TS4- Robinson Legacy 2.9: Making Mischief

Legacy Collaboration
Generation 2 Chapter 9
Score 36

A/N- While I was trying to think of fun ways to add to the house value for Adan’s aspiration I started going over in my head the other houses I’ve built that have completed Mansion Baron.  Then, the thought came to me why not move some stuff from those houses over?  I mean, I’ll never play them again so why not enjoy it?

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I took the pic of the genealogy before the baby was born.  I decided to move all of his kids into a house on the island with him.  Clifford is his son!  He and his sister’s mom was an elder and probably would have died soon anyway leaving him adopted into some other family. The other two girls moms were dead already and they were living with other families.  The girl on the far right is the daughter of our nemesis Sara Parkih.  But we won’t hold it against her.  Soon after moving all of the kids in, he got yet another lady pregnant!

Just some cuteness to start out the chapter.  The girls were playing dolls while mommy chatted with them.

Ugh.  Why do I always build before the bills?!

As usual, Kenzie spent most of her free time telling jokes to no one at all.  It finally paid off a few days later…

I gave her The Curator in hopes she can complete another collection.

The kids working on new projects they brought home from school.  I’m so glad I’m finally playing a challenge that I can tell the kids to work on these instead of waiting for them to do it autonomously.

It’s Baylee’s birthday party!  Kenzie, are you like super hungry or what?

Didrik chats with our birthday girl.  No corrupting minors now, Didrik!  I’m sure he’s not.  I bet he’s a good daddy now that he has a chance to be with his kids.

Autonomous hugs!  These two are so close.

Ugh.  First, I had everyone pile up behind the camera but I’d already told her to blow out the candles.

Then, she put her down and Baylee just stood there.  Eventually, everyone wandered off.  Nothing happened.

Here we go again with only Zander Pancakes as a witness.  Sheesh!

Mommy toasts her little girl.  Long life, good health, ect.  She aged up with that hat and I thought it was funny because so did Trey.

Finally, I can complete the last step of the party.  Play a game with the birthday sim.  Baylee was super tired so as soon as it completed she went to bed.

That night, I saw some movement out of the corner of my eye while staring at CowLick the cowplant.  It’s Soren trying out the water slide!

Ah, here’s out girl sans hat.  I love that hair.  She’s heading to school while daddy heads to work.

I didn’t remember to check who’s birthday was next so when it popped up it’s Kenzie’s birthday I wasn’t prepared and she had to work in a few hours.  So a cake with her sister and hubby will have to do.

Eh, I should have remembered they have the same birthday.  I’d put the cake in the fridge and had to bring it out so he could blow out the candles.  The maid is the only one to celebrate with him.  Poor Gabriel!

Liza woke up after sleeping most of the darned day with a full red hygene bar.  Bath time!

I just thought this was cute.  A little peek into family time that I don’t normally take many pics of.

Then I remembered that Cassie still has to read a book for two hours.  It didn’t have the option to read to Liza but once she’d started I was able to click her from Liza and listen to story.  So cute!

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Kenzie has started making the rounds of the island in her spare time.  She’s already one crystal closer to completing that collection!

Cassie has painted a lot more this week now that Baylee has aged to a child.  So what’s her problem now?

So funny!

Nova trolls teh forums while Trey practices typing.  He won’t complete the aspiration but I figured a few stages would at least give him some satisfaction points as well as something to do.  Nova won’t complete hers before aging up like I’d hoped either.  It’s a hard skill to increase unless you’re constantly mischevious to everyone which I don’t want her family to hate her so she isn’t.

I forgot she could do this.  So I had her spy on the neighborhood for awhile for a change.  It’s nice because she won’t have to hog the computer.

Baylee is not thrilled to be playing the violin.  I agree.  I’m getting a little bored with Artistic Prodigy after doing it so many times in a row recently.

After everyone went to bed I qued up for them to all take vacation days the next day.  Why?  Because it’s time for the birthday train to pull into the station.  Seriously?  It’s Nova, Trey, and Liza’s birthday.  Yikes!

Chapter 2.10

Chapter notes:

This chapter is four days.  A lot happened but it was kind of repetitive and nothing I could really take screenshots of.  You’ll see what I mean in the stats.  I’m thinking the next chapter might just be a mini birthday only chapter?  We’ll see how many screenshots I take.  Anyway, on to the stats…

Cassie- I think I will put her in the Painter career just to keep her busy because spending all day making her paint over and over even though it would make more money sounds tiring.  Her parenting and gardening skills are tied at 9.  She needs a child to get married to move forward on her darned aspiration.

Kenzie- Is a level 8 Comedian.  Is almost done with the second level of her new Curator aspiration.  Highest skill is charisma at 7.

Adan- Is level 8 in the Business career.  Needs to up both logic and charisma to go further.  Has level 7 logic but level 5 charisma so he has a ways to go.  For his aspiration, I need to figure out where to put 6 more columns, the house value is $280/$350.

Gabriel- Is level 8 in the Author career.  Needs to increase Writing skill to go further.  Has level 8 writing.  Still hasn’t started his Soulmate aspiration.  Last time I remembered to write it down he was making $3,684 a day on his book royalties.

Nova- A student.  Needs 2 levels in mischief to complete her aspiration.  Will earn the insensitive, bad manners, and responsible traits.

Trey- B student, probably would have gotten an A if he went to school one more day.  Was on the last stage of Rambunctious Scamp as a second aspiration.  Already has a full responsibility meter.

Baylee- C student.  Is on the 2nd level of Artistic Prodigy.  Creativity is at level 4.

Liza- Has all of her traits over 3 so she’ll get the bonus trait when she ages up.


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