TS4- Robinson Legacy Extra: Utopia Park

Warning!  If you’re reading my Robinson Legacy this extra contains TONS of spoilers! 

Don’t go further unless you want to see Ava and Ella as children.  You’ll also see the kids that were born after them that haven’t been born in the published chapters yet as well as Nova’s kids.  You’ve been warned!

So, Toddler Stuff was released yesterday and I was so excited!  How excited?  I made the Robinson’s have more kids just so I’d have toddlers to play with!  But, as those of you who follow me on Twitter know… the struggle was real.  I tried to do a playdate on their home lot in Windenburg and as you can see from the above pic the party timer was almost over and this toddler in front of the camera had just arrived after waddling through the woods and up the hill to the house.  Something had to be done!

In the middle of the night I was trying to figure out an answer to my problem.  Socializing is great for some of the family members but others need to skill for their aspirations or jobs.  So I got up and just started throwing stuff out of buy mode to think of what I could build that incorporates everything they could possibly need.

Little by little it started taking shape.  Of course, I spent the most time on the toddler area.

Here it is before playtesting.

A playdate is begun!  Some of the cousins have already arrived!

I considered fencing around the pool to keep the toddlers safe but it looked really goofy.

Dad heads upstairs to test out all of the gym equipment.

Ella tests out all of the children’s inside area items.

I had Liza stop by before work so I could grab some harvestables for the garden boxes.  I didn’t plant them because most of them are of perfect quality and I thought some people might not want that.

Grandma hangs out in the library.

Ava tests out all of the children’s outdoor stuff.

A vendor is hired.

Dad tests out the karaoke machine.

Ava puts on a puppet show.  Someone posted a pic on Twitter with these pillows around a puppet show and I thought it was so neat. The ground in the toddler area is kind of mossy to keep it soft for little feet.  Where is that teen sneaking off to I wonder?

Downstairs there’s a gaming area!

Here’s the other side of the room.  What’s through that door?

A photo studio!  In case you’re with extended family and want to get some family pics while at the park.

Here’s an overview of the rest of the bunker.  I took this pic because my family got stuck there when it said a vampire was breaking in and wouldn’t let them travel home for hours!

I put in toddler beds with potty chairs and a tub for baths.

And 3 individual rooms to get your sims needs up after work or school or just to get a few moments alone.

Back upstairs we go!  Also, everyone really hates this bubble machine.  They all glare at it.

Ace is showing off more of the toddler area.  There’s seating throughout the area with a few wagon coolers too.

Nico is showing that there are potty chairs hidden around the toddler area for emergencies as well.

Ava’s showing off the slide and the lights for more night time sliding fun.  There is soft sand under the slide for the sim’s delicate tooshies!

I tried to get a pic of mom diving into the pool but it didn’t pause fast enough.  Anyway here’s the pool.  Nice and big so nobody is bumping into your sims when they’re trying to cool off in the hot Oasis Springs heat.  (Hey we can pretend!)

I know a bookcase is goofy there but one of the party tasks is to read a toddler a book.  If I spead toddler books on the ground the visitors would just take them home and it would have been a pain walking up to the library just to get a book.  If you don’t like it then take it out and make sure one of your sims has a toddler book in their inventory before the party starts.

Of course, there’s a chess area for those brainy sims.

I didn’t test the music area but everything should work fine.

I tried hiring a DJ but nobody showed up.  I moved the booth around without move objects on and it seemed fine where it is though. None of my sims have the skill so they couldn’t test it.  Oh and where Trey is walking is a kitchen in case you want to make a birthday cake or something and a juice bar for your budding mixologist to practice or you can hire one and throw a party!

That’s it!  I hope you enjoyed the tour and if you read the Robinson Legacy you just got a big sneak peek into future chapters!

Gallery link to Utopia Park


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