TS4- Robinson Legacy 3.5: Emotional Rollercoaster

Legacy Collaboration
Generation 3 Chapter 5
Score 47

Now that Nova has no real goals other than topping her Villian career I’m kind of lost as to what to do with her.  I thought she might like to get a little exercise.  You see how that came out!  I’ve put the call out on the forums for anyone that’s interested to make a love interest for Nova so she can have little alien babies!  I plan to give her a youth potion to restart her adult years once it’s time.  So exciting!

Remember the prank that Kellie and her cousin Tania planned out for school?  They got caught, she lost school performance and was embarrassed all day!  I thought for sure it would ruin her chance of getting up a grade but it didn’t.  She got an A later this week too!

After school, Tania calls asking if she can come over.  I didn’t even realize she’d gotten there because it takes so long for them to run through the darned woods, then I noticed her out there making a mess.  At some point between greeting her and becoming best friends, someone must have cleaned it up!

Baylee branched off into mixology.

She was miserable from working so hard so a little fun was in order before bed.

Aha!  I can get two ghosts at once!  Now, if only it would be two ghosts that were a couple.  I really want to see Elise and Soren out at the same time.

I decided to have Liza start getting some fishing skill.  Because after all there are only two more fish needed to complete that collection right?  Wrong.  So so very wrong.  And so this is about the time I freaked out!

See the zero?  See the 3 completed collections???

Gone!  They were all gone.  According to this post by SnarkyWitch sometimes when moving a sim out of the household the collections reset to zero!  So, I took her advice.  I went into my backups drive and found a save before Trey moved out and screenshotted every collection that had anything in it.  Switched back to the current save and went into buydebug mode and painstakingly found every single item and bought them.

I’d completed the metals and fossils collections so that was easy.  I bought them all.  I figured out which crystal I was missing this whole time almost right away so that wasn’t so bad either.  The frogs were the hardest because I’ve been breeding them like crazy so there were ones that they have now that they didn’t back before Trey left.  Plus, Liza has an inventory full of them.  So I had to figure out all of them from before and now combined minus the ones she already had.  The MySims trophies were all in the playroom I’d just wanted to make sure that I had them all that had been found previously which I had.

And so the Robinson’s lot got yet another building.  I was moving the rocket and it showed green when I was moving it over the building so I thought it would be cool to put it up there.

Here’s the inside.  I still have to do the elements but they’re in the rack and I read you have to have the sim take them out individually and it sounds like a pain so I’ll worry about it another time.  I still need to figure out where I’m going to put the frogs!  Basically, I’m keeping one of every darned collectable so if, god forbid, this happens again I have backups.

I found something new for Nova to do for a short time.  She took slides of all of the crystals and fossils…

Then she analyzed them and got some of the microscope prints they didn’t have yet.  I looked up all they didn’t have and all they need are ones you get just from using the microscope so anyone will be able to do that.  There’s also the space prints which they didn’t have before since Trey found most of them as a teen.  All that’s left are ones they find at night from stargazing, I think.  Why do so many of their walls match Nova’s skin?

First fish!  Oh?  I didn’t mention the fish?  I’m probably repressing it.  Yes, the only collection that I wasn’t able to replace were the fish that Elise worked pretty much her whole life to collect.  I seriously cried over that one.  It’s just not the same having someone else catch them.  They were caught by the founder darnit!

Okay, enough serious sad stuff.  Let’s try to figure out what Baylee’s doing.  Talking to air?

No, even stranger.  She’s talking to the aptly named talking toilet in the bathroom next to the bar where she’s practicing mixing drinks.  Apparently, they’re pretty good friends.

Cassie has even more time for her autonomous violin playing.  She’s now at level 8!  Also, I just couldn’t resist getting one more mascot pic before he gets promoted.

I remember a similar picture what seems like not that long ago…

Our dear Elise with Cassie and Kenzie.

Liza read to Kellie for a little while and then Marcus Pancakes showed up and joined them.  He’d came home from school with her but that means a very long run through the woods.

Cassie got this call.  That’s just creepy.

Baylee made the kids some cereal marshmallow squares before going back to practicing bar tricks.

Then she leveled up and started breathing fire so I had to stop her.  I had a house catch on fire doing that in my Random Legacy!

Moose came home from work with a promotion but he was really stressed.  I noticed that Baylee has a new social from her compassionate trait called calm emotions.  It was pretty cool.

So I thought since calm emotions is so cool maybe Liza’s “mediate the forums” won’t be as goofy as it sounds.  She made some entertaining expressions but that’s about it.  She didn’t even get a special moodlet.  I think that’s enough conflict resolution for me!

Nova got promoted and I was really confused.  I thought that there was some error causing her new title not to show up!  Apparently, [Redacted] is her title!  I also discovered that she has not one but two levels before getting to the top of her career.  This was upsetting considering I’m all excited about her starting her own family.

Later, when I was sending everyone to bed I found Kellie chatting in the bathroom with Marcus.  What is it with that bathroom?

Two ghosts again!  I’ve started watching at midnight to see who appears.  Looks like it’s time to wake up Liza!

A little nighttime rocket woohoo.  Question: Why is it that the hearts only appear on landing now?  Because my banner has them coming out on takeoff.  The only thing I can think of is that they have to try for baby for them?  No clue and Baylee’s already pregnant so I can’t test it out.

Awe!  Bummer.

