TS4- Robinson Legacy 3.1: Family Drama

Legacy Collaboration
Generation 3 Chapter 1
Score 45

Welcome to the third generation!  For this chapter and the one that follows I decided to start us off with sort of a story.  Let’s just say some people might be a tad upset with me by the end.

This generation of the legacy started as all others have or will.  With the heir’s birthday.

Baylee Robinson brings Cassie’s rein to an end.  All hail Baylee!  Okay, maybe that’s taking it a bit far?

Baylee and Moose gathered everyone around and announced their engagement.  Everyone was happy…

Except for her younger sister Liza.  She told Jon she couldn’t handle all of this family togetherness and asked him to meet her out by the camp area.

Jon tried to calm her down but she was really upset.  Even though she was no longer around her family she was still feeling tense.

With a few sweet words, Jon was able to calm her down.

Maybe a bit more than words?

With a mischievous grin, Liza plopped down at the table after the party was over and announced that she’s pregnant and that Jon’s the father.

Cassie called Cyrus and insisted he get back there right away.  When they first told him he thought they were joking.

The family left him alone to argue with his son.  In the end, it was decided that Jon would stay with the Robinsons and help raise the baby.

Fast forward to Baylee and Moose’s wedding.

It was a very moving ceremony.

There were even fireworks!

The crowd gathered around to watch the spectacle.

Everyone boogied down on the dance floor.

Even the bride and groom…

At least for awhile.

Selfie time!  Mom and dad first…

Sister selfie!

Wedding selfie!  What’s up with these two and kitchens anyway?

Moose’s dad gives Baylee a big hug welcoming her to the family.

Cake time!

The three sitting at the bar are Moose’s triplet younger siblings.

Everyone chatted while they ate dinner.

A few drinks for the bride and groom?

A little fun in the fountain.

Everyone decided to stick around for a while longer since it was such a nice night.  Adan just could not get enough of that nigiri.  He had several plates.

Maybe he had too much?

Wait, that’s not just overeating!  He’s choking!

Nobody was even aware of poor Adan’s struggle.  Needless to say, they were all shocked when his head hit the table.

Just then in a cloud of smoke, the Grim Reaper appeared.  It seems that our poor Adan indulged a bit too much to his detriment.

The family was shaken by the sudden loss.  They didn’t stay to speak with Grim.  They collected Adan’s grave and headed home to grieve.

Our little graveyard is three strong now.  We’ll see our Adan in his ghostly form in the future I’m sure.


The story continues in Chapter 3.2

If you want the behind the scenes… basically a rant over how difficult it was to create this chapter you can move on to Flubbing Blunders first.  The password is flub.

Chapter notes:

I decided to try using a much smaller wedding venue.  It worked out quite well.  The central park one is too spread out and hard to keep track of the wedding party.  If you’re interested in it, you can find it on the gallery under Wedding Gazebo by ambrjet.  She has a video on her channel here.  I did change a few things.  She had a regular fountain but I changed it to the larger one they can play in because it’s one of my favorite wedding photos to take.  I also went into buydebug mode and found the fireworks from the Romance festival and as you can see they worked like a charm.  I’d recommend taking out all of the bonsai bushes.  Cassie was obsessed with them.  There is a closet downstairs but I was so busy with… other things *cough* I didn’t get a chance to have our couple make use of it.  Not that they could have tried for a baby anyway.

36 thoughts on “TS4- Robinson Legacy 3.1: Family Drama

  1. Oh Adan! Fare-thee-well! But now I get to see a little fishie swimming inside him! lol I did read the optional “rant” section, and yes, sometimes taking screenies drives you crazy. And these sims….they have minds of their own. Never do what you want them to do! lol
    I love the wedding area… is that a room or a lot?

    Liked by 1 person

    • First, one of my new favorite pastimes is ghost watching. Second, that fish is endlessly entertaining! The wedding area is a lot I believe it was built by ambrjet? I thought I put a link in the chapter but maybe not. I stuck it in Windenburg and the area around it was so nice.

      Liked by 1 person

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