TS4- Robinson Legacy 3.6: Distracted by Cuteness

Legacy Collaboration
Generation 3 Chapter 6
Score 47

The parents were exhausted by the time they’d gone to bed and Liza keeps late nights due to Jon’s frequent appearances so she lent a hand.

What on earth?  She literally just fed her and it popped up twice in a row.

And then grandma got in on the action.  I realized she has that super efficient baby care so I’m not ashamed to admit she took care of the babies the most after that.

I’d decided that I would get the darned plant collection done.  I keep putting it off because I hate having one sim out alone for an extended period of time when there are others at home that I could be working on stuff with.  I kept thinking that Liza would have most of her days alone since she’s the only one that doesn’t work but someone’s always home!  So, I figured before the girls age up to toddlers she’d go grab the things she could collect.  She got a potato cutting in Willow Creek and then headed to Oasis Springs behind the Caliente house to fish and dig while waiting for a tulip and cherry cutting.

Apparently, I didn’t take any pics after Liza got home until that night when Cassie and Nova got abducted.  This is starting to freak me out!

Liza was oblivious.  Can you blame her?

In the morning Liza and Cassie chat with Kellie before school.  I’ve said this before… she really doesn’t seem evil.  Not since that first night.

Liza was really excited that Baylee cooked some salmon that she’d caught.  She went out and caught some more fish…

And Baylee fried it up.  Such a proud sister.

Free food!

Sadly, Moose was promoted from mascot to dance team captain.  We mourn the funny llama outfit.

Kellie started a club gathering and it had unexpected complications.  The kids zoomed to the babies like radar every time they cried!

Also, we had to find some new kids.  Wow, that Carson did not age well.

Now, how do you explain to these girls that you are their dead brother’s girlfriend.  Present tense.  They are some cuties though. Cyrus makes some cute kids.  The girl meeting her is Breanne and the one playing is Juliette.

And!  This is Tierra and Frankie!  Trey’s twins aged up right before I stopped playing last time.  I gave them quick makeovers before starting.  Such cuties.  I imagine Tierra is a bit of a princess.  I mean, her name is Tierra after all.  So I dressed her more girly than Tania.

Whenever the kids gather I have someone grill something up for them.  I worry because they’ll be there the entire day and not eat! So when I notice one of my kids are hungry I assume they are too.  Kellie is working hard to become friends with all of them.

I wasn’t home much the day I played out this chapter so what I’d done was had Moose age up the twins before I left the house again just to see what they looked like and then I saved and quit.  Then later I started up again and gave them their makeovers.  Once I was out of CAS this is how I found them.  The twin on the left is Ava and the one on the right is Ella.  And yes they’re both blonds! As far as I can tell as of now they look identical.

 Ohmygosh the cuteness!  First, Ava was watching Ella…

Then Ella started watching Ava too.  They just stood there watching each other!

They were a tad peckish so I dragged some shrimp out of the fridge.  I wanted to see if they eat it like the older sims do.  They do!

A feast!  Nothing but the best for my girls.

Then, my fun time with the girls was over when I realized that everyone else would be waking up for the day soon and I’d spent the whole night watching them interact.  Oopsie.

You want to know what drives me crazy?  They have four bathrooms upstairs right?  FOUR!  What do they all do unless I catch them first?  Waddle downstairs about to pee themselves to use those two bathrooms instead!

The Kids Only club gathered again so Kellie could play and make friends.

What’s this?  A spiffy new uniform?

Moose is now a professional athlete!

This was funny.  I was taking this pic of the girls with their funny sunglasses when suddenly Kellie became angry…

So funny!  No wonder it took so long to make them friends!

I discovered something pretty cool.  Baylee was potty training Ella for the first time and Ava was next when Ava woke up and walked over to watch Ella.  Then this popped up…

She was learning it from watching her sister!

Cassie spent some time with Trey’s daughters while the club was meeting.  She now has six grandchildren!  Sadly, I’ve gotten the first notice that it’s almost her time.

