TS4- Robinson Legacy 2.2: The Birthdays Part 2

Legacy Collaboration 
Generation 2 Chapter 2
Score 27

Good thing Cassie has some violin skill.  The first task for Kenzie’s birthday party was to play an instrument for an hour.

Little by little the guests start showing up.  Living on this island really makes parties a pain.

Cassie toasts her sister.

It took me awhile to find some “fun” hair since she’s going to be a comedian.  I also had a hard time finding clothes that I liked to fit her traits.

Adan came over and complimented Cassie.

A few minutes later they were heading up the stairs.

I guess they wanted some alone time.

So much happening in this pic.  First, look at Cyrus’s face!  Second, awe Max is hugging Nova.  Third, look at Didrik watching Cassie and Adan.

It’s your own fault Didrik!  Cassie is now off the market.  Adan’s her boyfriend!

I’ve never seen this!  Poor Kenzie.

Boyfriend selfie!

Which reminded me I don’t have an elder selfie of Elise and Soren.

The party is over and Elise cleans up the mess.

Meanwhile, the girls go out with friends to celebrate Kenzie’s birthday.  Adan brought his friend Gabriel along and introduced him to Kenzie.

They spent quite awhile talking while they danced.

While Cassie and Adan did very little dancing.

It was so loud inside that Kenzie suggested they go outside to stargaze.  She remembered her mom telling her about her dad stargazing with her here too.

Cassie and Adan decided to go downstairs to have a little fun in an empty closet.

Then Kenzie decides to go ahead and try flirting with Gabriel.  He seems really into it.

She figures what the heck might as well go all the way in and surprises him with a kiss.

I considered it for like a minute.

When Kenzie and Gabriel head back onto the dance floor with only eyes for each other Cassie gets a big smile for her sister.

Cassie decided she wanted to learn how to cook.  Kenzie thinks her attempts are hilarious.  Why is she putting salt on grilled cheese anyway?

Just a pic of familial bliss.

Nova wasn’t very tired so while everyone else went to bed she stayed up a while and watched children’s videos on her tablet.

It’s the last party!  It’s time for Nova to age to a child.  Whew, I’m partied out.

Max has the funniest look on his face here.  Also, I didn’t realize how alike him and Cassie look.  I guess she gets a lot of her genes from her dad.

Time to blow out those candles!  Where’s Elise?

Watching from across the room!

So adorable!  I just want to squish her little cheeks!

The family has grown and changed over time and it will continue to do so but I have to say this is one of my favorites.

I noticed that Adan was very sad.  Cassie talked to him and cheered him up.  I wonder what that was about?

Cassie wanted to play cards.  I forgot that the table can change into a card table.  Hopefully, in the next chapter, we can get Adan into the house too!  Wedding bells?  One of them needs to propose first!

Chapter 2.3

Chapter notes:

Once again, this chapter is a day and a half.  Holy moly!  It’s been a crazy week in the Robinson house.  I’m looking forward to some peace and quiet.  Wedding?  Maybe weddings?  *sigh*  Forget the peace and quiet.  After that, there’ll be babies then toddlers… yeah.  What’s peace and quiet again?  Oh well, hopefully, I can still get some stuff done like completing Elise’s last aspiration and having Soren upgrade everything in the house between it all.

Special thanks go out again to SimQueenie9 aka faktririjekt for Kenzie’s love interest Gabriel.  He can be found in the gallery under the household Hartley-Livingston-Roe I had to choose between the three guys without looking at their traits.  He’s a slob too so they’re made for each other!


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