TS4- Robinson Legacy 2.14: A Bittersweet Goodbye

Legacy Collaboration
Generation 2 Chapter 14
Score 40

The girls came home from school in rotten moods followed an hour later by their dad so they all wound down from the day playing some video games.

So let me explain.  I was trying to get Trey the irresponsible trait right?  Now, you would think that there would be some sort of punishment in the parenting menu for his newly earned D in school.  There isn’t.  In order to get him grounded, I had to have him burp and fart.  Yes, that’s right.  No punishment for not going to school for over a week, just bad manners.

See how his mom reacted in the photo above when he farted?  Now he’s broken his punishment by playing chess and his dad sits down nicely and talks to him about it.  So weird.

Trey’s reaction was so funny!  Oh, wait a minute…

He was hysterical!  I ran him to the bathroom to calm down.  Geeze, this has happened twice now within a few days.

Moose called wanting to know if he could come over.  When he got there Baylee invited him to help on her project because I really wanted to see the robot.

It’s pretty cool.  It’s only good quality so all it does is light up.

Moose joined them for dinner and then when the girls headed to bed he stayed awhile and chatted with Adan, Nova, and Gabriel. Poor Gabriel was sick… again.

I know he was “within range” but I’ve had it happen before that they get one of those “ask a question” things that ruined the range and I had to work it back up.  Or down as it were.  So I had him breaking the rules by playing chess again.  Nobody was awake to catch him and I was about to make him stop when out of nowhere Elise shows up and reprimands him!  I laughed so hard.

Here we are again.  This time it’s Liza and Trey’s birthdays.  I didn’t feel like doing two so it’s kind of a joint thing.  Cassie toasts her daughter.

Everyone about drove me nuts trying to get them in place for the cake.

I’m not gonna lie.  I was furious when she rolled Successful Lineage.  I’m not a fan of the family aspirations because they take so long to complete.  This one, in particular, will take pretty much her whole lifetime.  Also, they don’t give a direction as to what career to give them or what skills to work on.  At least with this one she only needs 1 kid so if she isn’t the heir and I do decide to keep her in the house there might be a chance of completing it if I want to give up a spot for her child.

I had this really cute CC hair picked out for her but it looked weird.  This one may be temporary just for this chapter.  We’ll see.  It is just teen hair after all.  I found an adorable hair for her that I loved.  You’ll see it in the next chapter.

Trey has a talk alone with his future father-in-law.  Who apparently brought that clay from home because they don’t have any.  He carried it around all day!

I had Trey invite some others that weren’t at Liza’s party like Clifford and Kenya.

Then he and Kenya announced their engagement and he gave her a big kiss.  Everyone was riveted I tell ya!  Liza even cheered after they kissed.

Then, things got weird.  The party was over and most of the guests were leaving.  I started queing up the family to work on whatever skills and stuff they needed to be doing.  I thought that Trey was on his way to the observatory but he started heading to the hot tub instead… with Kenya.  A little autonomous woohoo.  Now, what had me laughing so hard I was crying?  Look behind them!  Her dad Didrik is sitting right there!

I went to get a close of up him thinking when he stood up he’d have a shocked face or something.  No.  He turned his back and played with his clay.  I laughed even harder.  Oh, these sims.  So entertaining!

By this point, I’d put up the heir poll.  Lucky you.  You already know who won!  While I was writing it I mentioned that I’d like to have Liza get her painting skill up so that she can memorialize her parents.  I was about to have her start painting when I had a lightbulb moment.  Cassie can mentor her!  She did two large paintings with her mom’s help and is now halfway through level 3!

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!  CowLick!  Baby!  Speak to me!  I was so upset!  I still am.  Apparently, I forgot to feed him during the party and everything after.  RIP Cowlick.  You were a wonderful boy.

