TS4- Robinson Legacy 2.13: So Many Dates

Legacy Collaboration
Generation 2 Chapter 13
Score 40

I’ve come to the conclusion that the aliens are stalking my family.  Poor Cassie arrived home in the morning dazed and had to prepare for Baylee’s birthday party!

Baylee spends some time gaming with her potential suitors.  I feel so funny saying that when she’s still a child!

This kneeling thing is so weird!  Also, the little girl behind Cassie is another one of Didrik’s kids, Larissa.

There was such an insane number of sims there it was so hard getting them all to stand around the cake even with putting them all into groups.  In the end, I just gave up and had her blow out the candles.

At least a few of them paid attention.

Wow guys!  I’m telling you this family has some awesome genes.  I swear she got the best of both Cassie and Adan.  Also, she has a lot of CC including her hair.  I decided that I’m sick of the same old stuff and did a little shopping.  Hopefully, none of it breaks my game.  I got most of it here.

Eek!  I freaked out!

I had her run to the nearest mirror and calm herself down.  Crisis averted.

All of the family was hungry this time because last time I had them eat before the party and one of the darned tasks was eat food. So now that the cake and party tasks are done Baylee and Trey grabbed something to eat and chatted with Larissa and Javier.

This boy is just a cleaning machine!  He does have the neat trait so I guess that’s why.

Jon and Javier hold Baylee’s attention for the rest of the party.  All of this was autonomous by this point I was getting tired of everyone being there.

Well hello there Kenya Parkih-Lothario!

If you look really close you can see little cowberries all over the yard waiting to be planted.  There were 32 of them I think?

Fast forward to the next day.  I wanted to show all of them before I sold them.  They made over $13k!  Such a good idea grafting to make cowberries!

*sigh*  There goes most of that money.

Somewhere in there they became best friends.  They got gold on all of the dates too which bumped me up to the next point in popularity for my legacy score.  They are now on the last level of Soulmate and need two more dates and 40 more romantic gestures.  I did play the rest of the family through all of this but I didn’t take any pics because nothing exciting happened.

During her aunt and uncle’s marathon dating Baylee made her 10 drinks for her Mixologist aspiration.  She’s now at the point where she can’t do anything until she ages up to adult.  I plan to try to get the legacy point for maxing cooking, gourmet cooking, baking and mixology with her though so I’ll keep her busy!

Oh and this happened too!  Now, Adan’s just got to get his charisma up to finally top his career.  Cassie just needs a little bit more gardening and she’ll max that one too.

Look at those slippers!  Aren’t they the cutest?

Umm… Liza?  You can’t take plates to school.  She walked to the edge of the lot, disappeared for a second, showed back up, dropped the plates, and I had to send her back to school.  I guess they didn’t want the plates and sent her home?  I ended up having to delete the plates because they were off of the lot and nobody could reach them!

Everybody has been sick.  I had Kenzie drink some healthy green tea before making her collecting rounds.  Still no luck getting that last crystal for that collection.

Since I don’t know which girl will be voted heir when the time comes and marry our boy Moose I decided to age him up so that he’s between their ages.

Holy moly!  The girls seem impressed.  So am I for that matter.

Ugh, then this happened.  The girls were hungry so I had them form a group and eat together.  All of the sudden they all, incuding Moose, decided to set the table!  I checked Trey in the observatory and he had it qued up too!  Sadly, it’s not one of MCCC’s annoying actions to stop that I could see.  Hopefully, soon.

I still haven’t managed to get Trey’s responsibility low enough to get the irresponsible trait so I had Gabriel set a curfew and once it was 7pm I had Trey ask Kenya on a date.  Don’t they look snazzy?

Looks like Moose’s parents were on a date as well.

Girlfriend selfie!

Oh yea, and they ate too.

First kiss.  Then, wait for it…

A proposal!  I guess one of my mod settings changes the promise ring to this?

The Robinson family gets their final revenge on Sara Parkih!  I don’t mind really.  Kenya is gorgeous.  I bet they’ll have beautiful babies and now Didrik really will be family!

Random extras…

Chapter 2.14

Chapter notes:

I know this chapter is longer than usual it just felt like there wasn’t much there except the dates and party.  It’s only 3 days so maybe that’s why.  Their net worth is now $554k.  Not much higher than last chapter.  I think I forgot to harvest the garden this whole time. I already mentioned some of their accomplishments but it can’t hurt to have a review so here we go with the stats…

Cassie- Level 5 Painter.  Waiting for Trey to get married to progress her aspiration.  Almost maxed on gardening and gourmet cooking.

Kenzie- Level 9 Comedian.  Almost done with her third aspiration Soulmate.  Not really working on her skills at the moment.

Adan- Level 9 Investor.  I just need to remember to buy some stuff for the house for his aspiration.  Level 8 charisma.  It’s so annoying to level up because it’s not fun.

Gabriel- Level 9 Author.  Same level of Soulmate as Kenzie.  Just writes books in his spare time.  Last time I looked he’s making around $7k a day on royalties.

Nova- Level 5 Secret Agent.  Needs another level of charisma to advance and like I said it’s horrible to skill.  I haven’t had her working on her Chief of Mischief aspiration at all because of the darned charisma!

Trey- Shockingly still a C student after missing over a week of school.  Needs 2 more logic points to complete the Nerd Brain aspiration.  Is halfway in the red towards getting the irresponsible trait with 2 days until aging up.

Baylee- B student.  Can’t work on her aspiration.  Is set to get the responsible and compassionate traits when she ages up.

Liza- A student.  Haven’t been working on her aspiration since she completed one already.  Is set to get the mediator trait already from learning to say sorry with her mom every day.


    1. Keeping track is tricky. The only time the game is on high speed is if they’re sleeping. Other than that it’s normal speed with lots of pausing to see what everyone is doing. I use MC Command Center to keep the neighborhood lively. I highly recommend it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m always a little wary of installing mods because I don’t wanna accidentally break my game, but you highly recommend it? And it looks really cool. I’m going to give it a little more thought, but I think I’ll give it a try sometime!

        Liked by 1 person

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