TS4- Robinson Legacy 1.10: Elise Explores

Legacy Collaboration 
Generation 1 Chapter 10
Score 23

A/N: There are more screenshots than usual in this chapter so I put some into galleries.  If you don’t see a caption under a picture try hovering over it with your mouse.

I was looking over the legacy scoresheet and saw the point for buying the most expensive fridge and stove and upgrading them all of the way.  I bought them and Soren got busy upgrading!

I decided that Cassie will go into the Painter career and so she spent a lot of time these next few days painting and winding down with classical music to increase her emotional control.  Note from the future: I find this hilarious since Cassie has yet to join a career due to spending all of her time mothering her children.

Kenzie still needed to tell one more person a joke for her aspiration so she invited Cyrus over and told him a few.  Annoyingly, when she got to the next stage of the aspiration there was nothing new she could do until she ages up anyway.

I keep forgetting that Nova’s there unless I have the camera near her when she cries.  Poor baby.  At least Soren has that super baby mode or whatever it’s called.

I was going to have Cassie get the Insensitive trait because her empathy was so far into the red.  Here she’s trolling the forums. But it turned out I just didn’t have time to get it high enough.

On one hand, at least I won’t be forgetting the baby anymore.  On the other hand, I have so much I’m trying to do with the other four sims she just kind of fends for herself most of the time.

I was trying to figure out what else Kenzie can do other than writing jokes or watching the comedy channel for comedy skill so I looked up the Comedian career and she’ll need really high charisma too so she’s working on that here.  I should get her to work on her guitar skill too for the beginning of the career.  I forgot about that.

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Since Cassie had to take a potty break herself she helped little Nova too.

So cute!

Uh, really?

Nooooo!  Sara Parikh what have you done?!?

Cassie’s thinking “Oh no what have I done?  All I did was potty train and feed her!”  Seriously though, she went past the adult’s bedroom and up the stairs to Cassie’s room!

Uh, what?  Why’re they kneeling on the floor to eat?  You know fake bacon asparagus is the best breakfast be quiet.

Youch!  They need the Frugal trait!

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The Sylvan Glade pics are from earlier this day and the next day.  I just didn’t want to split them up.  Cassie and Kenzie chat with each other to increase their charisma skill.

Soren’s been using the last of his vacation days to spend his time with Nova and upgrading stuff around the house.  Once he ages up he’ll retire.  Geeze, Nova could totally go chameleon with that wall tile!

A little breakfast together while Elise evolves the garden then she’s back to Sylvan Glade until the girls get home from school.

Despite her mood swing, Kenzie decided to help Nova with her blocks.  She just doesn’t look very happy about it.

It took forever for Soren to get that “full parent mode” thing.  Now we just need Cassie to age up and get 3 character traits and he’ll have completed his aspiration.  I hope I don’t get that one again anytime soon.  Although, Cassie’s Big Happy Family isn’t any better. Successful Lineage is the worst.  How about we just chalk it up to Rainy doesn’t like family aspirations?  There.

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Even with the girls bringing more frogs and taking the moodlet solver, Elise fished until 7am and didn’t get the wolf eel or anglerfish. She had to run home before the girls could leave for school so that everyone could take a vacation day.  Today is both Soren and Cassie’s birthdays.  We’ll do Soren’s party first since I got the notification in the morning two days before and Cassie’s notification was in the afternoon.  But, Cassie’s party will be in the next chapter!

Elise toasts Soren with some orange juice while he bakes his own birthday cake.

The only thing I don’t like about living on the island is that it takes forever for the guests to arrive at parties.  The family usually completes most of the party tasks alone.  I think at this point, everyone but Max was there and I just got tired of waiting.  Blow out those candles and let us see that gray hair, Soren!

Cassie was overenthusiastic with the confetti.  It looks like Moriah is giving her a shrug and a grin over it.  Oh, and dad aged up.

Little Nova got a couple levels in her communication skill just with this party.

Six sims!  Do you see them?  There are six sims eating at that table!  I get a point for that.

When it said eat food I had them eat cake and then eat cake came up and there wasn’t any!

Another party immediately after this?  Oh boy, someone’s going to have a sugar rush!  Now I’ve just gotta try to keep myself from closing the voting on the heir poll… oh who am I kidding?  You know I’m going to end up closing the heir poll.  Last I looked Kenzie would have needed like 7 votes to beat Cassie.

Chapter 2.1

Chapter notes:

I think this chapter’s 5 days.  I forget what day it was when I started and now I’m confused.  It’s been like 50 days since the start and that’ll be the last time I’ll make a note of that, lol.  Their total net worth is $189,603 not including the ton of stuff in Elise’s inventory. Elise needs 2 more fish for her aspiration.  Soren just needs Cassie to age up.  Cassie will need to find a guy and have kids once she ages up.  Kenzie will need to join the Entertainer career once she ages up.  So, at this point, it’s just kind of a waiting game. Waiting for fish and waiting for everyone to age up!

I’m so ticked off that MC Command Center made Didrik have a baby with Elise’s enemy Sara Parikh!  Darn you Sara Parkih!  I thought she was married to the dude at the Science lab but apparently not.  Anyway, Didrik aged up with the gloomy trait and I think two gloomy sims might be a bit too much for me.  The problem is I still have stuff that I want to do with the other sims in the house so I don’t really feel like running around trying to find potential mates.  I’ll try to think of something I guess.  Which most likely means grabbing sims off of the gallery without looking at their traits.


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