TS4- Robinson Legacy 3.3: Keeps On Ticking

Legacy Collaboration
Generation 3 Chapter 3
Score 46

Kellie’s energy was almost completely full so while everyone else in the household slept she worked on a school project that her mom had in her inventory.

Once everyone starts waking up she introduces herself.  She doesn’t seem so evil, does she?

Meanwhile, Cassie and Kenzie hold a conference in the bathroom.  Why does everyone always go in there to talk?

Kellie introduces herself to aunt Baylee and tells her a joke.  Then Baylee has a great idea…

She hands over the reigns of the family’s club to her.

Kenzie and Gabriel are autonomously woohoo’ing again!  Which gives me an idea.  You’ll see how successful I am later.

Moose heads downstairs after his workout and meets his new niece too.

I know I’ve mentioned the maid’s obsession with the talking toilets.  But I think this is the first time I’ve caught her in time to take a pic.  She does this constantly!

Baylee was sliding and I noticed that Gabriel is walking around in a towel in the background.  What on earth they were doing in the garden I have no idea.

Now that he’s clothed Gabriel and Kenzie assist Kellie with her project.

Say what?  She was working carefully!

Awe she’s all sad over the junky looking robot.  It’s still cute though.

Moose has done the climbing wall enough to do the challenge thingys…

Since the game decided she didn’t have to go to school Kellie started a club gathering.  I guess the other kids skipped once they got the notification?  This little boy is Zander Pancakes’s son Marcus.

This was hilarious.  I’d paused to see what his name is and saw this.  Couldn’t resist taking a pic!  His name is Josue but I forget who his parents are.  I think his dad is that Connor kid that Cassie was friends with briefly as a child.

This is Zander’s daughter Isis.  She’s a cutie.  I’m hoping she’ll be the best friend… slim pickings really since she’s the only other girl!

I wasn’t sure what to do with Cassie and then I remembered she’d completed her aspiration so I gave her the Painter Extraordinaire one to keep her busy.

This time I remembered to have Liza go out and meet all of the kids so that they can also be invited to parties without having to start a club gathering which is annoying because the kids only want to do the club stuff.

Baylee is really proud of her first loaf of bread.

She decides a little celebration is in order.

Everyone had bread for breakfast the next morning.  Just like the breadsticks, it’s not very filling.  Hopefully higher level baked goods are.

Liza has taken over the collecting from aunt Kenzie.  I also plan to have her complete some of the other collections since she’s not going to be working anyway.  I thought maybe some people might be interested to see how I do my frog breeding…

I got this chart off of Carl’s Sims 4 Guide.  Like if you want a striped dirt frog you’d breed a dirt with a striped leaf.  Anyway, the starred ones are ones they have marked that they’ve gotten in the collections tab and the arrow ones and the ones I actually have. Now I just have to remember to breed the darned things!  Note from the future: Notice that all of the frogs have both a star and an arrow?  You’d think I would have noticed this too but I didn’t!  *sigh*  More on that in another chapter.

Trey and Kenya’s twins aged up to toddler so after going into manage worlds to give them makeovers (all three kids had the same hairstyle!) I sent a bunch of them over to meet the little rugrats.  The new girl is Tierra.  Kind of confusing with her sister being named Tania.  Right before I stopped playing Tania aged to a child and I added her to the club.

Kenya was inside with Frankie and I realize now that I don’t think I had any of them meet him.  Geeze.

Have I ever mentioned Cassie’s absolute obsession with the violin?  Like since the time she aged to teen.  Her skill is halfway through 7 totally autonomous.

After school, Kellie chats with mom while she does her homework.

Then I remembered it’s Cassie’s birthday!  I got the notification earlier in the day and totally forgot about it.

Elder at last!  I thought that gray hair actually looks quite good on her.  She aged up well.

And now I bring you Gabriel the immortal…

Gabriel’s time is coming soon and as I need different death types for a legacy point I thought it would be very fitting to have him die from woohoo.

Kenzie gets the uncomfortable moodlet but he doesn’t!

Then I thought if he exercises first he’ll have the moodlet already and he can die that way.

Here we go!

The meter goes up the whole time… then when they’re done it’s gone!!!

He gets up and gets ready to leave for work.  Not so fast buster!  We’ll get you in the next chapter!  Look at his face.  He’s onto me!

A few extras…

Nova finally branched off into Villian!

Gabriel earned us a nice chunk of change.

And Clifford is taking the reins from Didrik.  I changed his last name to Lothario after this.

Chapter 3.4

Chapter notes:

Surprisingly, this chapter is only 2 days.  There were a lot of pics of Kellie and the club kids though.  Other than Cassie there’s no stats for the elders.

Cassie- Level 9 Patron of the Arts.

Nova- Level 8 Villian.  Just a smidge from maxing mischief and completing that darned aspiration.

Baylee- Level 4 Culinary. Level 8 in cooking and mixology, 6 in gourmet cooking, 5 in charisma and 2 in baking.

Liza- Is starting to work on collections and doesn’t really need any skills except gardening which she hasn’t started yet.

Kellie- C student.  On the second level of Social Butterfly.  Both social and mental are at 3.


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