TS4- Robinson Legacy 2.12: Constant Craziness

Legacy Collaboration
Generation 2 Chapter 12
Score 39

Before starting playing after the last chapter I decided to do some work on the house.  I’m really happy with how it turned out…

Overview of the whole lot. The only trees that I could find similar to the ones out back were small ones that I sized up.
I added stuff to the balcony finally and added a railing to the lower deck.
A fun little camping area.
Upstairs I added a gym and moved the girl’s room and office up there too.
Downstairs I separated the nursery into small baby and toddler rooms and started an office with focusing decor.

I started the game back up after I finished building and Nova was awake…

I guess her mother wanted to check in with her?

While waiting for Nova to return I kept hearing this noise.  Turns out it was Soren crying in the closet.  I wonder what makes him and Elise always sad or mad all the time?  They should make a mod that shows other sims moodlets.

The family enjoys breakfast together.  I changed the table to lengthwise and added chairs to the ends.  Might as well, their family is only going to get bigger.

I usually pause as soon as the kids come home from school so that I can see what they need.  Sometimes I see the funniest expressions.

When writing the last chapter I realized that I hadn’t checked to see if Baylee and Liza could be BFF’s yet.  They can!  Such sweet girls.

I thought I’d see if Liza could earn some motor skill playing basketball.  That dream big thing in the first picture is so funny!

Trey didn’t go to school with the girls.  I’m hoping that missing school will get him the irresponsible trait.  I figure if I need to get that trait then it might as well be one of the sims that will be moving out.  Anyway, he got to the level of his Nerd Brain aspiration where he needed to build a rocketship.

Why does Cassie look like this?

Haha!  No, it’s the second one.  I was just trying to find a place in the chapter to add that call from Didrik!

While I’m adding in stuff that I don’t know where to put it… Gabriel maxed the writing skill and finally wrote a bestseller to submit to literary digest!

Nova came home from work really bored.  I thought it was funny.  Remember Finn and Jewel?  They were in Trey’s club and Baylee took the club over from Finn.

The girls work on their school projects together.  At this rate, they’ll have them finished when they are teens!

Trey completed the rocket and went for his 5 trips into space for his aspiration.


Moose is like “Something’s going on here.”

At some point here they were playing a video game.

Since mom was at work dad had to cook some grilled cheese for them.  Don’t burn it dad!

Uh, your mom is back there walking in the door.  You’re getting all excited about air.

I wonder if Moose thinks he’s safer across the room?

Eventually, he ends up sitting with the family and meeting everyone.

Such good manners this boy has!  Trey has been repairing and upgrading like crazy for his aspiration.

The kids played a riveting game of Don’t Wake the Llama until like 2am.  The girls are usually the first ones up in the morning after Nova, not the next day!

While Baylee and Liza were up half of the night playing games their parents decided to sleep the night in the tent.  Everyone is obsessed with wanting to sleep in this thing!

It was Saturday and I decided to have Baylee start a club meeting.  But most of the members had aged up and gotten kicked out! So I added some more kids only to be surprised when I checked with MC Command Center to find out who the two yellow haired boys Jon and Javier’s parents are.  They’re Cyrus’s kids!  I vaguely remember screenshotting a notification of him impregnating someone but totally forgot! The orange haired boy is their cousin Jameson, Moriah’s son and the dark skinned girl is their cousin Christen, Max’s daughter. Whew!

So I basically split the girls up and had them making friends with two kids at a time.  This whole time I have no idea where Christen got off to so they didn’t make friends with her.

Holy cow!  All three of them aged up to teen simultaneously!  I went to manage worlds and gave them makeovers but when I came back to the lot they were gone.  I changed the club rules and added them back in later.  Also, while in manage worlds I moved the twins in with their dad.  They were living with cousins.

All of that talking got them both maxed social!

Everyone was just heading to bed when Trey got a call from Clifford inviting him out for drinks.  Since they’re still teens they had root beer floats, of course.

I guess we know where Moose gets his cleaning habits from!  This is his mom cleaning up after Grim.  Clifford disappeared.  I don’t know if he went home or what but I couldn’t find him so Trey left.

I was so annoyed when I got home.  Trey was only gone a few hours and almost everyone had almost full green bars!  Except for poor Kenzie who was miserable since she’d just gotten home from work.  She was sleeping in the tent and Gabriel was playing horseshoes of all things so he woke her up to cheer her up a bit.

First, I was looking at everyone’s family tree and thought I’d take a screenie of Soren’s.

Second, this is why I was looking!  I saw the GenoPro icon on my desktop and thought why not?  I haven’t made a genogram since my neighborhood rotation.  Ironically, it was an abduction baby that made me look for another way of doing family trees back then.

Chapter 2.13

Chapter notes:

This chapter is four days.  I always feel like that’s barely anything when I say it but a day takes so long to get through with so many sims!  I relish the times when most of them are at work.  I even had one day that it was just Kenzie and Trey for awhile.  Peace and quiet.  Then it’s back to pausing and checking needs and tasks they need to be doing, ugh.  I’d say I’m not doing it again next generation but that would mean one of the girls would have to move out!  I already have to give up Trey.  So I guess it is what it is. Their net worth is now $510k exactly what I needed for my next point so I was excited!  And with that let’s get to the stats…

Cassie- Level 5 Painter.  Still level 9 parenting and gardening.  It’s hard to have her work on those now that she has a job and when she gets home she needs to cook a couple of meals.

Kenzie- Level 9 Comedian.  Level 8 charisma and 7 gardening since she’s taken over from Cassie.  I haven’t touched her new aspiration.

Adan- Level 9 Investor.  Level 6 charisma and 9 logic.  About $35,000 off from completing Mansion Baron.  I ended up sticking some columns out to complete that part then selling them back.  I can’t think of anything else to do with the house so I guess I’ll have to look for expensive decor items.

Gabriel- Level 9 Author.  Level 5 logic.  Earning almost 7k a day in book royalties.

Nova- Level 5 Secret Agent.  Level 8 mischief, 6 logic, 4 charisma.

Trey- C student.  On the last level of Nerd Brain, just needs 2 more levels in logic.  His responsibility is only a little green now.  I wish I would have thought of it sooner!

Baylee- A student.  On the last level of Social Butterfly but she won’t finish it because her birthday is the next day.  On track to earn manners, responsibility and empathy traits.

Liza- B student.  On the last level of Social Butterfly as well.  Still kind of low in the character traits since she’s younger.  I plan to have her work on getting the conflict resolution one though.


    1. Thanks! They got a really good start with her being in the Science career and the garden produce as well. I’m used to trying to make tons of money really quick from doing the Drifter challenge so much, lol.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Fantastic house! I also love that when they made a club that they added cousins! Cool! And so funny with Moose…something is going on here…lol…litle do you know Moose…little do you know…lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your family tree looks so impressive!! I’ve never played this many generations since I get bored pretty fast lol… but reading you do this challenge is tempting me to try it out though xD I adore how you always update us on family outside of the household and family friends!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I prefer generational play myself. I actually didn’t start doing much with outside friends until I did CitizenErased’s Ambrosia Challenge where it’s a requirement and I loved it so I’ve tried to keep it up in all of my stuff.


  3. This comment belongs to the previous update but…
    That spa and pool look like they belong together even though you built them for different parts of the same Drifter Challenge.
    Ohhhh, +5 playfulness from Weaponized Joke, eh? Hmmmm…..

    Liked by 1 person

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