With more than enough child friends to fulfill her Social Butterfly aspiration, it’s time to make friends with two adults.  I realize now that I was a bit remiss in gathering friendships in Baylee and Liza’s generation.  All of the other club members were older than them… other than Moose.  While searching and finding nobody that they were really friends with I ended up inviting Kenya over.  I guess I’ll have to call over Jon’s twin brother Javier for her other adult friend.

Ava ran out to greet daddy after work with a stinky diaper.

At least we get to watch adorable bath time!

And then I heard a noise.  Nova had been napping on the couch because I wanted to have her stargaze for awhile… when she was abducted again!!!  That’s twice in a three day period.  What on earth is going on?  Every time she returns home dazed.  Poor girl.  I just let her go to bed until she had to leave for work in the morning instead of stargazing as planned.

Twins safely tucked into their beds, Moose enjoys the last slice of fruit pie while watching the news.  Meanwhile, Soren and Adan are in the kitchen chatting about something.  Then, Soren grabbed shrimp out of the fridge and stood there eating it.  Which must have made Adan hungry as well because he went out and grilled some fruit.  Then just stood there until morning.  Ghosts are odd but entertaining when they aren’t breaking everything.  Still waiting for the Elise/Soren reunion.

For your entertainment…

After giving Ava her bath Moose suddenly sunk into the floor.  Ava found it hilarious.  As soon as I unpaused it he stood up like nothing had happened and put her to bed.  So strange.

Our new resident romeo is back at it.  Also, what’s he wearing???

And we say goodbye to his father and mentor.  Didrik you will be missed.

Well, unless you text us from the beyond.  This one was to Cassie.  About her dad.  What the heck?

Then the next day Trey texted Liza about her being friends with their father.  What is going on?

Chapter 3.7

Chapter notes:

Ohmygosh never again!  I played this chapter out over several time periods like I said in the chapter.  What I didn’t mention was that the screenshots got all mixed up.  The 8am ones were mixed with the 8pm ones and so on.  I ended up having to drag out all of the pm ones from the screenshots folder so I could see the order that the am ones went in and then drag the pm ones back in and see which order they were supposed to be in too.  It was so confusing.  Next time I’ll try to remember to pull them out or make a separate folder… something.  Ugh.  

So, the abductions are increasing.  They seem to be centering around Nova.  And before you ask, no I’m not forcing these abductions for some kind of story.  They really are just happening randomly.  It’s kind of freaking me out.  With my luck, I’ll move Nova out and Moose will be abducted that day or something.  Now that that’s out of the way… this chapter was three days.  I’m sure it would have been longer if not for the absolutely adorable cuteness of twin toddlers!  And on to the stats…

Cassie- Enjoying being a grandmother of six in the last of her days.

Nova- Still level 9.  It’s taking forever.  I now have 3 possible mates that were created for her to choose from once she manages to top her career.  All she’s really doing is trying to get the final space prints they need for the collection to keep her busy.

Baylee- Level 7 Mixologist.  Level 9 in mixology, cooking, and gourmet cooking!  Level 6 charisma and level 4 baking.

Liza- Level 8 gardening and painting.  Level 4 fishing and 3 parenting.  Waiting for grafts to be harvestable to plant them and graft some more in order to complete the plants collection.  Already have potatoes!  Which is awesome because a lot of recipes call for them.

Moose- Level 5 Professional Athlete.  Fitness level 5 and charisma level 4.  Have I mentioned how much I hate charisma?

Kellie- A student.  Needs one for adult friend for her aspiration.  Sadly, I don’t think she has time to complete Whiz Kid before aging up to teen even though her mental skill is at 8.  Only two days left!

Ava- Still level 1 in all of her skills but really close to 2 in most of them.

Ella- 2 in imagination and 1 in the rest.  It will be easier to concentrate on them when everyone isn’t home distracting me.

2 thoughts on “TS4- Robinson Legacy 3.6: Distracted by Cuteness

  1. LOL omg toddlers eating shrimp, what classy little girls!!! 😛 I hate the “I heard you became friends with…” texts too, even when it’s about someone outside of the family. Not something that happens irl lol.

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