TS4- Robinson Legacy 2.8: Please Be My Friend

Legacy Collaboration
Generation 2 Chapter 8
Score 36

Trey invited Clifford to the house yet again.  At this point, the kid might as well move in!

Nova had to do mischief actions or something for her aspiration and oddly just using anything off of the mischief menu completed it. Also, this and one more are the only paintings that Cassie did this whole chapter.

When Liza’s crying woke up Baylee she was not too happy to discover she had a new sibling.

I was desperate for Clifford to be a high enough relationship to become best friends at this point and when I knew he’d be saying he had to leave soon I had them stargaze.  Sadly, they didn’t make it high enough.  I don’t know why it was so difficult!

She might break most of the plumbing in the house but Elise also cleans.

I almost died laughing when Elise haunted and broke the toilet while Gabriel was using it!

Daddy’s turn for night time feeding.  Baylee decides if her sister is going to wake her up she’s going to make a mess.

Ohmygosh!  Finally!

After that, I bought some new outdoor fun stuff for the kids and had Trey start a club meeting so he can make more child friends.

Adan branched off into stocks.  Look at the fancy stock trader thing on the wall.  He also got this…

Nova was awake for whatever reason so when Baylee needed to pee in the middle of the night I had her go down and potty train her.

That boy gets around!

Liza aged to a toddler with the exact same hairstyle as Baylee.  Also, the bassinet was moved to their parent’s room the night before so that Liza’s crying wouldn’t wake poor Baylee again.  I have to re-think the nursery setup because having babies and toddlers together doesn’t work.

The cuteness!  I can’t stand it!

Trey had another club meeting after school.  I thought it would be funny to have them all slide with bubbles.  The little girl not covered in bubbles yet is Clifford’s sister Brielle.

These two are Max’s twins Fin and Jewel.  I added them to the club when they aged to children.

I discovered that playing voidcritters together does not increase relationship which is disappointing.

The kids were all there until late that night when Trey went to bed.  The red haired girl he’s talking to became a good friend her name is Melinda.  As you can see in the background Cassie is working on that second painting.  It’s still on the easel now.

Nova got to the point in her aspiration where she needed to bind a voodoo doll to someone.  She bound it to Adan since they have the lowest relationship and I wasn’t sure if binding lowered it more or not.  It didn’t appear to.  Luckily, she still had the doll from the Humor and Hijinks festival.

She was really upset that her attempt to tickle Adan through the voodoo doll failed.  See how she’s glowing blue?  Poor girl.

When Trey started another club meeting Saturday morning one of the girls put on a puppet show.  I sent Baylee in to watch and was delighted to find that it not only increases her fun as I expected it also increased her imagination skill!

This is a little bit later.  Geeze, all that red hair!

On Sunday, I had them all working on something when the Flea Market notification popped up.  I saw someone post on Twitter that at their Flea Market someone was selling MySims dolls.  I keep sending them there for that reason and the booth that is supposed to sell stuff like that is always empty.  Anyway, Trey introduced himself to Didrik and chatted for a bit.  Nova was mischievous to some sims standing around who all discovered she was an alien which embarrassed her and then she got even more embarrassed from some comment she made.  In the end, I just sent them all home.

For some reason, even though Trey had 4 friends it wasn’t counting for his aspiration…

I ended up having to cheat the other children part.

More sister cuteness!

And more!  Look at their snazzy party outfits.

Poor Trey spent pretty much all of his dad’s birthday party making friends with Cyrus and Didrik.

Cassie toasts her husband and wishes him many years to come.

I was so annoyed.  I had everyone “go here together” so that Adan could blow out the candles with them all there.  Which they were.  But instead of blowing out the candles he “checked on toddler” and Baylee who did not need to pee said she did and he started taking her to the potty.  Meanwhile, blow out candles was still qued.  By the time canceling out potty took effect half of the guests had wandered off.

At least we got another gold.

Chapter 2.9

Chapter notes:

This chapter is 4 1/2 days.  They were crazy busy days but not anything very exciting to take screenshots of.  Mostly skilling and working on aspirations or work tasks.  I finally got another point in fortune for having a net worth over $320k.  They currently have $348k.  They’re making like $7k on stuff from the garden a week and last time I wrote it down Gabriel’s book royalties were $2,707 a day.  It would have been even higher if Cassie could actually take the time to paint but she’s usually either doing something with the girls, gardening, or cooking for this huge family.  But enough of that.  Time to go over the stats!

Cassie- I keep forgetting to have her read to Trey for her aspiration.  But there’s no hurry because the next level is have a child get married and we’re far off from that!  I can’t decide if I want to put her in the Painter career after the girls age to child and go to school or not.  Her parenting and gardening skills are tied at level 8.

Kenzie- Level 7 Comedian.  Is half a point away from maxing the comedy skill needed to complete her aspiration.  She works on it constantly, it’s taking forever!

Adan- Business level 7.  I still need to add more to the house for his Mansion Baron aspiration.  I had the idea last night to add some stuff from other builds if that’s possible.  His highest skill is logic at 7.

Gabriel- Author level 7.  Writing skill level 7.  I still haven’t started his darned Soulmate aspiration.  It’s just too difficult with so many sims in the house!

Nova- B student.  On the last stage of her Chief of Mischief aspiration.  Her mischief skill is at level 6.  I’m hoping to complete this aspiration before she ages to young adult.

Trey- C student.  I’ve kind of been slacking on the homework.  He should have an A by the time he ages up, though.  He’s now on the second stage of Rambunctious Scamp.  All of that socializing with his social skill maxed has now given him a level 3 in charisma!

Baylee- Just barely got to level 3 in all of her skills.  Is set to age up next time I play.

Liza- Movement and potty skills are tied at level 2 but she’s still got 4 days to try to work on more.


        1. Actually, shortly before he died, Didrik married their uncle Max! I believe they had a thing going the whole time because they were always at all of the birthdays and stuff together!


    1. I love Backyard stuff. The birdfeeder is really cute too when I remember to have them fill it. The cool thing with the slide is if you live in a neighborhood where sims walk the sidewalk you can “slide together” and pull them all over to your house for an impromptu party!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Haha, “check on toddler” is so disruptive! That and the stupid “watch” interaction by adults.
    Loved all the redheads.
    Giggled to read in your comment that Didrik had been secretly carrying a torch for Max all this time.

    Liked by 1 person

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