TS4- Robinson Legacy 2.11: Everyday Life

Legacy Collaboration
Generation 2 Chapter 11
Score 37

Before we start… a check up on our two (other) favorite families.  Didrik’s new baby was born.  Moriah aged to an elder and her son aged to a child.

I think I mentioned at the end of the last chapter that I’d decided to put Cassie in the Painter career after all.  I’m not sure if she’ll have time to top it but it’ll keep her busy.  I looked up the different careers that use the mischief skill while trying to decide what career to put Nova in.  There was Criminal and Secret Agent.  I wasn’t too keen on either branch of the Criminal career for her so she’ll be going for the Villan branch of Secret Agent.

Elise update- she haunts pretty much every other night.  I’m curious to see how often each of them haunt once I have more ghosts.

They were playing chess and getting along so well then…

I have no idea what rumor Adan shared with his son but it made him flirty and apparently made the conversation unpleasant.

Speaking of flirty… they sure do have a lot of woohoo options!

It was Saturday and pretty much everyone spent the day skilling in one thing or another.  Nova needed some charisma for her new job.  Also, wow her room totally matches her!  I actually decorated it to match her bed.

Now that there are no toddlers in the house, Cassie can paint as much as her little heart desires.  The two easel thing is my trick so that I don’t have to hover over them all of the time to sell paintings.  This way she can start a second and then I can que to sell the first and so on.

I was so tired of hearing that darned violin I had Baylee go ahead and play piano for her aspiration instead.  At least it’s getting some use.

This caught me totally by surprise!  She still had 7 days before aging up!

Poor Adan was exhausted and his father-in-law was crying in his bed!  I got a good laugh out of that one.

It was Sunday and I realized that I’d once again neglected the garden the day before.  Cassie got Nova to help it along.  Side note: I wrote down their money before and after selling all of the garden produce.  They made over $6,500 from one harvest!  Almost everything in there is perfect quality although there are several plants that I still want including the elusive potato.

I was getting tired of everyone that needed logic having to play chess all of the time.  So I thought I’d get some use out of the microscope…

And the observation thingy.  They’ve already found like 4 space prints!

As you’ve probably noticed over the last few chapters… this family is getting a bit chunky.  Cassie is at the highest weight.  I wanted to build them a gym but I’m thinking of putting it upstairs and I’m not ready to do that expansion yet.  So I stuck a treadmill into the spa.  They’ve also been swimming for fun.  We’ll get these guys into shape in no time!

It turns out that their cousin Finn, Max’s son, took over the Kids Only club when Trey aged to a teen.  He and his twin sister Jewel were the only members left.  I thought about making a new club so they could add members and buy stuff with the reward points but thought I’d just try to take over the club first…

Wow, that was easy!

Sadly, this is the only Moose sighting in this chapter.  I was just so preoccupied with everyone that I didn’t have time to have the girls become friends with him.  Speaking of friends, I discovered something cool.  With the Social Butterfly aspiration, when you add kids to the club it checks off the introduce yourself part!

After adding some kids to the club the girls spent the rest of the day playing.  The girl in the front is one of Didrik’s daughters.

This was hilarious!  I wanted to see what “horrifying joke” looked like.  It looks like any other joke sadly.  But it gave Gabriel this moodlet.  Then, I had them woohoo before bed…

I looked and Kenzie had moved to sleep in bed with Nova!  That’s when I saw the embarrassing woohoo moodlet!  Apparently, she was so embarrassed she couldn’t sleep with him.

Just thought I’d take a pic of how cute it is when they do their homework on this little desk.  It was Monday and her needs were fine so I was looking for something to do before school when I realized she’d never done her homework yet.


Serves you right after those bills!  Also, ohmygosh she had such a long walk doing the peepee dance!

I had the kids study hard in school so they all came home with nearly red fun meters.  I love the video game console.  I know I say that a lot but it’s been one of my favorite things in Sims 2 and 3 as well.  It’s so nice to have a way to increase fun that they can do together.  Also, the girl came home from school with Trey.  She’s that girl Melinda from his club that he was good friends with.  The one with the side braid.  She did not age up well.  Good thing I have someone picked out for our Trey already!  I later changed my mind about that one and went for a different girl for him!

It was still early and Baylee had already gone to bed.  So I decided to have her go talk to her sister while she played Keyboard Commander and try to get their relationship up enough to be best friends.  I actually forgot to work on that after this so they still aren’t yet.

These two are such good friends.  I think they get along better than anyone in the house.

It was only Kenzie and Gabriel home on Tuesday.  Which was really weird let me tell ya!  Kenzie did her rounds collecting while Gabriel wrote yet more books…

What?  She didn’t complete a collection!  Apparently, if a household has already completed a collection it counts!  Ugh.  I gave her the Soulmate aspiration like Gabriel so they can complete it at the same time… once I actually start working on it!

I’ve decided to try to have Baylee get the Compassionate trait since I’ve never had a sim get it before.  I totally forgot about this bear doctor toy!  It builds the empathy pretty fast.  Also, the moodlets are pretty cute…

Then, just when I was about to send everyone to bed, the notification popped up that it was Cassie’s birthday!  I don’t understand why it popped up so late at night?  But whatever.  She’s an adult now.

Don’t worry, Kenzie isn’t angry at her sister.  Her fun bar was full red from work.  She always comes home from work in such a bad mood.  Which results in her and Gabriel having woohoo much more often than Cassie and Adan.  If there were less than 8 sims in the house I’m sure they’d have a risky woohoo baby by now!

Gabriel cheered her up and then they were off to bed.  If you look real close through the window you can see Soren the ghost standing out there.

Chapter 2.12

Chapter notes:

This generation is going to have so many more chapters than the first!  Probably because Elise did the Science career and I didn’t want to bore everyone with work pics all of the time.  It was worth it though because it set them financially for the legacy.  This chapter is 4 days.  Nothing really exciting happened since most of them were working on skills for work or aspirations.  Current net worth: $437k.  Now, time for stats!

Cassie- Level 3 in the Painter career.  Still level 9 in gardening and parenting.  Still can’t go further in her aspiration until Trey gets married.

Kenzie- Level 8 in the Comedian career.  Level 8 charisma.  Hasn’t started her new aspiration.

Adan- Level 9 in the Business career.  Level 6 charisma and level 9 logic.  Still a ways to go before a promotion, unfortunately.  I still haven’t added onto the house for his aspiration.  Maybe before starting the next chapter.

Gabriel- Level 8 in the Author career.  Almost to level 10 in the writing skill.  As stated before, haven’t started his aspiration.

Nova- Level 4 in the Secret Agent career.  Level 8 mischief, 5 logic, and 3 charisma.  Waiting to max mischief for her aspiration.

Trey- C student… I’m thinking of having him skip school and get the Irresponsible trait but I don’t know if it’s possible since his responsibility is so high already.  On level 2 of his Nerd Brain aspiration.  Needs 2 levels in logic to advance.  Logic level 4.

Baylee- B student.  Needs a BFF for her aspiration.  Halfway through the empathy meter.  Level 5 social skill.

Liza- C student.  Needs to max motor skill to complete Rambunctious Scamp.  Level 7 motor skill.  Has a little bit of Conflict Resolution which I’m trying to get her to max for the Mediator trait.


    1. It’s odd. Usually it does work but I’ve had other times… when I’m working on that darned aspiration that you have to take over when it doesn’t work!


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