TS4- Robinson Legacy Gen 4 Heir Poll

For the first time since I started this legacy the spare will have to move out.  I know I said that in the heir poll for the third generation and I did manage to make it work keeping Liza in the house but in the end, I’m not sure it was worth it.  In this case, I kind of shot myself in the foot having more kids when Nova moved out.  I’ve just done the math and their brothers will age to teen at the same time the girls age to young adults.  That’s 13 days they’d be still taking up 2 of the household spots!  So, either I go on a killing spree with the adults that won’t even be elders yet or someone moves out.  Since this one will be such a difficult decision to make I’m including pictures of the newly aged up teens.


As you can see Ava inherited the strong jawline and has a bit of a larger nose than Ella has.  Despite this she’s still very pretty.  She completed the Nerd Brain aspiration.  I will admit, she was my favorite when they were children but I’m not thrilled with the aspiration she rolled…

The spare in the second generation Kenzie already completed the Joke Star aspiration and topped the Comedy career.  So if Ava wins she’ll join the Entertainer career but instead of branching off to Comedian she’ll take the Musician branch.  Meaning she won’t be able to complete an aspiration.  She inherited the music lover and outgoing traits from her mother.


Ella’s jaw is more of an angle and her nose is smaller.  She completed the Artistic Prodigy aspiration.  I didn’t like her as much as a child because she kept going through really annoying phases but no other reasons beyond that.  She rolled a much better aspiration which I haven’t completed yet…

She has the Bestselling Author aspiration and would go into the Author career journalist branch.  She inherited the geek trait that Elise, Cassie and Baylee have all had.  She also inherited the music lover trait from her mother and the neat trait from her father.

Unfortunately other than their physical appearance and their future aspirations there isn’t a whole lot of a difference between the two girls.  Their childhood aspirations really should have been the opposite of what they rolled.  Ava had the creative trait but got Nerd Brain and Ella had the geek trait but got Artistic Prodigy.  Ava was more of a girly girl always helping out around the house and Ella was more of a geeky tom boy running out to play when she wasn’t doing something else.  Despite this Ella has more manners than Ava.

It’s up to you now!  Ella on the left or Ava on the right?  Who will you choose?

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