TS4- Robinson Legacy 2.1: The Birthdays Part 1

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Generation 2 Chapter 1
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A/N: I literally had 5 birthdays in a row.  You saw Soren’s in the last chapter.  Cassie and Elise’s are in this chapter and then Kenzie and Nova’s will be in the next.  I’ll publish part 1 and part 2 on the same day.  I planned to have them all in the same chapter but it was getting too long so I had to cut it short.  Obviously, Cassie won the heir poll.  Thank you all for your votes!  So it’s time for the second generation to begin!

We’re still on the same day we left off in the last chapter.  Soren’s elder birthday party just ended and it’s now time for Cassie to age to young adult and take over the reins of this matriarchy!  But first, cream soda for all!  The first party task is to make drinks.  This is the first time they’ve had that task so I bought a cute little portable bar.

Max must be super thirsty!

Umm… Cyrus, we need to do the cake.

Just like when she aged to teen, Cassie wishes everyone would actually pay attention to her when she blows out her candles.

Oh look!  They did…

Even Kenzie and Zander Pancakes celebrated from across the room.

Oh yea, look at this girl.  She just oozes self-confidence, doesn’t she?  Eat your heart out Didrik.  You made a big mistake turning into such a player like your dad.

Soren finally completed his aspiration.

Time to dance!  Boogy down.

Soren toasts Cassie and wishes her many happy years.

Cassie plays games with her siblings… Cyrus is like a brother ya know.  Because Jessie and Jennie are practically family.

Elise ended up stumbling to bed.  Remember, she’d spent the whole night before fishing?

The guys all seem to get along pretty well.


After everyone left Cassie played a riveting game of Don’t Wake the Llama with her dad and sister before heading to bed.

Seriously?  Did he leave the party and run out to impregnate some girl?

Since Elise was up super early she spent some time with little Nova.

Soren retired since he’s out of vacation days.

Then, while Kenzie was in school, the rest of the family go to welcome their new neighbors.  I guess they forgot the obligatory fruitcake.  I’m sure the Copeland’s won’t mind.  Cassie knocks on the door and they swing open with a “come on in” called from inside.

Cassie gives a polite introduction to Mrs. Copeland and is told to call her Hollie.

Hollie calls her son Adan over to meet Cassie as well.

Soren finds Adan’s dad Dwayne out back sliding on the waterslide and introduces himself apologizing about the forgotten fruitcake.

Elise knows that look.  She can see her daughter is smitten already.  Also, whoever built this house put like 10 journals around the place and everyone wanted to put them all on bookcases.  It drove me nuts!

It’s time for Nova’s nap so when her parents tell Cassie they’re leaving she invites Adan out to lunch.

She had ulterior motives for asking him to lunch.  This girl is self-assured and when she sees something she wants she goes for it and she wants Adan!

When they were done eating she shocked him by pulling him in for a kiss.

Then she said he looks a bit tense and offered a massage.

They made out for a few minutes but were cut short when she got a phone call reminding her of her mother’s birthday party.

Back home the family tells jokes while waiting for the guests to arrive.

Soren maxed gourmet cooking baking Elise’s cake!

Soren toasts his lovely wife and thanks her for all of their wonderful years together.

Then she makes her way over to her cake and makes her wish.  Maybe she’s wishing to catch those last two fish?

A spin and a makeover later he’s our girl.

The rest of the family went to bed and Nova stayed up to entertain Jennie until the party timer went off.

The compliment thing wasn’t counting.  Still… gold!

For your entertainment.

Chapter 2.2

Chapter notes:

This chapter is like a day and a half.  Seriously.  Not much has happened of note in that amount of time other than Soren completing his aspiration.  Nova might top a skill or two before her birthday in two days but I’m not optimistic.  Poor girl.  I feel bad but it’s not like I’d planned for her or anything.  Now to thank everyone that made this chapter possible:

Thank you SimQueenie9 aka faktririjekt for Adan.  He’s on the gallery under Copeland.  I did change his traits and aspiration using his parents in the trait generator.  I actually had to roll 3 times because he kept getting vampire aspirations!

Thank you to Zita1966 for the Copeland’s house in the gallery under All About Family.  I did remove all of the toddler and kid stuff from the first floor.  For some reason, when I put the Copelands into the house that was already there it was empty.  That keeps happening to me!

And last, thanks to tazreentasnim for the restaurant they had their first date at: Fish and Grill.


  1. Lots of birthdays! Yeah! And Adan…what a hottie! Cassie – don’t let him get away! Congrats to Soren for completing his aspiration. Woot! And Elsie…will she take a youth potion to get those last 2 fish? Hmmm…I guess we will find out next chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I was rather wondering if Sarah would end up being the first simicide.
    But Cassie’s moved on and she’s definitely found some greener pastures. *wolf whistles
    I like her go-getter attitude. I’m aiming to read a generation in one or two days. I feel mild anxiety about missing the next heir vote, lol.
    Congrats on the household’s many accomplishments this update.

    Liked by 1 person

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