You’re probably thinking I’m just neglecting everyone left and right aren’t you?  I did it on purpose.  Gotta get as much bang for my buck, or satisfaction points in this case, as I can.  Once Kenya left Trey started observing the sky and kept at it all night until he started off toward the tent and passed out.

I thought this was cool.  He got two new space prints with that.

He completed his Nerd Brain aspiration and used his satisfaction points to purchase 5 potions of youth for the family!

Then I figured I might as well complete Adan’s while I’m at it!

Kenzie planted a new cowberry.  Hopefully, I take better care of little ZeeMoo than I did CowLick.

I was trying to get everyone’s needs up before they left for the wedding so Cassie and Adan were woohoo’ing and Nova walked in to play in a pile of trash that was left there when someone repaired something in the bathroom!

And now, the moment we have been both anticipating and dreading at the same time…

Trey has earned himself a spot in everyone’s hearts forever.  Hopefully, we’ll see him often.

And now for all of the stuff I couldn’t think where to put in the chapter…

Seriously?  He was a young adult for one day!  Luckily it didn’t ruin her traits she’s working on.

I was looking at Cassie’s aspiration after Trey married and freaked out because I thought one of the girls would need to have 4 kids!

And last, when Trey and Kenya were trying for a baby, his dad stood outside the door for a minute.  It was creepy.  He didn’t even have anything in his que.  Hopefully, he was on his way there to use the observatory when they went in?  Also, yes she is preggo.  I checked before ending the party.

Chapter 2.15

Chapter notes:

This chapter was three long and tiring days.  I’m exhausted and heartbroken to see Trey leave.  I even teared up a bit.  My boy!  But alas, there is only so much room in this legacy house and it’s not fair to deny him a family.  Especially since his mom needs four grandbabies!  I’m doing that aspiration on Heart & Soul but it’s been so long since I’ve really played it I forgot about that part.  I suppose it’s time for the stats…

Cassie- Level 6 Painter.  Gardening at 95% in level 9!

Kenzie- Still level 9 Comedian.  She hardly ever works!  8 charisma and gardening.  There hasn’t been a chance to work on her and Gabriel’s Soulmate aspiration.

Adan- Still level 9 Investor.  It seems like he spends all of his spare time working on charisma and gets nowhere!  I couldn’t think of what aspiration to give him so I gave him Nerd Brain since he’s got logic skill but I doubt he’ll have time to work on it.

Gabriel- Still level 9 Author.  He barely ever works either and his performance barely increases when he does.  He hasn’t written as many books lately either so his royalties have gone down a bit.

Nova- Level 6 Secret Agent.  She also spends almost all of her free time working on charisma.  She’s almost to level 6 and can start working on logic again.  Once again, I haven’t had any time to work on her mischief skill.  It’s disappointing that I didn’t complete her aspiration yet.

*sigh*  No Trey.

Baylee- B student.  Level 4 mixology skill.  Is set to gain the responsible, good manners, and compassionate traits.

Liza- B student.  Level 3 painting skill.  Is set to gain the responsible, good manners, and mediator traits.

A/N: Last I looked Baylee was in the lead on the heir poll after a 4/4 tie between them!


  1. Poor, poor Cowlick. He’ll be missed. :(… But I look forward to seeing ZeeMoo. Also, I laughed really hard about the dad turning his back and playing with clay while one of his kids woohoo’d in the hot-tub. Oh man. LOL

    Liked by 2 people

  2. What a fantastic wedding party! Yeah Trey! Yeah Elise! Get that Trey in order, no one else will! hahaha Trey’s Dad is probably thinking….oh….honeymoon in a telescope…way to go Trey! lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly right! He didn’t go to school for over a week, got a D, farted and got grounded for that! Then she freaked when he farted but when he broke his grounding his dad just talked softly to him? Weird.


  3. Hats off Rainy on earning so many of the character value traits already!
    Trey was such a character! Haha, I don’t need to use past tense just cuz Trey moved out.
    Family aspirations are a pain but I absolutely love their bonus traits. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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