TS4- Robinson Legacy 2.10: The Birthday Train Has Arrived!

Legacy Collaboration
Generation 2 Chapter 10
Score 36

Just thought I’d show everyone that CowLick is still kicking.  I’ve become quite obsessed with keeping him alive and watch him when the family is sleeping at night.  When the cake pops out I wake someone and teleport them into his fence to feed him then teleport them back to their bedroom.

Baylee was one of the first ones awake and I knew the only thing she needed was to eat so I couldn’t understand why she was suddenly uncomfortable until I looked to see where she was.  Gross!

No clue why everyone was hanging out in the bathroom but it’s party time!  Also, eating in the bathroom is not sanitary.

I decided to go ahead and pay for a mixologist this time to see if it makes things easier.  Eliza Pancakes showed up!

I had everyone in the family eat and get all of their other needs full before starting the party and then the guests all showed up and wanted to eat.  It took so long to get all of the tasks done because I waited until they were done they almost didn’t finish in time.

I guess she got her self-assured trait from her sister Cassie because she didn’t get it from her parents.  Look at all those character traits!  I’m looking forward to seeing what new interactions they give her even if I’m not looking forward to her burping and farting all of the time.  I have to deal with that with Kenzie and Gabriel with the slob trait already.

 For your entertainment: I just thought he was funny.  Oh?  You want to see her aged up?  Fine.

So pretty!  I remembered I had those CC earrings when I was trying to find something to give her more of an edgy look.

Cassie proposes a toast to her sister from waaay across the room.

The guests begin to leave and Cassie starts working on cake #2 for Trey’s party.

You know how I’m always complaining about how long it takes for guests to arrive when they visit?  Here’s the entrance and exit point.  They have to run all across the back yard and through the woods to get there and leave.

That is one intense game of Party Frenzy!

Trey started a club meeting so that his friends would be there.  Unfortunately, at some point I must have changed the age from child/teen to just child when looking for new members and he got kicked out of his own club!

I guess Eliza needed her rest?  Bob takes over mixing drinks and seems unhappy with the state his wife left the bar in.

Everyone is grouped around Trey complimenting him.  I find this task very annoying because you can only do “heartfelt compliment” when they are in a happy mood.  Also, it’s the only one you can use until they age to teen and you can compliment their outfit.

I like the aspiration but he’s gotten really boring traits so far.  Then again, with this many sims, I doubt he’ll be able to stay in the house for the next generation.  That makes me sad.

Trey and I are in agreement.  He looks terrible!  I just thought y’all might like to see because wow what a horrible outfit huh?

Whew, much better!

Mom bakes yet another cake while dad attempts to clean up some of the mess from the last two parties.

At this point, it was like 10:30pm.  Everyone wanted to go to bed and the timer for Trey’s party was about to expire so the extended family would be leaving.  Poor Liza had to be pulled from bed to blow out her candles.

I took away the glasses but kept the hair because I think it fits her personality.  And now, it’s time for this family to all head to bed!

I thought I’d mention this before I forget.  I found these cool bassinet recolors here.

Chapter 2.11

Chapter notes:

Obviously, this chapter was one day.  It was one really crazy day between party tasks, forgetting the parents traits to put into the generator, and makeovers.  It was fun, but I’m glad it’s over.  Cassie is the only one with a birthday coming up so I can enjoy a break for awhile until the next ones.  No stats update today since nobody worked and nothing exciting happened.


    1. It does but I pretty much ignore it just like I do Kenzie and Gabriel being slobs. She has some funny interactions for one of the other traits she got but I don’t use them because it lowers her relationships.


  1. Those bassinets are really cool! And yay for all the birthdays, they are looking great. I stopped doing the rated party stuff, it can be so annoying with the eating and drinking. Last time I had them do the drinks part at the last half hour, then the eat cake showed up! Ugh!

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Ohhh! No, her food wasn’t spoiled. She grabbed it out of the fridge and then sat outside next to all the nasty plates from the night before, lol.


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