TS4- Robinson Legacy 3.4: Got Ya!

Legacy Collaboration
Generation 3 Chapter 4
Score 47

Before I started playing I gave Trey’s eldest daughter Tania a makeover since she’d just aged to a child before I quit earlier.  Kellie started a club meeting since it was Saturday and gave her cousin a big autonomous hug!  So sweet.  I just know they’ll be best friends!

Moose got promoted to my absolute favorite level of the Athletic career.  I find this costume endlessly entertaining.

Let’s try this again, shall we?  I got to thinking that the only place I haven’t tried having them woohoo was in the closet.  Maybe it’s so uncomfortable it’ll overexert him?

They leave the closet and I think this is when he realizes something isn’t right.  Kenzie, as you’ll see, is completely oblivious the whole time!

The exact same thing happened with Cassie when Adan died!  She just sat there not reacting at all until she got frightened by the Grim Reaper.  As you can see in one of the pics she even looked down at him.  She had nothing in her que until this last pic.

Ummm… it’s a bit late to witness the death!

Eh, life goes on right?  I mean, I loved Gabriel but he was about to go anyway.  So, Kellie invited her cousin Tania to spend the night and they watched scary movies… that they laughed at.

Upstairs Moose was doing an overhang climb which I haven’t seen before.  He gets all of his exercise for work on the rock wall.

The girls head out to the tent to sleep only to encounter ghostly Jon.  Liza was already on her way out there so I was pretty excited for her to get some time with her bo.

A little bush woohoo before they both crawled into the tent to sleep with the girls.  In the morning when he was leaving to return to his grave I saw this in her que…

Awe!  So sweet.

It was so weird.  Tania went into the bathroom and I thought that she went potty.  A few minutes later Kellie went in to talk to her and then it popped up that she was leaving and she walked out of the bathroom and peed herself!  My sims keep not going to the bathroom when they really need to.  It’s not just the weirdness caused by the talking toilets either.

I was going to wait until the next chapter but her reaction to Gabriel’s death sealed Kenzie’s fate.  First, Nova binds a voodoo doll to her and makes it frolick.

Then Liza takes one for the team by taking a bubble bath then eating the cake for some essence of playfulness.

With the star spangled glasses and hysterical tiger hat on Kenzie drinks the essence and then starts eating the silly gummy bear pancakes.

She tells the funniest joke in the world to Liza but unfortunately, that only had an effect on Liza.  She watched the comedy channel, had playful auras from a playful painting and MySims trophies.  Viewed the playful painting and made faces in the mirror.

I think it must have been because I’d put those MySims trophies there but she didn’t collapse or anything excitingly dramatic.  She just turned to a ghost, got up, and disappeared…

Then her urn popped into existence.  Meanwhile, Liza nor Kellie who was working nearby on a school project were affected.  Very anticlimactic.  But I thought, as a comedian, she’d appreciate a hysterical laughter death.

After cleaning up the staged playful area I found Kellie napping outside.

So I had her call Tania back over to work on their friendship some more.  I thought it would be cute to have a selfie of them together.

Liza spent practically the entire day working on the garden both Saturday and Sunday and went from no gardening skill to 5!  She can graft now so I can continue with my plans for her to complete the plant collection.

I’m not sure if they planned to unleash gerbils at school before Tania left or not?

Finally, both Baylee and Moose are home from their jobs.

So romantic.  They make such a great couple.  And so… it’s baby making time!

Pregnant on the first try!

Moose is thrilled by the news that he’ll be a father soon.

While everyone was sleeping and I was watching ZeeMoo I was also entertained by Soren sliding on the waterslide.  The ghosts sure do love this thing!

Other entertaining stuff…

Max died and then like an hour later when MCCC ran at midnight Didrik was remarried to Connor!  This is the guy I mentioned in the last chapter that is the father of some of the kids in Kellie’s club!  I got a good laugh out of that.  Also, Clifford is really taking after his dad.

Chapter 3.5

Chapter notes:

This chapter is only two days again.  But they were exciting days no?  No?  Well, sorry I found them exciting!  I’ve never been able to kill a sim by laughter before.  The funny thing is she’ll be a ghost with that hat and glasses!  She should always be playful and make sims around her playful too so that’ll be cool.  The next generation is on it’s way!  Cassie aged to elder not too long ago so she’ll be with us for awhile still.  I’d considered getting Nova married and moved out once she maxes her career but she seems to be stuck at level 8.  Maybe cuz she keeps going to work sad?  I thought it would be cool for her to have babies that would visit the family.  Okay then, time for stats!

The house plus money in reserve value was high enough to earn another point!

Cassie- Very near the end of the progress bar toward topping her career.

Nova- Still Villian level 8.  Has no other goals now that she’s finished her aspiration.  I gave her Fabulously Wealthy and she completed everything but the last level instantly.

Baylee- Culinary level 5.  Cooking level 9, mixology level 8, gourmet cooking level 6, charisma level 5, baking still 2.

Moose- Athlete level 3.  Fitness skill 4 and charisma 2.  That charisma skill is the bane of my existence.

Liza- Bred a frog we didn’t have and will soon be taking cuttings from plants they don’t have and grafting them on in addition to trying to get that last darned crystal for that collection.

Kellie- C student which is surprizing since she’s done 2 school projects now!  Is stuck needing a best friend for her Social Butterfly aspiration.  Social skill 9 and mental highest after that at 4 from all those projects.

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    • I might have to do that death again since I didn’t get to see the full effect. So far every time she’s haunted she’s been playful so she’s pink. Poor Adan is almost always uncomfortable.

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