Liza gives Jon a quick peck on the cheek before crawling into the tent to sleep.  He followed her and slept there again.  It’s so odd, none of the other ghosts do that.

Speaking of other ghosts!  What a terrible reunion Adan!  I looked at her que and it said “be scared by Adan” poor girl.  Also, do you see the fin sticking out of his back?

Yes, I really did get a close up of his chest to see the puffer fish inside!

Poor Baylee is finally in her third trimester.  She’s freaking huge!  Kellie’s studying a fossil to get focused before school.  I stuck it there because she usually eats breakfast out there and it’s easier than having her go ponder moves on the chess table.

Cassie got promoted to the top of her career!  I didn’t get the exciting splash screen because I wasn’t paying enough attention to hit the button in time.

I discovered that Nova can do something sort of like the Simray does but it has a cooloff time and I think it only transforms stuff into other collectibles.  Would have been helpful if I didn’t already have most of them.  But interesting nonetheless.

So exciting!

Baylee baked a fruit pie.  It only cost like $3 since she had fruit!

I was about to send Liza home when I realized she was getting abducted!  What’s up with these aliens?

She finally makes her way home to find Baylee and Nova napping and Kellie finishing up a chess game before bed.  Where’s Moose?

He’s setting a new time score for the rock climbing wall.  I clicked on it with someone else to see what it says in the second pic.


Look at him looking so smug!  Why’s he smug?  Did you spot it yet?  Bottom right-hand corner…

If you didn’t catch it in the last pic maybe this will help.  Twins!!!!!  Girls!!!!!  Not only is the matriarchy secure but there will also be an heir vote.  Here I am thinking well if this is a boy there’s still another spot and if that’s a boy they can try again after Cassie passes on and then worst case scenario there’s always the spot Nova will eventually open up but that could be a long wait.  But no.  Twin girls! What?  You want to know their names?  Ava and Ella.  I had Ava already picked out and then when it popped up asking for a second girl name I had to scramble.  So I searched for twin girls names Ava and it brought up Ava and Ella.  I thought they’re both very pretty names.  Soooooo excited!  Can’t you tell?  But, this chapter is a bit longer than usual because I wanted the birth in it and wanted to finish out this day so I bid you adieu!

Random funny stuff…

The hottub looks disguisting when it needs repaired!  Luckily by the time I saw it the repair girl was already there.  She comes at least a couple times a week due to all of the ghostly breakages.

Zander Pancakes (Marcus’s dad) married some guy like immediately after his wife died.  Why does it keep marrying two guys only when they’re elders?  I need to check my settings in MCCC because it’s weird.  Their cousin’s Finn and Jameson are getting in on the baby making action.  The funny part was that Jameson had just aged to a young adult that day!

Chapter 3.6

Chapter notes:

This chapter really was a rollercoaster of emotions.  From the shock of finding all of the collectables reset to the relief that I can fix it to the sadness that I’ve lost Elise’s fish collection to the happiness of Cassie topping her career and the absolute elation of Baylee and Moose giving us twin girls!  Although I’d said Liza would be the one to work on collections I realized there were some things that only Nova could do with her high logic skill.  Plus it gives her something to do with her spare time.  Fingers crossed she gets promoted quickly!  And so, your stats…

Cassie- Has absolutely nothing left to do but love on her grandbabies!

Nova- Level 9 Villian.

Baylee- Level 6 Mixologist.  Level 9 mixology and cooking, level 7 gourmet cooking, level 6 charisma and level 4 baking.  All that carrying two babies around on her bladder!

Moose- Level 4 Athlete.  Fitness and charisma are tied at level 4.

Liza- Painting 8, gardening 6, fishing 2.  Will be the acting nanny of the household.  Has her work cut out for her with twins!

Kellie- A student.  On the last stage of her aspiration, should finish it over the weekend.  Level 6 mental as a side project to keep her busy.

Ava- Will eat, sleep, and potty a lot.

Ella- Ditto!



6 thoughts on “TS4- Robinson Legacy 3.5: Emotional Rollercoaster

  1. Great work with the collections! That must have taken a super long time to restore all of them. Could you make periodically save your lot to the library? I think items are kept in there as well so you wouldn’t have to go through the trouble again. The collection room looks awesome! And Ava and Ella are really cool names 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! I’ll start saving to the library too. I was grateful I had a backup that I could see what collectibles I have before they were all wiped to zero. It took a few hours to get them all again.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Omg that is a lot of work for the collections! I took you as example and have been putting my collection stuff in a safe space as well. Not the darn frogs though, yuck.
    That pufferfish ghost picture is hilarious, I didn’t know it would show up like that, never had one die that way (yet)
    And ahhhhh I always get excited from new babies! Welcome on simworld Ava and Ella, cant wait to see if they be redheads as well or not!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The collection thing was and still is upsetting. I still haven’t started working on the fish one again. The frogs are now on the floor of the collection room. The pufferfish is endlessly entertaining. I follow Adan around watching it when he haunts!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Omg that is so annoying how your collection reset and you had to go through so much trouble to get it back…
    LOL the pufferfish inside the ghost XD and I never knew aliens could transform collectibles, neat!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It happened again with the collectables yesterday but I think I may have found a workaround. The pufferfish is so cool! I just watch him all night when he’s out. I didn’t know they could transform collectables either, but it made her tense and there was a big cooldown on the ability so it’s kinda useless.


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