TS4- Elder Woohoo Challenge 1: Jaques

I was really bored and looking for a super short challenge to try out so I put out a request on Twitter and Anichellesims was the first to answer with a challenge!  This is the Elder Woohoo Challenge!  But this is not just any elder.  I wanted to find a really goofy looking sim to use for the challenge to make it even more entertaining for me and you!  I found The Larsens household by OSnacks and aged the father Zayne up to elder.  The following are Zayne’s adventures…

While aging handsome Zayne down I also gave him some outfits that I thought were funny.  The hot dog is funny because his head is so big!  Oh also, this is when I realized that he was married to the woman in his household that I’d moved out with the son.  So I had to use MC Command Center to kill her.  She drowned.  RIP Jessica Larsen.

He starts chatting with the sims in the park when something occurs to me.  In a new save there aren’t many elders!

But then, like a miracle, Jacques Villareal appears to act as the park homeless person.  Now, this annoys the heck out of me.  First, the dude is rich.  Second, just because he’s insane does not make him a lazy homeless person!  Stereotyping much?  Okay… also there was a reason I took this pic.  Don’t they look a bit similar?

They cloudgaze for a bit.  That gardener is totally coming on to Wolfgang Munch!  He’s a teenager you cougar!

Jacques keeps trying to escape us!

Both Zayne and me are about fed up with this.  Let’s travel home!

While Jacques makes use of the facilities Zayne cooks up some eggs.  They look really gross.


Get back over here!  Zayne calls and he returns… and they proceed to have a conversation through the door.  At least this one has a window so it’s not as strange as when it usually happens.

A few flirts later we have a bold pick-up line…

And a very poorly aligned kiss.

Awe their boxers match!

Like with Gabriel in my Robinson’s legacy, once Zayne got out of bed this disappeared.

Yes!  Let’s do this again!

Jacques is feeling flirty!

What?  No!  Fine.  Zayne’s needs were terrible anyway.  We’ll let you escape… for now.

In the morning I was trying to get Jacques to come back over but he never showed up and then I noticed Geeta Rasoya across the street!  Zayne runs to meet her.  Paulo is totally checking out Nancy Landgraab!

*gasp* Another elder!  Vivian Lewis come on down.

Jacques finally shows up.

Don can’t believe all the play Zayne’s getting.  Eat your heart out Lothario!

Dennis Kim!  Ohmygosh I think we’ve met all of the pre-made elders!  Well then.  Challenge accepted.  Zayne (and I) will attempt to kill all of the pre-made elders through woohoo!

Jacques walks by but doesn’t stay to talk.  Zayne was really energized so he was giving lots of hip bumps which I found quite entertaining.

Don’t be judging Yuki!

Sadly, after the first kiss with Dennis Kim he said he had to go.  So we invited Jaques over again.  Zayne greeted him with an autonomous kiss.  Don’t go getting attached now!

They became boyfriends because why not?

They woohoo’d a few times to celebrate when it happened!

What the?  Are you kidding me right now?  Caleb Vatore what are you doing here?

I think Grim might be wondering the same thing.  Caleb lurked into the bedroom, gasped at Grim and then at Jacques.  Drinking from Zayne was forgotten.

Meanwhile, Zayne sleeps on completely unaware of all the commotion going on in his bedroom.  Caleb the woosie is crying.

After the reaping he pops up and I see this.

Ohmygosh what’s the Grim Reaper doing in my bedroom?!

Tune in next time to see how quickly Zayne can dispatch the rest of the premade elders!

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