary career as well because there’s a point for completing both food aspirations in one generation.  The only real collection she could work on is fishing.  We’ll see.

Moose- Level 6 Professional Athelete.  Level 5 fitness and charisma.

Kellie- Level 2 Fast Food Employee.  B Student.  Level 2 in charisma and cooking.  Soon to take over the world!

Ava- All skills level 2 except movement is level 3.

Ella- Maxed potty.  All other skills are at 2.

10 thoughts on “TS4- Robinson Legacy 3.7: Reaper’s Revenge?

  1. I’m loving Nova the more and more I see her. I’m going to miss her when she moves out 😦 I love that shot of everyone celebrating Kellie aging up! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many sims in one room at the same time.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tomorrow Nova’s dating game publishes and the chapter after that she moves out. I’ll try to keep her in as many chapters as I can for all the Nova fans!


  2. So many exciting things happened! I’m so impressed by that shelf with all the potions and the toddler with the sunglasses. Trying not to focus on death … One tip: If you’re looking for the stand with collectibles, you could take a look at the Arts Quarter from time to time. I’ve seen stands with gems, metals etc popping up there in my game. Maybe you will find something over there as well?

    Liked by 1 person

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